We at Mount Olympus concentrate our energy and resources to make available the best possible value added education system and infrastructure facilities for the leaders of tomorrow


Kids School in Gurgaon


From Chairman’s Desk (Mr. D.S. Saini)

It gives me an immense pleasure in presenting Mount Olympus, as a pioneering educational ecosystem where teachers work hand in hand with the learners.

Our vision is to establish a center of excellence with best possible infrastructure facilities which would create a platform of opportunities for the all-round integrated development of the children. Here these young aspirants will also acquaint themselves with latest technological innovations and scientific concepts.

Education today does not mean mere cultivation of memory, which gives student a technique to get a job or to earn livelihood. We at Mount Olympus aim to prepare children with strong personality who would not shy away when his/her mettle is tested in life. We aspire to produce winners, keen mutual learners, progressive thinkers, and great orators.Mr. D.S. Saini A humble man who is better known for his work, Mr. D.S. Saini’s revolutionary contribution in the field of education makes him the force behind Mount Olympus School. Mr. Saini’s name stands out like a shining beacon. It is his vision, commitment and fervor that have set standards for imparting education. His strong and humble background with his progressive thoughts will help the institution to come up with an excellent educational base that has a broad spectrum of Infrastructure making the learning process more purposeful and life oriented. His modern approach and openness to learning and yet being traditional to the core has been the idea behind edification of children in the school.

He is the story of a man that started from scratch and achieved everything one can only dream of. He believes that the aspiration to excellence and quality leads to generations who have high expectations of how they use their time, energy and commitment. His progressive thoughts have helped the Institution to come up with an educational base that has a broad spectrum of infrastructures, making the learning process more purposeful and life oriented.


Belonging to a humble background, Mr. Saini started his journey as a Civil Engineer in Haryana Urban Development Authority. He worked there for 15 years but in early 1990s perceived the lack of infrastructure in India and underlying opportunities in infrastructure development hence, decided to establish his own company by the name of Subhash Infraengineers Pvt. Ltd. Clear vision and elemental strength motivated him forward.

This was the start of an empire of businesses that would diversify and bloom with time ranging from construction of railway tracks to the laying of water pipelines. From setting up of solar plant and running a hotel chain with Clark’s to becoming one of the few companies in India that masters the art of building ash dykes.

Mr.Saini is a man who dared to dream and had the courage to achieve it.

Because of the nature of his work he got the opportunity to travel different parts of India and discovered that the Indian education system only focused on academics. Being a state level hockey player himself Mr. Saini realized that mere numbers in the examination should not be the deciding factor in child’s future. Therefore, wanted to construct an ecosystem of education wherein people who are passionate about teaching, work hand in hand with the leaders of tomorrow. He has also adopted the higher education of some students who were financially so weak that they could not pay their fees. It was done purely on merit basis and these students are placed in SRCC and Lady Sri Ram College etc.

A courageous visionary, a meticulous planner, and a decisive executor he Is a dynamic personality who has made success as his way of life. He juggles a whole plethora of activities with marvelous élan.

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Neeti Kaushik (Kids School in Gurgaon)


From Principal’s Desk (Mrs. Neeti Kaushik)

As a proud Principal of Mount Olympus School, I warmly welcome you. A sincere attempt has been made to furnish you with as much information as possible to enable you to take a crucial decision: the ‘WHERE’, ‘What’, and ‘How’ of academic career of your child. At Mount Olympus, we aim to develop the best that is latent in children and prepare them for the challenges of the changing world through the encouragement of self-discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness. We offer CBSE curriculum and range of opportunities to achieve excellence in academics, creative, social, cultural, sports and community endeavors.

We acknowledge that the school is privileged in many ways. It’s not only located in the heart of the millennium city, the centrally air conditioned building boasts of world class facilities. The student teacher ratio is 1:15(in pre-Primary classes) and 1:25 in middle and senior school.

A wide range of activities are conducted including Archery, Shooting, Chess, Gymnastics, Sculpture, Table-tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball and Cricket. Out of two acre of campus, one acre has been marked for outdoor sports and activities.

Every student receives individual and personal attention and the maximum comforts possible. It’s our endeavor to make the education purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience.


A postgraduate in Science, with over 27 years of Qualitative experience in teaching and administration with Top Branded schools of NCR , Mrs. Kaoshik possess a rich experience in the entire gamut of school administration, curriculum planning, teacher training and expertise in school projects. She has been the founder Principal of Amity International schools (sector 43, sector 46) and also founded KRMangalam World School, South City I, Gurgaon.

Recipient of numerous awards including Dr Radhakrishan national award of best teacher, Computer Literacy Excellence Award for Haryana state administered by Union minister of Communication at Vigyan Bhawan, Best Principal in Haryana zone for the last three years in recognition of outstanding performance of school in National Olympiads in Science, Computers and English. She has also been awarded the prestigious ISA award by the British council.

Mrs Neetii C. Kaoshik has been selected by Japan foundation for a training program in Education. She has also been selected by the University of Twente, Netherlands for bringing about changes in Indian Education system.

An avid writer, she has penned down more than 30 school books in the field of Science, Life skills, Social science, Environmental science and Preschool series.

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Advantage of studying CBSE Curriculum

  • CBSE develops holistic individuals through co-scholastic school based evaluation till grade 8
  • It instills values through an integrated curriculum approach
  • CBSE emphasises a skill based syllabus. The focus is on skill development and not just content
  • Class 10th and 12th boards prepare the students for the competitive exams like IAS/IFS and other government exams that are based on NCERT textbooks
  • CBSE is a common board in India. Moving from state to state is not a problem
  • CBSE has a coffee shop approach in grade 11th and 12th, where the students get to pitch and choose combinations of their choice. They can choose Subject/s while doing Commerce and Economics
  • CBSE is recognized all around the world
  • The syllabus also focuses on life skills and value based education
  • CBSE schools enjoy a geographical advantage as the number of schools affiliated to CBSE is more in metro and major cities of the country
  • As per available data 56% students qualifying IIT are from CBSE

Safety of your child                 

  • Trained guards are posted on each floor of the school
  • The entire campus is monitored by CCTV
  • Students are not allowed to leave the premier without exit slips
  • All entrance, exits and the school perimeter are manned and protected by high walls as well as guards
  • We conduct regular evacuation drills and maintain fire equipment. We are ready for emergency evacuation
  • All parents, students, driver’s maid have to mandatorily identify themselves before entering the school with special ID cards issued by the school. Without proof of identity no one is allowed to enter the school premises
  • Visitor’s identity is checked and vetted before they enter the school

You can be assured that the highest security standards are maintained at Mount Olympus School, top Kids School in Gurgaon.

Delightful Commuting                        

  • Air conditioned busses with hostess
  • At Mount Olympus we have air conditioned buses with trained staff to escort your child to school and back
  • We have a GPS (Global Positioning system) in place on all our buses to track their location
  • We intimate the parents through messaging and call in case of any delay. Our objective is to keep the parents in the loop at all the times. This is important to us as it is to you