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Children who study in an environment conducive to their growth, positively turn out to be more intelligent, charming, creative and enthusiastic. They retain the values inculcated into them and are more receptive to making friends. Resultantly, there is a lot one can learn from preschool children, as they embody the purest form of innocence and immense mental flexibility. One such preschool in Gurgaon that ensures the overall growth of its students is Mount Olympus. Here are 6 important life lessons that adults can learn from preschool toddlers:

1. Be Carefree, Be Yourself

The procedure of school admission in Gurgaon for preschoolers can be daunting for parents. However, most kids are not afraid to be carefree and speak their minds during the interview process. Often, it is the child’s lack of inhibitions and the ability to be completely themselves, that helps them gain admission and easily make friends with everyone. Adults should take a cue from this: it is okay to unwind and be unguarded once in a while. It is also absolutely okay to be yourselves while forgetting the trials and tribulations that the world throws at us.

2. Be Honest & Transparent

Preschoolers are known for being charismatically blunt, as they imbibe the lesson of ‘Honesty is the best policy’ a bit too literally. Upon serious reflection, one realizes that the world would transition into a far more inhabitable space, only if all of us were to adopt such a straightforward attitude towards life!  As parents and educators, while we must teach children to respect the opinion of others’, we must also encourage them to put forward their own emotions, opinions, and thoughts, and assist them in identifying honest intentions.

3. Laugh At Yourself

Renowned author James Carlos Blake once said: “A man who can laugh at himself is truly blessed, for he will never lack for amusement.” How true! Children are able to do this quite naturally, without hesitation or much thought. For instance, if a child accidentally covers themselves in mud or paint, he/she will laugh along with their peers, instead of feeling embarrassed. Here, the takeaway is that we should not take life too seriously. While it is easy to succumb to self-depreciation and take offense, it is more fruitful to laugh your worries off and remain positive.

4. Approach Learning With Awe & Delight

Kids in preschool approach their lessons with feelings of awe, wonder, and excitement. This helps them retain their lessons longer, and develop intellect and creativity. From an adult point of view, it is greatly inspiring to watch children take delight in group exercises, quizzes, creative tasks, and other learning activities. Taking pleasure in learning something new not only helps us master it quicker but also cultivates softer skill sets. It is always best to encourage curiosity, whether it is in an adult or a child.

5. Be Generous, openly kind, & loving

It is endearing to see preschool children give warm hugs to their classmates and teachers. While the ability to be kind is not restricted to a certain age group, generosity is often a matter of conscious choice. Kids naturally choose to be emotionally transparent and loving, and this should teach us the underlying value of human touch and warmth. It is crucial to remember, that everyone struggles at some point in their life, and a simple smile, or a few kind words from your end can make all the difference!

6. Be Conscious Of The Examples You Set

Preschool children, like most kids, tend to idealize their parents, teachers, and adults around them. As role models to children, we must be careful about our actions, and how they are being perceived by kids. If you observe kids playing, then you can often see how they play pretend, and mimic the mannerisms of their parents and teachers. Hence, it is important to practise what we preach and try to be the best version of ourselves, as guardians and human beings.

On further scrutiny, you will discover that we have so much more to learn from preschool toddlers and children in general. Let us, through our actions, strive towards creating a better, safer planet for our children, and the generations to come!