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15 Innovative Measures to Help Enhance the Effectiveness of Teaching Methods

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One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is to ensure that the things they teach hold some value and meaning for their students.  In order to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching, the teachers need to follow some truly innovative teaching methodologies as discussed below.

1. Being Creative

Identifying and encouraging the creative abilities of the students is a proven method of capturing and maintaining the interest of the students. Enabling the students to explore their creativity through playful games and visual exercises is sure to help enhance the effectiveness of the teaching methods.

2. Integration Of Audio-Visual Tools

Using audio-visual tools to support textbook learning is known to help the students understand the concepts better. These tools help the students to develop a knack for understanding through attentive listening besides promoting the growth of their imagination and creativity.

3. Practical Learning

The best way to enhance the effectiveness of teaching is to incorporate practical learning into it to make the learning experience interesting and engaging. The students are able to understand and learn things in a better manner when they can relate it to real life scenarios.

4. Seek Ideas From Students

Involving the students in the process of problem solving tends to excite them and motivate them to take an active part in learning. Enabling the students to present their views without the fear of being judged will improve their confidence as well as interest in learning.

5. Learning Beyond Classrooms

Providing the students with a fresh and creative environment for learning that is not restricted to a classroom can prove quite beneficial. In fact the top schools in Gurgaon are increasingly exploring the idea of open-air classrooms and field trips for learning.

6. Making Students Role Play

Making role play a part of the teaching methods can help in ensuring an effective learning experience for the students. It enables them to establish a clear relationship between their everyday tasks and their academic learning besides improving their interpersonal skills.

7. Teaching Through Stories

Most students love stories, which is why teaching through stories can help them to understand and memorize even the most difficult concepts with ease. Story based teaching also helps in enhancing their communication skills and recreating famous events so as to promote step-by-step memorization.

8. Motivating Class Environment

Students including those in primary schools in Gurgaon generally find their classrooms to have a dull and boring ambience. That is why the teachers need to focus on creating an interesting and engaging ambience within their classroom that stimulates the interest of the students and engage their mind into learning.

9. Encourage Innovation

It is important for the teachers to encourage students to present new ideas and concepts, no matter how outlandish they might appear. Having an open-minded attitude towards innovation can help the teachers to explore the various approaches towards problem solving.

10. Pursue A Hobby

Hectic workload often tends to take a toll on even the most effective teaching methodologies. That is why it is important for the teachers to seek ways for relaxing their mind and make them feel rejuvenated making them capable of resuming their work with renewed interest and passion.

11. Focus On Teamwork

Seeking the help of peers and colleagues can go a long way in enhancing the effectiveness of teaching methodologies. Such interactions and collaborative efforts might help the teachers come up with new and better ideas and strategies teaching their students.

12. Make Use of Puzzles & Games

Making puzzles and games a part of everyday education can make learning fun and engaging for both the students and the teachers. It not only takes the stress out of learning but creates an environment for free and frank interaction between the students and teachers.

13. Refer To Creative Books

Researching about new ideas and techniques to promote creativity forms an essential part of enhancing the effectiveness of teaching. Seeking reference from the countless books on creativity is a great way to start learning while also ensuring the overall professional development of the teachers.

14. Be Passionate About Teaching

In order to be able to deliver the best teaching results, it is important for the teachers to be passionate about their job. Loving their job tends to make the teachers naturally creative and relaxed besides making them capable of trying out new ideas without fear or prejudice.

15. Be Innovative With Lesson Introduction

The level of interest that students show in learning a specific lesson depends a lot on how it was introduced to them in the first place. Introducing the lesson in an innovative manner helps in piquing the interest of the students. This in turn ensures better engagement and more effectiveness in term of understanding and retention of concepts.

Keeping The Children Engaged To Help Them Learn Even During Holidays

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With the holidays just about to start, most parents and teachers find themselves struggling to make their wards focus on following a normal learning routine. As the excitement of the approaching holidays amongst the kids escalate, so does the noise level and the disobedience of the kids and even the most patient parents find their resolve being tested. Worse still, the holidays themselves tend to reduce the academic productivity of the children quite significantly.

In many cases, the children actually end up spending weeks without learning which often results in a rather rough re-entry into academic routine at the end of the holidays. To counter this problem the experts from the best schools in Gurgaon, suggest both teachers and parents to adapt the following measures that will keep the children engaged while also enabling them to learn during the holidays.

Connect Learning with the Holiday Spirit

A major mistake made by parents is to try and suppress the excitement of holidays that the kids feel and force them into academic learning. This method often backfires with the children growing even more resentful towards studies. The better option is to establish some sort of connection that integrates the learning process with the excitement of enjoying a holiday. This could mean organizing theme costume parties for the kids, with each kid required to explain the reason for choosing to dress up like a specific character. It could even mean going out on field trips and asking the kids to write about the landscape, plants, animals or even insects that they spotted.

Turn an Outing into a Learning Opportunity

It is not uncommon for families to go for outings with their children during the holidays. These outings can be turned into a fun learning experience for the kids. Rather than just picking up a random destination for outing, the outing should be planned to a place with some historic, cultural or even social significance. The parents can educate the children about the importance of the destination before setting out on the trip. Alternately they can set them the task of finding interesting information about the place in return for some reward. The parents may also plan a small role play of the characters associated with the destination, upon reaching there to enhance the fun of the trip and make it even more educational.

Set Aside A Regular Family Learning Time

Children often love the idea of their parents learning along with them, which is why family learning time can prove extremely beneficial. Organizing subject based quizzes, mental math session and even playing a family game of scrabble can keep the children engaged while also enabling them to progress academically. In addition, watching educational TV programs together or having a reading session planned for all the members of the family can also help in keeping the learning process going through the holidays. Taking the children for a movie outing or even to museums and other such places is also a great way to plan family learning time, full of great fun and enjoyment.

Let the Kids Help with Household Tasks

In addition to academic learning, teaching the children essential personal and household skills is also an important part of the learning process. Most children feel excited about helping their parents with everyday household tasks and holidays are the best time to teach them these skills. From requesting the kids to help with making grocery lists to allowing them to help with cooking in the kitchen, there are several tasks that the parents can ask the kids to handle. Even tasks like dusting the rooms or making an inventory of the various electronic gadgets can prove quite educating. These small tasks will not only enhance the organizational skills of the children but also provide them with additional knowledge and skills that can help them to live a better life.

Don’t Deprive the Kids of Their Holiday Fun

Finally, holidays are after all a time of fun and enjoyment for the kids and depriving them of the same will definitely not help with their learning process. So, the parents should make sure that they give the children enough time to have fun and relax without thinking too much about their learning being hindered. Just letting the kids be is also an effective way to help the kids learn and grow in a natural manner. The games they play, the activities they indulge in and even the screen time they enjoy, are all a part of the natural learning process. The only things that the parents have to take care of are to direct the energy of the kids in positive activities and educate them about the harmful consequences of indulging in destructive actions.

The above guidelines can help ensure that the learning of the children does not take a backseat during the holidays. Rather it will help them have a truly exciting and unique learning experience for enhanced overall growth.

Useful Tips To Help Teachers Ensure Enhanced Parent Engagement In Their Child’s Education

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One of the key aspects for teachers seeking to prove a great learning experience for kids at school is to ensure positive engagement of their parents in the learning process. However, this can be a major challenge mainly due to the ever increasing gap between the parents’ own educational experiences as compared to that of their kids. That is why it has become even more imperative for the teachers to educate the parents about their role as the natural partners in the children’s education, besides informing them about the current learning process.

Discussed below are some useful tips that can help the teachers from primary schools of Gurgaon to ensure enhanced parent engagement in their child’s learning.

Be More Communicative

Teachers should take the initiative of communicating to the parents about exactly how they can help the child learn at home. Helping the parents understand the learning needs of their child and the role they can play in fulfilling the same can help build a strong partnership between the parents and the teachers which will prove significantly beneficial to the child. Moreover, since the parents tend to see thing in a different perspective as compared to the educators, they might actually be able to help the children learn concepts in a more effective manner. Therefore by keeping the channels of communication open, the teachers can improve the overall learning of their wards.

Listen To The Parents

While sharing the learning needs of the child with the parents is extremely essential, it is also important for the teachers at Gurgaon top schools to listen to parents of the learners . The teachers are mostly trained to help them remain updated about the changes in the modern learning process. However, most parents’ lack this advantage and this can lead them to feel incapable of participating in their child’s learning process. By actually allowing the parents to talk about these concerns the teachers can not only assuage their fears and also provide them the right guidance about the best ways to overcome the same. In fact, the simple act of listening to the parents can be the first step in the direction of making them positively involved in the education of their child.

Invest Time in Social Media Interactions

The large scale use of technology can prove extremely advantageous in forging a strong parent–teacher partnership to create an enhanced learning experience for the child. Teachers should make use of various social media sites to interact with parents about multiple issues related to the learning of their children. The interactions do not necessarily have to focus only on the academic progress of the child but also on other aspects of their development.  This use of technology helps in keeping the parents updated about their child’s development while also eliminating the need for them to specially visit the child’s school to get a detailed report. Moreover, these interactions can be conducted in groups to brainstorm ideas and learning strategies.

Organize Learning Workshops for Parents

Organizing learning workshops for parents’ is known to provide effective results in terms of ensuring better parent engagement. These workshops should be conducted within a free and frank environment so that the parents do not feel hindered to raise queries or get solutions to the problems they might be facing. In case, some parents are not able to attend the workshop, they should be sent a recording of the event, with the teachers doing a follow up on any queries concerns that they might be having. While the workshops can be presided over by leading education counsellors, it is advisable to let the teachers themselves handle the workshops for better results.

Invite Parents to Classroom Sessions

Enabling the parents to actually see how their wards perform in class can prove extremely motivating for ensuring their positive engagement. It is only natural for parents to want their child to excel in whatever they do and attending the classroom sessions of the child provides them a clear idea of how lacking the kid is.  This in turn helps in making them aware of the need to take positive action in the direction of supporting their child to move ahead in the class and improve their performance. As the parents see their child progress they are likely to feel more interested in participating in their learning process to a greater extent.

Seek and Provide Feedback

The various efforts made by teachers to ensure increased parent engagement will amount to nothing if they do not provide authentic and timely feedback to the parents. On their part, parents also need to be more forthcoming about letting the teachers know how better they can help and guide them with the learning process. This mutual seeking and providing of feedback will help overcome various hindrances in the way of establishing a strong parent-teacher partnership. This in turn will prove beneficial in ensuring that the child is provided with the right learning environment both within the school and at home.

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6 Ways You Can Enhance Child’s Learning At Primary School Level

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School learning has come a long way from what it used to be just a few decades back. In fact, top schools have come to realize the fact that they need to work in a coordinated manner with the families of their wards to ensure a productive learning environment for the kids. As a parent, you need to take a constructive part in the education of your child and this comprises of doing simple things at home besides helping with their learning at school. Discussed below are some ways in which you as a parent can enhance the learning of your child at the best primary schools in Gurgaon.

Get Involved With The School

You should make the most of what the school has to offer. This can be ensured by carefully going through any information communicated by the school. You can also seek information about the extra-curricular subjects that the school might be offering. Communicate regularly with the teachers to learn about the ways in which you can help you child progress. You should make it a point to attend every PTM and even volunteer to provide ideas that you feel might help in enhancing the overall learning experience of the kids in general. Most importantly, take an active interest in what your child does and enjoys at the top schools in Gurgaon on a daily basis.

Constantly Motivate Your Child

Remember that each child has some special skills and these might not necessarily be academic in nature. It is important for you as a parent to not only recognize such skills in your child but also take pride in them and motive the kid to excel in the same. Make your children feel appreciated for putting in their best efforts in whatever they do even if it does not offer the desired results. The confidence you show in your child’s abilities and potential to do well directly influences their learning performance. So it is imperative to constantly motivate the children, especially at a time when they are not performing as per your expectations.

Answer Your Child’s Queries

In order to create the right environment for learning, it is important for the children to be able to come to you with any queries. This is possible only when they can trust you to truly listen to them in an unbiased manner and provide them with a satisfactory solution. There are several things that your child might not be able to understand during their classroom sessions at school and in such cases, you as a parent are the most likely people they would look up to get answer to their questions. This might also mean telling your kids that you don’t know everything but even the assurance that you will make an effort try to find the right answers can prove quite motivating for them.

Discuss Things With Your Children

The one common mistake made by parents is their failure to discuss things with their children. Most parents tend to focus only on learning about the academic progress or lack thereof with their children. This limited communication often limits the learning process of the kids. On the other hand making a sincere effort to understand the likes and dislikes of the kids, their future pans or even their outlook on topics such as culture, society, religion and politics can enhance their learning significantly. Spending time discussing things with your child not only helps them to learn and grow but also enables you to direct their thoughts in the right direction.

Make Time For Some Fun Exploration

Planning activities with your children is also an effective way to enhance their overall learning and development. From a walk in the neighbourhood part to helping them with the school project, you can contribute in the learning process of the child in more than one ways. However, you need to make sure that you do not end up spoon-feeding your children, but rather provide them with multiple opportunities to explore and discover things on their own. You can motivate them by sharing your own learning experiences and teaching them to plan things and try to solve problems. This can help build the essential life skills of the children which will prove useful to them for the rest of their lives.

Help Your Child Acquire Positive Habits

Planning reading sessions with your child, organizing family quizzes, visiting museums, obtaining library memberships are just some ways in which you can help your child develop positive academic skills. At the same time you need to monitor the screen time of your children while encouraging them to become involved in physical activities that help in building their body and mind. These positive habits can go a long way in making your children acquire a sense of responsibility and independence. This in turn can prove beneficial in imbibing a sense of self learning amongst the children even at a very young age.