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Keeping The Children Engaged To Help Them Learn Even During Holidays

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With the holidays just about to start, most parents and teachers find themselves struggling to make their wards focus on following a normal learning routine. As the excitement of the approaching holidays amongst the kids escalate, so does the noise level and the disobedience of the kids and even the most patient parents find their resolve being tested. Worse still, the holidays themselves tend to reduce the academic productivity of the children quite significantly.

In many cases, the children actually end up spending weeks without learning which often results in a rather rough re-entry into academic routine at the end of the holidays. To counter this problem the experts from the best schools in Gurgaon, suggest both teachers and parents to adapt the following measures that will keep the children engaged while also enabling them to learn during the holidays.

Connect Learning with the Holiday Spirit

A major mistake made by parents is to try and suppress the excitement of holidays that the kids feel and force them into academic learning. This method often backfires with the children growing even more resentful towards studies. The better option is to establish some sort of connection that integrates the learning process with the excitement of enjoying a holiday. This could mean organizing theme costume parties for the kids, with each kid required to explain the reason for choosing to dress up like a specific character. It could even mean going out on field trips and asking the kids to write about the landscape, plants, animals or even insects that they spotted.

Turn an Outing into a Learning Opportunity

It is not uncommon for families to go for outings with their children during the holidays. These outings can be turned into a fun learning experience for the kids. Rather than just picking up a random destination for outing, the outing should be planned to a place with some historic, cultural or even social significance. The parents can educate the children about the importance of the destination before setting out on the trip. Alternately they can set them the task of finding interesting information about the place in return for some reward. The parents may also plan a small role play of the characters associated with the destination, upon reaching there to enhance the fun of the trip and make it even more educational.

Set Aside A Regular Family Learning Time

Children often love the idea of their parents learning along with them, which is why family learning time can prove extremely beneficial. Organizing subject based quizzes, mental math session and even playing a family game of scrabble can keep the children engaged while also enabling them to progress academically. In addition, watching educational TV programs together or having a reading session planned for all the members of the family can also help in keeping the learning process going through the holidays. Taking the children for a movie outing or even to museums and other such places is also a great way to plan family learning time, full of great fun and enjoyment.

Let the Kids Help with Household Tasks

In addition to academic learning, teaching the children essential personal and household skills is also an important part of the learning process. Most children feel excited about helping their parents with everyday household tasks and holidays are the best time to teach them these skills. From requesting the kids to help with making grocery lists to allowing them to help with cooking in the kitchen, there are several tasks that the parents can ask the kids to handle. Even tasks like dusting the rooms or making an inventory of the various electronic gadgets can prove quite educating. These small tasks will not only enhance the organizational skills of the children but also provide them with additional knowledge and skills that can help them to live a better life.

Don’t Deprive the Kids of Their Holiday Fun

Finally, holidays are after all a time of fun and enjoyment for the kids and depriving them of the same will definitely not help with their learning process. So, the parents should make sure that they give the children enough time to have fun and relax without thinking too much about their learning being hindered. Just letting the kids be is also an effective way to help the kids learn and grow in a natural manner. The games they play, the activities they indulge in and even the screen time they enjoy, are all a part of the natural learning process. The only things that the parents have to take care of are to direct the energy of the kids in positive activities and educate them about the harmful consequences of indulging in destructive actions.

The above guidelines can help ensure that the learning of the children does not take a backseat during the holidays. Rather it will help them have a truly exciting and unique learning experience for enhanced overall growth.

Useful Tips To Help Teachers Ensure Enhanced Parent Engagement In Their Child’s Education

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One of the key aspects for teachers seeking to prove a great learning experience for kids at school is to ensure positive engagement of their parents in the learning process. However, this can be a major challenge mainly due to the ever increasing gap between the parents’ own educational experiences as compared to that of their kids. That is why it has become even more imperative for the teachers to educate the parents about their role as the natural partners in the children’s education, besides informing them about the current learning process.

Discussed below are some useful tips that can help the teachers from primary schools of Gurgaon to ensure enhanced parent engagement in their child’s learning.

Be More Communicative

Teachers should take the initiative of communicating to the parents about exactly how they can help the child learn at home. Helping the parents understand the learning needs of their child and the role they can play in fulfilling the same can help build a strong partnership between the parents and the teachers which will prove significantly beneficial to the child. Moreover, since the parents tend to see thing in a different perspective as compared to the educators, they might actually be able to help the children learn concepts in a more effective manner. Therefore by keeping the channels of communication open, the teachers can improve the overall learning of their wards.

Listen To The Parents

While sharing the learning needs of the child with the parents is extremely essential, it is also important for the teachers at Gurgaon top schools to listen to parents of the learners . The teachers are mostly trained to help them remain updated about the changes in the modern learning process. However, most parents’ lack this advantage and this can lead them to feel incapable of participating in their child’s learning process. By actually allowing the parents to talk about these concerns the teachers can not only assuage their fears and also provide them the right guidance about the best ways to overcome the same. In fact, the simple act of listening to the parents can be the first step in the direction of making them positively involved in the education of their child.

Invest Time in Social Media Interactions

The large scale use of technology can prove extremely advantageous in forging a strong parent–teacher partnership to create an enhanced learning experience for the child. Teachers should make use of various social media sites to interact with parents about multiple issues related to the learning of their children. The interactions do not necessarily have to focus only on the academic progress of the child but also on other aspects of their development.  This use of technology helps in keeping the parents updated about their child’s development while also eliminating the need for them to specially visit the child’s school to get a detailed report. Moreover, these interactions can be conducted in groups to brainstorm ideas and learning strategies.

Organize Learning Workshops for Parents

Organizing learning workshops for parents’ is known to provide effective results in terms of ensuring better parent engagement. These workshops should be conducted within a free and frank environment so that the parents do not feel hindered to raise queries or get solutions to the problems they might be facing. In case, some parents are not able to attend the workshop, they should be sent a recording of the event, with the teachers doing a follow up on any queries concerns that they might be having. While the workshops can be presided over by leading education counsellors, it is advisable to let the teachers themselves handle the workshops for better results.

Invite Parents to Classroom Sessions

Enabling the parents to actually see how their wards perform in class can prove extremely motivating for ensuring their positive engagement. It is only natural for parents to want their child to excel in whatever they do and attending the classroom sessions of the child provides them a clear idea of how lacking the kid is.  This in turn helps in making them aware of the need to take positive action in the direction of supporting their child to move ahead in the class and improve their performance. As the parents see their child progress they are likely to feel more interested in participating in their learning process to a greater extent.

Seek and Provide Feedback

The various efforts made by teachers to ensure increased parent engagement will amount to nothing if they do not provide authentic and timely feedback to the parents. On their part, parents also need to be more forthcoming about letting the teachers know how better they can help and guide them with the learning process. This mutual seeking and providing of feedback will help overcome various hindrances in the way of establishing a strong parent-teacher partnership. This in turn will prove beneficial in ensuring that the child is provided with the right learning environment both within the school and at home.

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6 Ways You Can Enhance Child’s Learning At Primary School Level

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School learning has come a long way from what it used to be just a few decades back. In fact, top schools have come to realize the fact that they need to work in a coordinated manner with the families of their wards to ensure a productive learning environment for the kids. As a parent, you need to take a constructive part in the education of your child and this comprises of doing simple things at home besides helping with their learning at school. Discussed below are some ways in which you as a parent can enhance the learning of your child at the best primary schools in Gurgaon.

Get Involved With The School

You should make the most of what the school has to offer. This can be ensured by carefully going through any information communicated by the school. You can also seek information about the extra-curricular subjects that the school might be offering. Communicate regularly with the teachers to learn about the ways in which you can help you child progress. You should make it a point to attend every PTM and even volunteer to provide ideas that you feel might help in enhancing the overall learning experience of the kids in general. Most importantly, take an active interest in what your child does and enjoys at the top schools in Gurgaon on a daily basis.

Constantly Motivate Your Child

Remember that each child has some special skills and these might not necessarily be academic in nature. It is important for you as a parent to not only recognize such skills in your child but also take pride in them and motive the kid to excel in the same. Make your children feel appreciated for putting in their best efforts in whatever they do even if it does not offer the desired results. The confidence you show in your child’s abilities and potential to do well directly influences their learning performance. So it is imperative to constantly motivate the children, especially at a time when they are not performing as per your expectations.

Answer Your Child’s Queries

In order to create the right environment for learning, it is important for the children to be able to come to you with any queries. This is possible only when they can trust you to truly listen to them in an unbiased manner and provide them with a satisfactory solution. There are several things that your child might not be able to understand during their classroom sessions at school and in such cases, you as a parent are the most likely people they would look up to get answer to their questions. This might also mean telling your kids that you don’t know everything but even the assurance that you will make an effort try to find the right answers can prove quite motivating for them.

Discuss Things With Your Children

The one common mistake made by parents is their failure to discuss things with their children. Most parents tend to focus only on learning about the academic progress or lack thereof with their children. This limited communication often limits the learning process of the kids. On the other hand making a sincere effort to understand the likes and dislikes of the kids, their future pans or even their outlook on topics such as culture, society, religion and politics can enhance their learning significantly. Spending time discussing things with your child not only helps them to learn and grow but also enables you to direct their thoughts in the right direction.

Make Time For Some Fun Exploration

Planning activities with your children is also an effective way to enhance their overall learning and development. From a walk in the neighbourhood part to helping them with the school project, you can contribute in the learning process of the child in more than one ways. However, you need to make sure that you do not end up spoon-feeding your children, but rather provide them with multiple opportunities to explore and discover things on their own. You can motivate them by sharing your own learning experiences and teaching them to plan things and try to solve problems. This can help build the essential life skills of the children which will prove useful to them for the rest of their lives.

Help Your Child Acquire Positive Habits

Planning reading sessions with your child, organizing family quizzes, visiting museums, obtaining library memberships are just some ways in which you can help your child develop positive academic skills. At the same time you need to monitor the screen time of your children while encouraging them to become involved in physical activities that help in building their body and mind. These positive habits can go a long way in making your children acquire a sense of responsibility and independence. This in turn can prove beneficial in imbibing a sense of self learning amongst the children even at a very young age.

Know Why to Improve Language Awareness of Your School Going Child?

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The children born in the 21st century are exposed to different types of charisma which they see as they grow. They are no longer in a confined or solicited environment where the interaction and evaluation are limited to a specific community but are continuously exposed to platforms of global importance. These children are taught and trained to be global leaders of tomorrow where they interact with an audience which is not bounded by boundaries and bars. Thus it is very important for them to be aware of the various language programs and this awareness should be bought at a very young stage.

Workshops Introduced

The primary schools are working on this feature and have introduced various small and medium workshops in their schools. These workshops are not only aimed to make aware the child about the foreign language but also helps them to get a better insight of the foreign culture. We are living global citizens in a global village where the most important tool of establishing any contact with an individual is via communication. The communication is the most important key to live and establish an important ecosystem where everyone thrives.

From large multinational firms which are blooming in  India to public sector units, each of these organizations is not single dimensional. The dimensions and work ethics have changed the organizations and now they deal more in the international markets. Even the government is propagating strong relations with neighbouring countries to promote trade and commerce which requires fluent and profound knowledge of the language.

Develops Good Knowledge Base

Thus the language awareness at primary schools in Gurgaon or any other city is a huge boost to the soft skills of the children. The children are exposed to the different cultures and their knowledge which helps them to build up a wide understanding of the world. The literature of any country is considered to be a very valuable resource for the better understanding and knowing its in-depth knowledge. If the children are made aware of different languages at an early stage about language then it will help them to arouse more interest in the history and background of that nation. This will encourage them to take up initiative at their own level to think and study and analyze the pros and cons of any theory.

3 Tier Education System

In today’s fast-moving world the individual with more than one language skills are highly demanded and they even earn a handsome salary in various multinational firms. The education system of various countries is developed as a three-tier system where the child has to learn at least three languages before he/she completes the intermediate education. The three-tier education system involves learning one native language of the region them getting command over the national language or the mother tongue of the country and then learning a foreign language. An individual should be well versed in all the three languages to be able to apply for different jobs after completion of graduation.

Learning – An Implicit Process

Many people get themselves enrolled in the language courses or diploma courses where they pay exorbitant prices to learn new language skills. Also, the learning is a very implicit process which requires time and devotion. When children are young during their primary level of education the brain is still in the developing stage and able to grasp more quickly than adults. The children’s brains are like a new canvas which can be easily painted whereas the minds of adults are filled with all types of colours and not much space is left to paint. Thus, getting children enrolled or making them aware of the language awareness program at a very early stage will give them the required boost.

There are certainly other things which are included like the metalinguistic programs which help to understand the meaning of the word or the passage even if we do not know the exact or the correct meaning of the word. It happens many times when we read a passage or a paragraph in a book and is stuck upon certain word whose exact meaning is unknown to us, but we still are able to make the correct sense of the passage by reading the lines above and below it. This is called metalinguistic stage where we are able to make out the meaning of the words, even if we are not completely aware of its origin.  Another example of metalinguistic is when we visit any foreign country or any foreign place where we are not at all aware of the foreign language, but still, we can easily able to make out the signs of entry/ exit and the various road signs.

These skills are handy and developed because we are not constrained to a single oriented domain of language where we know the technicalities and grammar of a single language. Our study of more the one language helps is to build the bridge between the similarities of different languages.

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Homework Tips that will Work for You & Your Child

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Children tend to do a lot better in the schools when the parents take an active participation and interest in their homework. It helps in making the kids believe that whatever they are doing is important. Undoubtedly, aiding with the homework should not mean giving a lot of hours hunched on the desk.

If you are a parent, you can support the child by demonstrating organizational and studying skills. Explain them the tricky problems and encourage them to take breaks in between. You never know even you’ll end up learning new things every time you sit with your child. You cannot always play a cop with your children as far as their homework is concerned. Nagging and micromanaging makes them more frustrated and stupid.

The only better solution to this is that you start thinking of yourself as a cheerleader and a coach. Apply smarter strategies. Get along with their teachers and work it out. Share tips with them. This is sure to guarantee bringing harmony in the homework routing, no matter your kid is studying in kindergarten or is a 5th grader. It can help your whiner and a procrastinator child in becoming more active and interested in doing the homework.

Given below are a few homework tips to aid in getting the homework done by the child in a much easier manner:

  1. Early check of what is needed to be done i.e. Responsibility & Accountability – Regardless of the age and the school where the child goes, you must immediately need to fix your kid’s personal accountability for assignments and homework.
  2. Prioritize the work – It is important to teach them prioritization. Kids are gradually given more homework as they progress through the grades and you can intervene and teach them how they can prioritize their assignments.
  3. Teach the child to time the homework – For young children, you may require a homework calendar which you and your child can easily see and access. Children can use the timer to check how long it takes them to complete their homework.
  4. Avoid distractions and create an ideal environment – In order to ensure that your child gets fully involved into the work he is doing, you need to create boundaries. Since the routine of the homework is undoubtedly outlined & consistently enforced, you should at the same time create defined boundaries for your child as well. This may include switching off their cell phones while studying, switching of the TV and the radio etc.
  5. Ensure that the child has all the equipment he/she require – Create a learning environment. For a number of kids, a ‘learning space’ which is specially set aside for homework can let them mentally enter in the school mode when they are studying at home.
  6. Make sure that they have enough time for completing their work – Be a mentor. When a teacher asks you to play a role in homework just do it. In case the homework is supposed to be done alone, keep yourself away. Homework is an amazing way for the kids to develop lifelong learning skills and independence.
  7. Plan Homework at the same time of day on a daily basis – Establishing a routine is the first step in making a positive homework path for the child.
  8. Keep calm – Let them also have freedom when they earn it. If your child is successfully meeting all the outlines, rules and homework expectations, you can let them take some appropriate freedom.
  9. Always be supportive – Be encouraging and supportive – you should most importantly serve your kid as a motivational academic cheerleader.

It is very important that you give your child a well-lit, quiet space, away from the distractions and which has all the right study materials- pens, pencils, paper, desk, dictionary, large table and whatever else he/she may require to be comfortable as well as productive. Just after school, have your child look into his homework to see what materials and textbook he/she will require.

You most certainly cannot do your child’s homework yourself. However, you can make sure that he/she is doing it. Checking in to see if they need help or only to let them know you are around can help in easing their stress.

At last, remember why you are doing all this. You want your child to groom and develop intellect by the time and only studying in town’s best school is not sufficient enough, you have to make your contribution as well. Although it may seem astounding and overpowering at times, other people have come out successful and so can you! Aim on your goals and end date whenever it begins to feel like a lot!

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Getting Involved at Your Child’s School

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It is a fact that kids at a young age need a lot of care and attention. Public schools in Gurgaon do their best to provide the best they can. But parent involvement is not only necessary for emotional bonding but also to prevent them from effects of peer pressure, bullying and other problems right from the early age. That is why it is essential for parents to not just see to it that their child is studying in best schools in Gurgaon, but also to get involved in your child’s school for guidance and protection at every step.

Whether your child is just starting playschool or entering the final year in the school, there are several great opportunities for parents to volunteer at the school. It’s a great way to show your kids that you care and take a keen interest in their academic life. It also gives them a sense of belonging and sends a positive message that you consider school a significant cause.

Do not panic if you haven’t done it earlier
If you haven’t been involved in your child’s school life in the past due to a busy schedule do not be disheartened. Remember, it’s never too late to begin. As a matter of fact, it may be more significant than ever to get involved when children enter secondary school. Some parents might probably experience “volunteer burnout” by the time their kids reach high school. Also, there are scenarios wherein the parents who volunteered excessively during their child’s elementary years, return to full-time careers by the time their kids are teens. This does not give them enough time to get involved in their child’s high school activities. So, more often there’s a shortage of volunteering parents in the secondary schools.

Right time and Opportunity is important
After getting your child enrolled in school, as a parent you could be wondering when and how should you get involved in your child’s school activities?

One of the best starting points for getting involved in your child’s school is a parent-teacher meeting or conference or even the open house. These are usually scheduled early in every school and are a great opportunity to get in touch with your child’s teachers or principal about volunteer involvement.

Why is getting involved important?
Not convinced yet? Firstly, parent volunteers provide a huge resource and support base for the communities in the school while demonstrating to their kids the significance of participating in the greater community.

Not only will the school reap the benefits of your interaction but you as a parent will also enjoy the advantages. By getting involved with the teachers of the schools where your child studies, its administrators, and other parents of your child’s classmates on a regular basis, you’ll attain a firsthand understanding of your child’s daily activities too. You’ll also learn new trends and details of school life which can empower you to communicate better with your kids as they grow and evolve (all of this without awkwardly intruding in your child’s privacy or personal space).

Below are certain ways in which you as a parent could volunteer and get involved in your child’s school:

  • Volunteer to help students with special needs or in the school computer lab
  • Help in organizing, cater or work at fundraising activities such as bake sales or car washes.
  • Participate and usher for an annual day or sports days events.
  • Volunteer to monitor graduation or prom ceremonies or accompany teachers in school picnic to help monitor a large number of children.
  • Volunteer for track meets, club activities and other activities like festivals or get-togethers.

Tips to get started
Here are a few tips to make note of when signing up to volunteer:

  • Make sure you do not give your child special treatment or some extra attention when you’re volunteering at the school.
  • This might come naturally as a parent, so keep in mind to show neutrality and maintain equality with all kids.
  • Most kids are excited having their parents involved, but if your child seems perturbed with your presence at the school or with your involvement in the school activities, try taking a more behind-the-scenes approach in this case.
  • Explain and discuss openly with your child that you aren’t there to spy on him or her but instead you are just trying to help out the school.
  • Last but not the least, ensure that you get frequent feedback from the teachers, students, administrators and other parents you are working with.
  • Try to figure out what is the most and least helpful task to them, and ask what you could do better in the future to make the most of the time and efforts you contribute on the school activities.

Why is a CBSE Affiliated School the Best Choice for Your Child

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CBSE Affiliated Schools in Gurgaon

With around thirty different boards (State, National and International boards) providing school education across different parts of India, it has become a difficult but unavoidable task for each and every parent to choose the best school education board for their kid’s bright future.

Also, the school boards being the evaluation parameter for over a million of aspiring students, it has made the situation even trickier for parents along with students.

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the most trustworthy and vastly recognized boards in India.

CBSE got its present title in 1952 and the value addition of CBSE lies in the quality of education it imparts to all the students in this diverse language and ethnicities.

Over the years, the CBSE has always tried to make learning relevant for every student in this rapidly changing world. It has always tried to maintain the value of learning in India.

At present, the board has over seventeen thousand schools affiliated to it in India & abroad.

The board has laid down the syllabi for these schools in accordance with the world class standards of the education system.

Every year, CBSE board conducts various crucial exams such as board written examination for tenth and twelfth standards apart from that the CBSE also conducts Medical , engineering and dental written exams are also important additions to the exhaustive list.

According the CBSE assessment scheme, the CBSE exams are assessed and marks are granted that are accepted worldwide in all foremost institutes and work locations.

Now, the question that arises in our minds is that why to choose CBSE Affiliated Schools in Gurgaon board over other education boards and what sets it apart from others. While the choice of subjects is same for most of the boards in India, the emphasis on various subjects and mode of teaching varies across the boards. The best way to get out of this tricky situation is to choose the board in accordance with the child’s field of interest. Below are some of the main elements that you should look for before choosing an education board for your child’s education:

  1. Course Structure – CBSE being the national board of our country has involved a student-friendly course structure that is also conducive to the national interests of the country. The course structure under the CBSE board has been designed in such a way that students don’t feel too much pressurized or burdened. Interactive yet informative books are involved to make learning easy and fun for students. Also, CBSE books involve a lot of fun and engaging activities in between chapters so as to make students learn in a playful way. The whole course structure has been designed to make the whole process of conveying knowledge to students efficient, effective and fun.
  1. Exams – Every year, CBSE board conducts All India Senior School Examination (AISSE) for students of tenth standard and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for students of twelfth standard, across  India. The exams conducted by CBSE are also conducive to a positive environment for students. The whole examination process aims to make students learn effectively. The examination papers are designed in such a manner that they test how much the student has actually learnt throughout the semester. As per the curriculum and innovative ways of teaching there are comparatively less number of students who generally fail in examinations.
  1. Curriculum – The board has designed the curriculum for students in such a way that it helps students gain positive and ethical values towards life besides the conceptual knowledge. The curriculum aims to bring out the real potential of the students. The CBSE curriculum is known to have helped a lot of students who are aiming to pursue further studies from a centralized institution like IIT or AIIMS. The preliminary exams for these institutions are organized by CBSE only and so the students graduated from the CBSE Affiliated Schools generally have an edge over students graduated from other educational boards.
  1. Beyond Studies – Top CBSE Schools in Gurgaon not only focus on imparting quality knowledge to students but also ensure overall development of the students. The curriculum has also been designed in such a way that it encourages students to pursue sports along with studies. The board also focuses to teach students good humanist values and ensure every student’s physical and mental growth.
  1. Flexibility to Choose – A lot of flexibility is offered to the students to pursue their field of interest, under the CBSE board. The board encourages students at each and every stage of their education with a freedom to choose their field of interest and there is no compulsion to pick a certain stream. The board aims to instill a sense of confidence in the students and empower them to become better individuals.

While taking educational boards into consideration, it becomes really important to know what are the best schools in Gurgaon affiliated to the board for the admission of your child. Some of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon are – Mount Olympus School, DAV Public School etc.

Enhanced Safety & Security measures at Mount Olympus

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best schools in Gurgaon

On account of various unfortunate instances that took place last month in Delhi/NCR especially Gurgaon have undoubtedly shaken the faith of both parent fraternity and educationists. On this note, one of the best schools in Gurgaon, Mount Olympus School, has taken a step forward with a great sense of assurance and responsibility to ensure safety and security of students. The school has also been regarded as one of the school with the highest security standards in Gurgaon.

Keeping this situation in mind, Mount Olympus School has taken steps towards the safety and security of students. Separate washrooms have been built outside the school to be used by Class IV employees and they are strictly banned from entering or using the washrooms inside the school building. Also, both boys’ and girls’ washrooms are being manned by the female attendants till second grade. A permanent male attendant is placed in the senior boys’ washroom and female attendant in the girls’ washroom.

Another important addition towards the safety of the students, that the school has always kept as a priority is that police verification has been made mandatory for the entire class IV employees. Understanding the need of safety and security of students, staff, and visitors, the authorities of the Mount Olympus School have decided that no drivers, bus helpers or cleaners will be permitted inside the school campus. Their entry is restricted to the guard room only. Installation of cameras within the school compound including classrooms, activity rooms, washrooms(entrance area), corridors, playground, driveways and all the vantage points is yet another step that the Mount Olympus School has taken to improvise the measures taken towards the safety of the students.

At, Mount Olympus School, each child is treated with utmost care and adding to this, the school has also appointed lady guards who are posted on the floor so as to monitor the movement of any unto do activities. Regular meeting sessions and discussions with the students and teachers are also being organized so as to ascertain that positive life skills are being imparted to students.

The school understands the concern of each and every parent in regard to their child’s security. It aims to empower students in each and every way it can.The school authorities ensure that in each bus there is a school teacher, a lady attendant, a driver and a helper apart from installing CCTV cameras. Other than this, in each and every classroom till class third, there are two teachers and a nanny who escorts the children each time they leave the classrooms. At no point, the students are left alone. The school staff takes utmost care of the students and helps each child to grow in a safe yet innovative environment.

For outsiders and visitors, Mount Olympus School issues the visitor’s card only after the verification of their identity and guiding them to the respective offices and then escorting them back. Other than ensuring security and cleanliness, the school authorities have an audit team comprising of representatives from students, parents, teachers and administrative staff which meet on monthly basis to discuss the safety & security measures at Mount Olympus School.

Choosing the Right Preschool, Tips For All Parents!

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best preschool in Gurgaon

Congratulations, your tiny tot has become a big boy or girl now, that you need to think of getting him/her in the best play school in Gurgaon. Deciding on the preschool admissions in Gurgaon is one of the most important decision you will take for the growth and development of your child; your decision should be righteous in every aspect. The preschool is the first time when a  child will enter the world where his/her parents are not available to take care of him. When you enroll your kid in the best preschool in Gurgaon, you will make him run on the path of lifelong learning accompanied with a prestigious and successful career in the future.

We understand that the parents go through a lot of pressure while  choosing the right or the wrong preschool for their little bundle of joy. To make sure that the choice you make is correct for the future growth and career of your kid, it is important to evaluate the play school on certain parameters.

All your worries can evaporate with regard to choosing the best play school in Gurgaon by carefully taking the note of the below mentioned tips which will help you in making the right choice. Read further:

The needs of your child

At this stage, your child must be having emotional, social and mental needs; so when you search for the preschool, instead of going with your own vision, look for the play school which fulfills all the needs of the child. For instance, you may want a close and protected environment for your kid, but the kid, on the other hand, may require an open area to run and play with other classmates. So, go for a school that meets the requirements of your child and at the same time fits into your vision.

Use references from other parents

Before you begin your hunt for the best preschool in Gurgaon, interact with the other set of parents present in your friends circle, your colleagues or family members. Ask them about the set of priorities they consider at the time of enrolling their kids in the play school; however, what may be apt for them may not suit you, but this will give you a fair idea on what all to consider in terms of the basics. Also, ask them for feedback of the schools where their kids are presently enrolled and the other schools that they evaluated at the time of getting their kids enrolled in the preschool.

Physical environment of the play school

Before taking the decision of the preschool admission in Gurgaon for your kid, notice the physical aspects of the school. Check whether appropriate fencing is done to secure the play area for the children. The presence of cobwebs in the corner or the smelly restrooms must be considered as a red flag when evaluating a preschool. The cleanliness must be given high priority in order to prevent infection to the kid. Just look around the play school and ask yourself if you feel comfortable enough in leaving your kid there.


This may appear as the not-so-important factor, but it is one of the essential factors that as a parent you must think about. Of course, you won’t really want your kid to travel 2 hours by bus on each side to spend 3 hours in the playschool. Thus, distance plays a crucial role. So, consider a school which is at a walking distance either from your home or your place of work. A distance of 3 to 4 kms is considered ideal for a playschool. You can either pick and drop the kid yourself or get the transport facility of the school for ensuring a safe travel.

Understand the methodology used by the school

Every preschool works on a different teaching methodology. Thus, it is of great importance for you to understand as well as evaluate the teaching methodology of the preschool. When you visit any play school, ask them to provide you with the laid down philosophy of the school as well as the teaching methodology. When you evaluate the teaching methodology, just see how much freedom of choice is given to the kids when it comes to learning, how much creativity can the kids showcase and how is the discipline and other behavioral aspects taken care of by the school.

Beyond academics

It is not just academics that groom a kid for leading a good life. A good play school is the one which has enough of the practical and co-curricular activities which can redefine the motor, social, organizational, language and emotional skills of the child. When the child applies life skills, it becomes a real fun for the child and helps him/her in easily learning new things and in turn grows holistically.

If you are confident in the facilities as well as staff of the preschool after judging them on the above mentioned parameters, you can make room for joy for the kid by getting him/her enrolled in the play school.

The Importance of the Right Mentors at Your kid’s Playschool and Preschool

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The preschools in Gurgaon are budding the new age leaders inside them. Some of them said that great leaders are born great. Many say that the skills and qualifications needed to be a leader cannot come by birth but have to be grown up with time. Even the playschools in Gurgaon have realized this skill and are working hard to nurture these qualities in them from a young age. These qualities cannot be taught in a classroom via a chalk and blackboard with students sitting there. Even the best of the leaders have realized that these qualities or creating new leaders require patience and time. Thus the best preschool in Gurgaon is planning to handpick those children from an early age and provide them special guidance and care. Though every child is specials or great in some or the other skills  it depends on the child to child. A child may have a creative mindwhich helps him/her to explore the possibilities of creation and destruction and may help him/her to invent new creations.

How can the child be put to evolution from a young age?

The evolution of child’s brain occurs within the first five year’s of age. The brain has evolved to about 90% of its intellect yet we are not able to use even the 10% of the brain cells efficiently. The preschools in Gurgaon have gone through a recent study in which they have found out that for the overall development and full evolution of a human brain, the necessary steps should be taken at a young age. Thus children should be instructed in schools at a young age. Thus playschools in Gurgaon have employed the system of mentors to provide for all round development of the child. These methods are implemented in top level colleges and institutions for children to have a connecting bridge between the teachers and the institutions.

Who are mentors?

The concept of mentoring was build up to provide a role model for the children to see them analyse, observe and learn from them. A mentor can be anyone from our day to day activities. A parent, teacher, school staff or anyone can be a mentor for the child. As it is a learning phase for the child he/she can inculcate these qualities in him/her. The job of the mentor is not only to portrayhimself but to look for the fallacies of the child and bring them up in a positive manner as to encourage him/her to learn them up.

Because doing good feels good.

Mentoring helps the child and the mentor. It is a symbiotic relationship in which the goals of both the participants are mutually connected. Students or even sports athletes who work in close coordination with their mentors, build a strong bond with them. This strong bond can be  stronger than the original blood relationships than other members. The mentors get to know the outlook of the children and start seeing from a new lens where they realize the difficulties faced by them. They get to know the socio economic background of the child and realize they problems which are not so evident. Also mentoring helps them to build up stronger relationships with their child as they become more accustomed to the problems of the children.

Encourage team activities

The first task of a mentor is to build up team activities which will enhance the skills of the mentee and build up the bond between the two of them. The skills like leadership qualities, teamwork and planning cannot be taught in a confined environment. These skills are honed with time when you are present at the ground zero and analyse the skills regularly. Teaching a young child about the brotherhood and fraternity will only help him/her to increase or augment the vocabulary but the real essence and spirit cannot be developed in the classroom. When the child enters the field with a ball and eleven other players with him/her, he sees the world with a new perspective.

Emphasize perseverance

The best leaders are those who embrace failure and success equally. They do not get demotivated or demoralized about their failures neither they get too much moved by their success. Every great leader is touched with humility to such an extent that the greatness behind them emboldens like a moon. These qualities if taught to the young toddlers in their tiny steps then they will be never disheartened after their failure but work hard to change it into their success. Likewise, if they will become over confident on their success and will treat themselves to be the master’s of the field then they will be never able to learn any kind of future lessons from it. Thus it is important for the mentor to teach them about these qualities from an early stage in life.

In some way, today’s mentors can create young, energetic and visionary leaders from the children. The lot prepared will never ever be ambiguous about the future goals and claims which they will lay. They will not only have a clear cut direction but will help to lead others.