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Know Why to Improve Language Awareness of Your School Going Child?

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The children born in the 21st century are exposed to different types of charisma which they see as they grow. They are no longer in a confined or solicited environment where the interaction and evaluation are limited to a specific community but are continuously exposed to platforms of global importance. These children are taught and trained to be global leaders of tomorrow where they interact with an audience which is not bounded by boundaries and bars. Thus it is very important for them to be aware of the various language programs and this awareness should be bought at a very young stage.

Workshops Introduced

The primary schools are working on this feature and have introduced various small and medium workshops in their schools. These workshops are not only aimed to make aware the child about the foreign language but also helps them to get a better insight of the foreign culture. We are living global citizens in a global village where the most important tool of establishing any contact with an individual is via communication. The communication is the most important key to live and establish an important ecosystem where everyone thrives.

From large multinational firms which are blooming in  India to public sector units, each of these organizations is not single dimensional. The dimensions and work ethics have changed the organizations and now they deal more in the international markets. Even the government is propagating strong relations with neighbouring countries to promote trade and commerce which requires fluent and profound knowledge of the language.

Develops Good Knowledge Base

Thus the language awareness at primary schools in Gurgaon or any other city is a huge boost to the soft skills of the children. The children are exposed to the different cultures and their knowledge which helps them to build up a wide understanding of the world. The literature of any country is considered to be a very valuable resource for the better understanding and knowing its in-depth knowledge. If the children are made aware of different languages at an early stage about language then it will help them to arouse more interest in the history and background of that nation. This will encourage them to take up initiative at their own level to think and study and analyze the pros and cons of any theory.

3 Tier Education System

In today’s fast-moving world the individual with more than one language skills are highly demanded and they even earn a handsome salary in various multinational firms. The education system of various countries is developed as a three-tier system where the child has to learn at least three languages before he/she completes the intermediate education. The three-tier education system involves learning one native language of the region them getting command over the national language or the mother tongue of the country and then learning a foreign language. An individual should be well versed in all the three languages to be able to apply for different jobs after completion of graduation.

Learning – An Implicit Process

Many people get themselves enrolled in the language courses or diploma courses where they pay exorbitant prices to learn new language skills. Also, the learning is a very implicit process which requires time and devotion. When children are young during their primary level of education the brain is still in the developing stage and able to grasp more quickly than adults. The children’s brains are like a new canvas which can be easily painted whereas the minds of adults are filled with all types of colours and not much space is left to paint. Thus, getting children enrolled or making them aware of the language awareness program at a very early stage will give them the required boost.

There are certainly other things which are included like the metalinguistic programs which help to understand the meaning of the word or the passage even if we do not know the exact or the correct meaning of the word. It happens many times when we read a passage or a paragraph in a book and is stuck upon certain word whose exact meaning is unknown to us, but we still are able to make the correct sense of the passage by reading the lines above and below it. This is called metalinguistic stage where we are able to make out the meaning of the words, even if we are not completely aware of its origin.  Another example of metalinguistic is when we visit any foreign country or any foreign place where we are not at all aware of the foreign language, but still, we can easily able to make out the signs of entry/ exit and the various road signs.

These skills are handy and developed because we are not constrained to a single oriented domain of language where we know the technicalities and grammar of a single language. Our study of more the one language helps is to build the bridge between the similarities of different languages.