Month: November 2018

Making Of Wall Hanging

  To develop creativity and imagination through activity, and to enhance the children’s ability to use materials, techniques and tools in a proper and creative way. A wall Hanging making activity was organized. Art and craft describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with

Story Narration Competition

  On Wednesday, 26 Sep, the learners of grade I participated in a story narration competition as a part of their enrichment activity. The theme was ‘Forgiveness’ and the learners narrated a story for  2 minutes each. They used props to enhance their narration and bring alive the characters

Class Assembly

  Young learners from Grade 3 presented a colorful Assembly based on Jungle animals on 18th September, 2018.This interactive presentation boasted of 100% participation by the entire class. The enactment of little explorers going on a jungle safari enriched us with the unusual facts about wild

Craft Mela

The Enterprise club is the new student’s initiative at Mount Olympus School. Students from grade I to grade IX participated in creating products relevant to the festive season. Students from grades VI & VII took the lead in organizing the ‘Craft Mela’ in school. The mela saw representative

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