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15 Innovative Measures to Help Enhance the Effectiveness of Teaching Methods

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One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is to ensure that the things they teach hold some value and meaning for their students.  In order to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching, the teachers need to follow some truly innovative teaching methodologies as discussed below.

1. Being Creative

Identifying and encouraging the creative abilities of the students is a proven method of capturing and maintaining the interest of the students. Enabling the students to explore their creativity through playful games and visual exercises is sure to help enhance the effectiveness of the teaching methods.

2. Integration Of Audio-Visual Tools

Using audio-visual tools to support textbook learning is known to help the students understand the concepts better. These tools help the students to develop a knack for understanding through attentive listening besides promoting the growth of their imagination and creativity.

3. Practical Learning

The best way to enhance the effectiveness of teaching is to incorporate practical learning into it to make the learning experience interesting and engaging. The students are able to understand and learn things in a better manner when they can relate it to real life scenarios.

4. Seek Ideas From Students

Involving the students in the process of problem solving tends to excite them and motivate them to take an active part in learning. Enabling the students to present their views without the fear of being judged will improve their confidence as well as interest in learning.

5. Learning Beyond Classrooms

Providing the students with a fresh and creative environment for learning that is not restricted to a classroom can prove quite beneficial. In fact the top schools in Gurgaon are increasingly exploring the idea of open-air classrooms and field trips for learning.

6. Making Students Role Play

Making role play a part of the teaching methods can help in ensuring an effective learning experience for the students. It enables them to establish a clear relationship between their everyday tasks and their academic learning besides improving their interpersonal skills.

7. Teaching Through Stories

Most students love stories, which is why teaching through stories can help them to understand and memorize even the most difficult concepts with ease. Story based teaching also helps in enhancing their communication skills and recreating famous events so as to promote step-by-step memorization.

8. Motivating Class Environment

Students including those in primary schools in Gurgaon generally find their classrooms to have a dull and boring ambience. That is why the teachers need to focus on creating an interesting and engaging ambience within their classroom that stimulates the interest of the students and engage their mind into learning.

9. Encourage Innovation

It is important for the teachers to encourage students to present new ideas and concepts, no matter how outlandish they might appear. Having an open-minded attitude towards innovation can help the teachers to explore the various approaches towards problem solving.

10. Pursue A Hobby

Hectic workload often tends to take a toll on even the most effective teaching methodologies. That is why it is important for the teachers to seek ways for relaxing their mind and make them feel rejuvenated making them capable of resuming their work with renewed interest and passion.

11. Focus On Teamwork

Seeking the help of peers and colleagues can go a long way in enhancing the effectiveness of teaching methodologies. Such interactions and collaborative efforts might help the teachers come up with new and better ideas and strategies teaching their students.

12. Make Use of Puzzles & Games

Making puzzles and games a part of everyday education can make learning fun and engaging for both the students and the teachers. It not only takes the stress out of learning but creates an environment for free and frank interaction between the students and teachers.

13. Refer To Creative Books

Researching about new ideas and techniques to promote creativity forms an essential part of enhancing the effectiveness of teaching. Seeking reference from the countless books on creativity is a great way to start learning while also ensuring the overall professional development of the teachers.

14. Be Passionate About Teaching

In order to be able to deliver the best teaching results, it is important for the teachers to be passionate about their job. Loving their job tends to make the teachers naturally creative and relaxed besides making them capable of trying out new ideas without fear or prejudice.

15. Be Innovative With Lesson Introduction

The level of interest that students show in learning a specific lesson depends a lot on how it was introduced to them in the first place. Introducing the lesson in an innovative manner helps in piquing the interest of the students. This in turn ensures better engagement and more effectiveness in term of understanding and retention of concepts.

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