Why Discipline is Important in a Student’s Life?

  • Admin
  • 21-Sep-2021

One of the most dreaded concept –‘discipline’. It has always been looked at with scare. Let’s find out more about it. What is it? Is it priceless or the most valued virtue, is it scary or is it simply overrated? My search for an answer to this began with annoyance and ended in both realization and liberation. There was a full stop to all queries as I found out that it is not a buzz word. It has been spoken about with same importance by the holy books to modern day motivational gurus. It has survived the test of time. Hence it’s significance can’t be questioned.

It is said, ‘Life led without discipline is just like an octopus on roller skates, there is plenty of movement but you never know if its forward, backwards or sideways.’ So discipline gives the much needed direction.’

Rather that questioning it’s relevance we must delve deeper into understanding how we can incorporate it in our lives and be prepared for almost any challenge that life throws at us. Yes, discipline has magical and therapeutic features. If mastered it can prove to be one answer to many questions.

A very crucial question is when should it be learned? Well it is said that its never too late so start where you are but the best time to learn is in our childhood. The beauty of the concept is that it can be too difficult if not made friends early and too easy if made friends early in life as habits are difficult to break through. So to all the parents it is advisable to gear up for the most difficult i.e. to bring in discipline in your life and see the magic unfold as children imbibe it easily and for a lifetime. As parents and teachers we must have our eyes on enhancing skills and talents in our children but it should always be strengthened by discipline since the very beginning as- ‘talent without discipline is a wasted opportunity.’

When students learn discipline early in life it offers them an enormous advantage over all peers as they get older. Let us find out how discipline is almost a non-negotiable in our lives and in that of our children. Our children will be able to:-

. Value time and be punctual
. Prioritize
. Stay focused and motivated in all that they do
. Plan well and enhance their academic performance
. Stay healthy and active
. Do away with stress
. Be able to delay gratification and learn to be patient.

Let’s reap the benefits of a virtue that is an answer to all the vices.

All the best!