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8 Benefits Students Can Reap By Studying In Co-Education Schools

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One of the biggest dilemmas that parents face while enrolling their children in school is that of choosing between same sex and co-education schools.  Despite the growing focus on gender equality, countless people across India still consider it inappropriate for girls and boy to study together in a single educational institution. Most good schools in Gurgaon support and even encourage the system of co-education, which they believe offer multiple advantages for students as compared to same sex schools. In fact, most experts feel that the co-education systems have become a necessity in the modern times. Discussed below are few reasons in which students can benefit by enrolling in a co-education schools.

1. Helps Students Develop Mutual Respect

A co-education system offers countless opportunities for both the boys and the girls to co-exist within the same environment. The students from both the sexes face similar pressures in the field of academics, sports and even cultural activities. As the boys and girls react to these situations in different ways, they are able to gain a better understanding of each other’s behaviour. This helps them to develop a sense of mutual respect at both the intellectual and emotional level.

2. Helps in Grounding the Idea of Gender Equality

The problem of gender bias is still quite prominent in various parts of India and enrolling a child in the same sex school tends to promote this concept. However, students studying in co-education schools face similar challenges and get equal opportunities to overcome them, irrespective of their sex. This helps to imbibe the concept of gender equality deeply into the very personality of students, which proves extremely beneficial for them throughout their life and career.

3. Eliminates the Fear of Opposite Sex

Children, who are educated in same sex schools, generally harbour a fear of the opposite sex. This makes it extremely difficult to interact with the members of the opposite sex in a frank and confident manner. However, students from Gurgaon best schools, who study in a co-education system, do not have any such fears. This makes it extremely easy for them to not only mix up with the members of the opposite sex but also make friends with them. This can prove extremely advantageous for both boys and girls during specific situations in life.

4. Builds Healthy Competitive Environment

Being competitive is essential for ensuring success in almost every aspect of life. The co-education system helps in creating an environment that promotes healthy competition between the students of both sexes in the field of academics and sports. This enables the students to understand their strengths and weaknesses as an individual rather than as a boy or a girl. In addition, it imbibes a sense of fair play amongst the students and teaches them to cope up with their failures quite early in life.

5. Helps Develop Sense of Self-Esteem

Most children, especially girls are made to feel unworthy of everything good and progressive. However, by studying at a co-educational school, children learn to maintain and fight for their dignity and self-esteem. Many good schools in Gurgaon also offers to counsel students about building a strong personality to face the world. They also help the students to understand the importance of respecting the self-esteem of other people while being confident about their own self without feeling intimidated by the people around them.

6. Enhances Overall Personality of Students

It has been observed that students studying in a co-education system tend to behave in a more civilized and natural manner in the presence of people of opposite sex. Unlike the students studying in same sex schools, they do not feel embarrassed or self-conscious in the company of opposite gender. Rather they come across as well-behaved and mature individuals who can respect and listen to the members of the opposite sex just like they do with a member of their own sex. This, in turn helps in developing a strong personality and a mature character of the students at a very young age.

7. Teaches Them to Fight Discrimination

Studying in a co-educational environment enables the students to fight all forms of discrimination at various stages of their life. The students learn to expect to be treated equally irrespective of their gender all through their education career. Thus, when they face any situation where they are discriminated against just due to their sex, they naturally take up the fight to seek justice. Getting equal treatment becomes their second nature and they defend it with all their power.

8. Prepares Students for the Real World

The most important benefit that students can gain by studying at Gurgaon best schools with co-education system is that they are prepared to face the real world. In the modern times, it has become imperative for boys and girls to share professional space while maintaining mutual respect and healthy competition. As mentioned before, the co-education system imbibes both these skills in the students and thus prepares them for a realistic future.

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Enhanced Physical Activity – An Effective Way To Boost Student’s Academic Performance

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It is common for parents to worry about the academic performance of their kids without focusing too much on their level of physical activity. As the students progress towards higher classes, most parents tend to cut down their physical activities to almost negligible. However, such attitude generally offers negative results, with the children starting to increasingly struggle with their studies. In fact, a research has proved that greater the physical activity of a student, the better he/she is likely to perform in academics. That is why most good schools in Gurgaon pay so much attention towards integrating enough physical activities with the academic curriculum of the students across all classes.

Understanding What Physical Activity Comprises

Before learning about the impact of physical activity on the academic growth of students, it is important to understand what it comprises of. In the simplest terms, a physical activity may be described as any action that involves the movement of the entire body to attain a pre-defined objective. So, physical activity can include team sports, swimming, cycle riding, or even the regular playground games that children generally enjoy. Experts believe that in order to ensure the complete physical, mental and academic development of children, they should spend at least 1 hour per day enjoying the activity they enjoy.

Connection Between Brain Power & Physical Activity

Countless parents are unaware of the fact that physical activity influences the behaviour and development of the brain in a direct manner. It also helps in enhancing their concentration and increasing their learning power by improving their cognitive power and memory. Listed below are the various positive impacts of appropriate and ample physical activity on the brain.

  •  It helps improve oxygen flow to the brain.
  •  It increases the number of brain neurotransmitters, which help in enhancing focus, concentration learning and the ability to handle stress.
  •  It helps increase the number of brain-derived neurotrophins, ensuring better survival of neurons in the areas of the brain responsible for memory, higher thinking and learning.

Academic Benefits of Physical Activity

In addition to enhancing the brain functionality, regular physical activity provides academic benefits in various other ways.  This is because exercising regularly improves the mental health and academic achievement of the students in a gradual manner. Discussed below are some key academic benefits that can be gained by the students by enjoying regular physical activities.

  It Helps Improve Grades: Given that physical activity helps in boosting brain power, students tend to show a gradual improvement in their overall academic performance. They are able to assimilate and retain concepts that they might have found difficult to understand earlier. This naturally helps them to get better grades, while also improving their attitude and behaviour in the class.

  It Helps Reduce School Drop-Out Rates: One of the major reasons behind students dropping out from even the best schools in Gurgaon has been their poor understanding of academic concepts. However, by inculcating the habit of involvement in the regular physical activity, students can enhance their brain power to overcome this problem. Thus they not only gain the benefit of enjoying their favourite exercise or sport but also being able to cope up with the pressures of academic learning.

  It Helps Inculcate Sense of Discipline: Students, who regularly participate in various physical activities, tend to have a greater sense of self-discipline as compared to students who don’t take part in such activities. Being self-disciplined can prove to a vital trait for efficient academic learning as students can follow a study schedule without constant nagging by parents and teachers.

  It Teaches Them Trait of Time Management: Another important trait that students can benefit from to ensure academic excellence is that of time management. Exercise and sports training is the best way to learn the skill of time management quite early on in life. In fact, this skill comes in handy not only during the entire academic career of the students but all through their life.

  It Ensures Their Psychological Well-Being: Taking part in physical activitieshelps in boosting the sense of self-confidence and self-esteem amongst the students. This makes them psychologically strong enough to seek answers to their queries related to academic subjects and helps them enjoy an enhanced learning experience. They feel motivated to gain knowledge about new things and excel in their overall academic performance.

Inculcating Habit of Physical Activity amongst Students

The above pointers make it quite clear that rather than preventing their children from taking part in various physical activities, they should encourage them to do so. They should motivate the children to take small breaks during long periods of study and go out to play as it will not only re-energize them but also refresh their minds. It is also advisable for the parents to plan group activities or team sports for their younger children to help them develop an interest in the games.

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Getting Familiar with The Essential Learning Aspects Of Different Education Boards

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With the ever-expanding globalization and the diminishing differences between societies, it is has become essential for the education system to adapt a global-purview. It is their responsibility to equip the children with skills and competencies that will help them to survive and succeed in a truly global environment. It also means that the educational decisions made by parents today are no longer restricted to the choice of the right school or stream, but rather selection of the right board as well. However, a large percentage of parents still choose to educate their children in CBSE affiliated schools in Gurgaon. This is because most parents are generally unaware of the wide range of board options they can choose from.

Types of Educational Boards in India

In order to choose the right board for the education of their children, it is important for the parents to first become aware of their different types. The Indian education system is dominated by five main boards each of which offers a distinct curriculum. Discussed below are the definitions and salient learning features of each of these five boards.

1. Central Board of School Education (CBSE)

When it comes to the various boards, CBSE is undoubtedly the most popular choice primarily because it follows a uniform syllabus across the country. This makes the process of changing schools relatively easy and hassle free, especially for parents who need to move frequently. Moreover, the learning within this board is focused on development of analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills, which helps the students to prepare for the competitive exams in a better manner.  The syllabus in CBSE that the students studying in top schools in Indiais suited to various entrance examinations in India. The biggest disadvantage of this board is the extremely high student-teacher ratio, which results in inadequate personal attention to the children.

2. State Board of School Education (SBSE)

The second most popular education board in India is the state board, which is basically an amalgamation of regional boards governed by the education ministry of individual states within the country. The curriculum followed by different state boards varies not only from each other but from other national and international boards as well. Another major highlight of these boards is the compulsory inclusion of a regional language in the curriculum. This makes it extremely difficult for a student shifting from CBSE schools to those affiliated with state boards to cope up with the curriculum. It is a common belief that the syllabus offered by state boards is relatively easy as compared to other boards, although this might not always be true.

3. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)

It is a common belief that CISCE is an international board, which is one of the major reasons for most parents avoiding to educate their kids in schools affiliated by it. However, CISCE is an Indian, non-governmental and private board that was formed with the objective of replacing the foreign based Cambridge School Certificate Examination. The syllabus offered by CISCE is extremely elaborate and quite exhaustive with special stress on English language. Despite being the toughest and most challenging of all Indian boards, the best aspect of CISCE is that it prepares the students to be internationally competitive in terms of knowledge and learning. However, the board does not allow home tutored and private candidates to sit for its exams.

4. International Baccalaureate (IB)

Not many people are aware about the International Baccalaureate board, which is evident from the fact that there are less than 150 schools affiliated to it across the country. Despite its extremely limited popularity, the IB gives predictive scores that are accepted by all top-ranking colleges in India. The board offers 6 different subject groups with the students having a choice to choose 1 subject from each group. The curriculum offered by IB is extremely tough and demanding and the students are evaluated in various ways in addition to the regular written examinations. This board is most suitable for students who aim to study at foreign universities or whose parents are likely to move to a foreign country. The board’s focus on helping with the global skill-development of the students ensures that they cope better with the international curriculum.

5. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

IGCSE is perhaps the only international board available in India and was developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations. The board is known to offer the widest flexibility in terms of subject options, with as many as 70 different subject options and no fixed subject combinations. The curriculum offered by the board is extremely demanding and accesses the students all year round on a variety of criteria. It is a preferred choice for parents who want their children to study an international curriculum that is accepted widely across the globe. This is because the board focuses on not only imparting knowledge to the students but also helping them understand its implementation.

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Understanding How Children Can Learn While Playing At Playschool

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When it comes to enrolling  toddlers in a school offering early childhood education, most parents are completely unaware of the actual concept of learning through play. In fact, it is quite common for parents to choose a school which they feel, rather than know, offers developmentally appropriate, child centred and play-based education to their young ones. However, the parents might actually be surprised to learn that most kids school in Gurgaon do not meet the basic criteria necessary for the education of children through playing. But before passing on the blame to the management and administration of such schools it is equally important for the parents to do a bit of introspection.

Meeting Parent Expectations

Most parents enrolling their kids in a playschool do so with the intention of giving their little ones a jumpstart in life to meet the academic pressure of elementary school. In keeping with the same they expect the children to learn specific skill that will ensure their academic growth and success. This they believe can be achieved only through rigorous learning rather than through playing and experimenting. As such they feel contented when the child is burdened with practice worksheets and other such academic stuff even while they have been enrolled in a play school.

Undermining the Importance of Play

Even though most parents consider play to be a waste of school time, even for their toddlers, they tend to overlook the basic fact that children are playful by nature. Most good playschools take advantage of this vital aspect to help the children learn and grow in a fun filled and exciting manner. In fact the top playschools in Gurgaon believe that playing helps the children to learn in way that no other teaching methodology can do. Parents need to understand that rather than being a waste of time, playing is actually the work for preschoolers. Learning while playing helps the children to enjoy a constructive experience and develop a positive approach towards education.

How Children Learn While Playing?

Most parents feel that if all children have to do at the playschool is to play, than it is better to let them do so at home itself. However, classroom play is different from play at home. This is because, playing at a preschool provides the children with an opportunity to interact with and learn from their peers. In addition, the teachers at playschools plan the various activities keeping in mind the need to make the children feel challenged to take on new roles, try new objects and think independently. Moreover, children learn through all their senses while playing including tasting, touching, seeing hearing and smelling. Playing also helps the kids to watch and copy the other children around them, which helps in improving their language and behaviour.

Essential Skills Gained by Children While Playing

When children enjoy what they are doing, they are likely to retain the skills and concepts being conveyed in a better manner. In addition to enhancing their academic skills, playing helps the children with the development of a wide range of social and personal skills as discussed below.

1. Physical Skills

Playing plays an important role in helping with the development of both gross and fine motor skills among children. As the children push themselves to complete new challenges and handle different objects, they gain a better control for using their hands and fingers. It also helps in building their physical strength and hand eye and hand mind coordination which proves critical in ensuring their academic growth.

2. Language Skills

There are several instances of children having learnt to speak only after having started going playschool. One of the reasons that make this possible is the organization of cooperative play activities in preschools. The teachers make the children repeat the words related to objects that they may be interested in handling. Children also learn by trying to express themselves and copying the sounds made by other children while playing.

3. Social Skills

Most young kids do not like to listen, negotiate or share things. However, while playing at the playschools in Gurgaon, the children can be taught these essential life skills in a fun filled manner. Playing alone does not help much in terms of reducing the egocentric nature of children or make them aware of the needs of others. However, when the same children play with others at a pre-school they tend to become aware of the differences in people around them. This helps them to gradually acknowledge the need to share, take turns and even compromise in specific situations.

4. Boosts Self Confidence

Playing with other children, helps in boosting the sense of self-confidence amongst kids. As the kids perform various activities they feel increasingly capable of performing more challenging tasks. The motivation provided by the teachers and the acknowledgement of their accomplishments helps in boosting their self-confidence even further. This proves to be an extremely vital skill for ensuring better growth and development of the child even in the later stages of life.

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What’s New Technology for 2018 in Classrooms?

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With the rapid advancements in technology, each sector is coming in the grip of newer technologies. Be it your home or office, new technologies are being adopted to transform our lives. Likewise, the classrooms cannot remain untouched by this technological touch of Midas. The education sector has always remained archaic in its teaching methodologies. The schools in Gurgaon are on the verge of changing these methodologies. Good schools in Gurgaon are already incorporating more and more student-friendly technologies to help their students excel. These schools have installed new systems and technologies to make the children accustomed to the new upcoming technology.

In this year the CBSE schools are looking forward to making their classrooms smarter and adding digitization. Working on the motto of digital India, many schools are already a few steps ahead of others. These technologies at first seem quite strange to the parents as their children were taught in an old-fashioned way. But later on, it made them realize that it is necessary for their kids to be smart and master the art of new technologies. The various technologies that can change or are the potential change-makers are specified below:

1. Class Websites

With Gurgaon top schools focusing on the small teacher to student ratio and rising number of pupils in the schools, it becomes very difficult to cope with both. A better solution to this can be class websites. All the data and teaching can be recorded in the real-time and can be accessed by the students from anywhere and anytime. In this way, not only students are addressed in a greater number but they can refer to the taught lessons if they have any doubts or have missed the class. Also, if due to any unavoidable circumstances the student is not able to join the class, he/she can also access the lectures from any other location. This will create a more holistic environment for studying.

2. Interactive Whiteboards

The old chalk and duster method of teaching is deeply embedded in the education system. Generations are accustomed studying with the traditional chalk-duster method however; this will change with the new interactive whiteboards. The virtual screen can be used for writing with the touch screen technology and at the same time can be used to show videos and images of the diagrams for better understanding.

3. 3D Printing

Many times young children feel difficult to visualize the correct shape and structure of a particular object. In books, these figures are given in 2D which makes it difficult to visualize. However, the 3D printer can give you the real image of the object in 3 dimensions and can print it straight away in a few seconds. This will help students to grasp the structure more efficiently.

4. Online Social Networking

The social networking has become latest addiction among teenagers. This has attracted the attention of millions of teens around the globe. This feature can be exploited by teachers to create a social network of the class. This network can be moderated by the teachers, and students will get a free and open platform to voice out their views on different topics. This is a very healthy culture for blooming minds and to shape their opinions and intellect. Also, it will be in the spirit of our democracy to debate, discuss and deliberate.

5. Student Response System

Many times students are not able to interact freely and openly. This can be due to the fear of stigma or social peer pressure. Many times students also experience difficult or depressing situations and are unable to talk to others because of the fear that their identity might get revealed. Many times, the cases of molestation or abuse are not reported by female students because of this hindrance. This problem can efficiently be tackled by an online student response system which helps them to interact with the counselor directly without revealing their identity.

6. Big Data

The classrooms and schools generate a large amount of data. Be it in the form of notes, assignments or test papers. This data, when converted into the digital form, occupies large space. The problem of mass storage is solved by converting it into the digital form as it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime without any threat to damage. This is one of the most important features of digitization which prevents the records from getting lost. But in digital form also this is quite large data which has to be managed efficiently. Big data analytics can be employed for easy organization of this data.

These technologies and innovations will bridge the gap between online and offline mode of education. It will help mould students into the current picture more easily and provide them ample opportunities in future. This will give them a sense of confidence and will help them approach the outer world in a better way.

Top 6 Things You Should Know About Schools Prior to Enrolling Your Child

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Being a parent comes with many responsibilities. Deciding which school to enrol your child in is the first biggest decision because most of the crucial early years of a child are invested in schools. But just getting your child enrolled in a good school is not the end. It is just the tip of the iceberg and more is yet to come. Gurgaon is developing at lightning speed and the city is now home to many families. This makes it a magnet for preschools and many good schools have now started mushrooming in this location. Admission in Gurgaon schools is a quest that parents living here would have to conquer with proper judgment, owing to the infinite number of options that exist. This article will discuss those nuances that will help you take the best decision for your child’s life which will help him or her attain a successful career.

1. Quality Over Brand

A branded or high-end school does not guarantee quality. Words like charter or private do not make a particular school perfect and outstanding. Do your homework as a parent. A public school with good set of teachers could be just as good as a particular private school that could cost you a bomb every year.

2. Quality of Teachers

Great teachers are those that not only teach well but can also accelerate the speed of learning amongst their students. Hunt schools that offer teachers who are good mentors too. Instruction and discussions go hand in hand. These best practices must be encouraged by teachers. Make sure to ask all the questions prior to taking the plunge. For instance, what kind of additional training do the teachers of that school receive on regular basis? How do administrators evaluate the teachers? How often are classroom lessons observed? Be upfront and do not hesitate. It is your right to know as a parent and can help you in taking a better decision for your child. Also, enquire teacher’s educational qualifications.

3. Teacher-Student Relationship in Preschool

The connection between child and teacher is far more important than you think. In a preschool, for the very first time, your child will be spending a massive amount of the day away from their family who they are accustomed too. The teacher must have very high emotional intelligence and must know how to communicate or engage with kids. Try conversing with a prospective teacher about their current classroom handling techniques. Notice, if they are able to speak about individual students’ strengths and weaknesses. Are they well informed of their students’ background, interests, emotional and academic inclinations?

You should be looking for schools that employ teachers who take great pride in their students’ progress and are open to their improvement. They take charge for their kids to step up and learn better. Books are another important aspect. Are the classrooms well equipped with good books and do teachers organise regular visits for the students to the library. Teachers need to allocate a lot of their time for reading and storytelling. In the kindergarten years, teachers need to offer the integral building blocks for learning to read and must focus on syllabication.

4. Say No to Schools with No Recess Time

There are many physical benefits of aerobic exercise and playtime. Recess time, enhances cognitive functioning. Elementary schools without playgrounds are like boot camps or factories that focus on instructions more than learning. Avoid such schools. A break of at least twenty minutes is important for an entire day for all school children.

5. Math can’t be an Afterthought

Kids need to be exposed to math concepts from day one. Math must start at an early age itself because math ability is innate to some extent. Teachers need to discuss basic math concepts with students in the preschool years itself. Math is not a talent, it is an acquired skill and knowledge. It should be made interesting for the students. Math and calculative skills are a muscle you develop. Best schools in Gurgaon that have teachers who express a great deal of enthusiasm about math is important. It is an important subject that will stay with your child for a long time and you do not want a teacher who brushes it under the carpet.

6. Standardized Test Scores Not the End of World

There are times good test scores can be considered as an indication of a school that is best at educating its students. However, there is a possibility that these tests are rigorously taught and do not symbolise or evoke any kind of learning in the students. Standardized tests are capable of measuring only a third of the curriculum taught in the school. Ideally, a good school must teach a rich and tough curriculum. Standardized tests give way to teaching that is only restricted to the test material. Enrolling your child in such schools would lead to your child missing out on a lot.

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Mandatory Steps To Ensure Student Safety During School Bus Transportation

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One of the major responsibilities of schools and education institutions, apart from providing top quality education to the students, is to ensure their safety. While the best schools in Gurgaon implement various methods to keep the students safe and secure within their premises, they need to pay equal attention towards their safety during transportation.

However, with large scale commercialization of education, safety seems to have taken a back seat, resulting in putting the well being of the students at a great risk. This is evident from the growing number of incidents involving school kids and bus transportation, which are reported on a daily basis. In order to avoid facing any such situation, it is high time for the school administrations to ensure the implementation of the following measures to maximize the safety of school bus transportation.

Install GPS Trackers In Buses

A GPS tracking system makes it possible for both parents as well as the school management to tack the school buses on their prescribed routes. The system provides real-time data to ensure that there are no discrepancies in following the scheduled routes. The parents and the school management remain updated about the exact location of the school bus at a given point of time. In addition to enhancing the safety of the students, installing the system helps in optimizing the scheduled routes for better fuel efficiency and also to minimize maintenance costs of the vehicles.

Install Video Cameras In Buses

The rowdiness and vandalism of students inside the buses, is also a major cause of concern regarding the safety of the students. One way to resolve this problem is by opting to install video cameras within the buses. The school management can make arrangements to monitor and record the live feed from these cameras within the school premises. The live feed can be used to address any emergency issues in the most effective manner. On the other hand the recordings can provide a means of analysing the causes of such emergency situations to prevent their repetition in the future. Most of the Gurgaon best schools already have video camera installed inside the buses for security purposes.

Proper Training Of The Driver

Driving a school bus is an entirely different experience as compared to driving any other vehicle. This is because the school buses are used for transporting children, most of who tend to be impulsive and highly active. Therefore, the driver of a school bus needs to be a person with a sound mind and with an ability to make quick decisions. He must also possess the ability to handle various situations that might arise while transporting the kids besides being able to resolve any minor problems that the students might face during the travel. In fact, it is important to have properly trained bus drivers as they will be responsible for the safety of the kids while travelling between school and home.

Reflective Tapes And Strobe Lights

Going by the statistics, most accidents happen when the visibility is poor due to fog, heavy rain or other reasons. In such situations, the use of reflective tape and strobe lights in school buses can minimize the risk of an accident. This is because these accessories ensure proper visibility of the vehicles even from a distance and makes it possible for other vehicles to maintain a safe gap. This helps in minimizing the risk of accidents due to poor visibility and also makes it possible for the other drivers to take the necessary precaution well in time to avoid colliding with the school bus.

Educating The Students

Apart from improving the safety and security of the school buses, it is equally important to educate the students about the necessary safety precautions. The students should be made aware of the essential safety rules to be followed both inside and outside the school bus. The students should be made aware about the importance of maintaining discipline inside the bus and causing minimal distraction to the drivers. They should be taught about taking up the responsibility and should feel empowered about playing an important role in making the school bus safe. Senior  children should be made responsible about teaching the younger students about the importance of not moving or jumping around in the bus, sticking their heads or hands out of the windows indulging in any other activities that might risk the safety of everyone.

Emergency Evacuation Training

In addition to teaching the students about following the safety guidelines within the bus, it is equally important to train them in emergency evacuation procedure. The students should also be made aware about the proper use of various emergency tools and equipments available within the bus. These might include fire extinguishers, emergency exit windows or even radios for contacting the authorities. Carrying out regular emergency evacuation drills and enabling the students to handle the various situations on their own is the best way to provide practical training to the students. This will help them prepare to handle any emergency with a calm mind and with minimum risk.

Important Guidelines To Train Your Child For His First School Interview

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Most parents feel excited by the fact that their child will soon begin his academic journey. However, one of the biggest hurdles to be crossed in the way of fulfilling this cherished dream is to ensure that the child clears the first school interview. The high level of competitiveness and the increasing complexity and difficulty of gaining admission in Gurgaon school admission in Gurgaon schoolmakes this task seem like a Herculean one. Thankfully, with the right attitude and approach, parents can train their children to successfully clear their first school interview with minimal stress. Discussed below are the important guidelines that can help parents ensure the same.

Research About The School

Most schools have a specific outlook about what they expect from their prospective students and organize the interviews in keeping with the same. That is why it is important for the parents to do a thorough research about the school and its expectations. Interacting with the students of the current students, especially those who might have gained admission only one or two years back is the best way to seek this information. Such parents can provide the most valid details about the type of questions that the child is likely to face during the interview. In addition, they can offer hands-on advice and guidance about the best ways to prepare the child for the upcoming interview.

Teach Child To Open Up

It is quite common for even the well-learned children to play deaf and dumb during a school interview. One of the major reasons behind such behaviour is the inability of the child to express themselves freely, especially in the presence of strangers. While most parents attribute this aspect to the shy nature of the child, it actually reflects his lack of confidence and insecurity. That is why parents need to make positive efforts in the direction of helping the child overcome his feeling of awkwardness and be more open and expressive to create a good first impression on the interviewers.

Brush Up The Basics

The parents should make sure that the child is able to convey some basic information in a clear and precise manner. This might include the name of the child himself, name of the parents and any siblings, his age etc. In addition, having knowledge about the alphabet, limited numbers, fruits, vegetables, birds, animals and colours can prove to be an additional advantage. The child should also be able to identify major body parts and differentiate between various basic shapes. Most children are able to handle these things efficiently through repeated practice. However, the parents need to ensure that such practice starts well in advance before the expected interview date.

Imbibe Social Etiquettes

In addition to updating the academic knowledge of their children as a part of the interview preparation process, parents also need to focus on imbibing proper social etiquette in them. The child should be taught to greet visitors, shake hands with new acquaintances and wish neighbours. Not only do these basic social mannerisms help in laying a good first impression, but they also prove to be useful gifts for a lifetime. Practicing these etiquettes from an early age make the children habitual of using them in their everyday life, even when they are all grown up, which helps establish their good name amongst friends and acquaintances.

Develop Curiosity Of Child

An effective way to ensure the success of the children in their first school interview is to make them curious about their environment. Inquisitive children tend tohave a natural affinity towards learning and seem to be eager to provide answers to the questions and queries put across to them. In fact, the top schools in Gurgaon often prefer kids with an inquisitive attitude for admission. One way to enhance this habit amongst children is to encourage them to ask questions about things that they don’t understand. It is also important for the parents to provide satisfactory answers to these queries rather than dismissing them as sweet-nothings uttered by the children, which do not deserve much attention.

Avoid Putting Too Much Pressure

Parents need to understand the fact that preparing the child to clear their first school interview is not a task that can be accomplished overnight. Rather it is a gradual process which requires constant learning and regular practice to ensure that the child does not have to bear the burden of last minute preparations. Even if the child is not fully prepared to face the interview, the parents should void pressurizing him too much to cram up everything. This not only creates an extremely stressful situation for both the parents and the child, but also tends to develop a fear and sense of disgust about facing challenges in the minds of the toddlers. Rather, parents should focus on helping their child understand the importance of gaining good education and the best ways to prepare for the same with a cool and relaxed mind.

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15 Innovative Measures to Help Enhance the Effectiveness of Teaching Methods

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One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is to ensure that the things they teach hold some value and meaning for their students.  In order to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching, the teachers need to follow some truly innovative teaching methodologies as discussed below.

1. Being Creative

Identifying and encouraging the creative abilities of the students is a proven method of capturing and maintaining the interest of the students. Enabling the students to explore their creativity through playful games and visual exercises is sure to help enhance the effectiveness of the teaching methods.

2. Integration Of Audio-Visual Tools

Using audio-visual tools to support textbook learning is known to help the students understand the concepts better. These tools help the students to develop a knack for understanding through attentive listening besides promoting the growth of their imagination and creativity.

3. Practical Learning

The best way to enhance the effectiveness of teaching is to incorporate practical learning into it to make the learning experience interesting and engaging. The students are able to understand and learn things in a better manner when they can relate it to real life scenarios.

4. Seek Ideas From Students

Involving the students in the process of problem solving tends to excite them and motivate them to take an active part in learning. Enabling the students to present their views without the fear of being judged will improve their confidence as well as interest in learning.

5. Learning Beyond Classrooms

Providing the students with a fresh and creative environment for learning that is not restricted to a classroom can prove quite beneficial. In fact the top schools in Gurgaon are increasingly exploring the idea of open-air classrooms and field trips for learning.

6. Making Students Role Play

Making role play a part of the teaching methods can help in ensuring an effective learning experience for the students. It enables them to establish a clear relationship between their everyday tasks and their academic learning besides improving their interpersonal skills.

7. Teaching Through Stories

Most students love stories, which is why teaching through stories can help them to understand and memorize even the most difficult concepts with ease. Story based teaching also helps in enhancing their communication skills and recreating famous events so as to promote step-by-step memorization.

8. Motivating Class Environment

Students including those in primary schools in Gurgaon generally find their classrooms to have a dull and boring ambience. That is why the teachers need to focus on creating an interesting and engaging ambience within their classroom that stimulates the interest of the students and engage their mind into learning.

9. Encourage Innovation

It is important for the teachers to encourage students to present new ideas and concepts, no matter how outlandish they might appear. Having an open-minded attitude towards innovation can help the teachers to explore the various approaches towards problem solving.

10. Pursue A Hobby

Hectic workload often tends to take a toll on even the most effective teaching methodologies. That is why it is important for the teachers to seek ways for relaxing their mind and make them feel rejuvenated making them capable of resuming their work with renewed interest and passion.

11. Focus On Teamwork

Seeking the help of peers and colleagues can go a long way in enhancing the effectiveness of teaching methodologies. Such interactions and collaborative efforts might help the teachers come up with new and better ideas and strategies teaching their students.

12. Make Use of Puzzles & Games

Making puzzles and games a part of everyday education can make learning fun and engaging for both the students and the teachers. It not only takes the stress out of learning but creates an environment for free and frank interaction between the students and teachers.

13. Refer To Creative Books

Researching about new ideas and techniques to promote creativity forms an essential part of enhancing the effectiveness of teaching. Seeking reference from the countless books on creativity is a great way to start learning while also ensuring the overall professional development of the teachers.

14. Be Passionate About Teaching

In order to be able to deliver the best teaching results, it is important for the teachers to be passionate about their job. Loving their job tends to make the teachers naturally creative and relaxed besides making them capable of trying out new ideas without fear or prejudice.

15. Be Innovative With Lesson Introduction

The level of interest that students show in learning a specific lesson depends a lot on how it was introduced to them in the first place. Introducing the lesson in an innovative manner helps in piquing the interest of the students. This in turn ensures better engagement and more effectiveness in term of understanding and retention of concepts.

Keeping The Children Engaged To Help Them Learn Even During Holidays

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With the holidays just about to start, most parents and teachers find themselves struggling to make their wards focus on following a normal learning routine. As the excitement of the approaching holidays amongst the kids escalate, so does the noise level and the disobedience of the kids and even the most patient parents find their resolve being tested. Worse still, the holidays themselves tend to reduce the academic productivity of the children quite significantly.

In many cases, the children actually end up spending weeks without learning which often results in a rather rough re-entry into academic routine at the end of the holidays. To counter this problem the experts from the best schools in Gurgaon, suggest both teachers and parents to adapt the following measures that will keep the children engaged while also enabling them to learn during the holidays.

Connect Learning with the Holiday Spirit

A major mistake made by parents is to try and suppress the excitement of holidays that the kids feel and force them into academic learning. This method often backfires with the children growing even more resentful towards studies. The better option is to establish some sort of connection that integrates the learning process with the excitement of enjoying a holiday. This could mean organizing theme costume parties for the kids, with each kid required to explain the reason for choosing to dress up like a specific character. It could even mean going out on field trips and asking the kids to write about the landscape, plants, animals or even insects that they spotted.

Turn an Outing into a Learning Opportunity

It is not uncommon for families to go for outings with their children during the holidays. These outings can be turned into a fun learning experience for the kids. Rather than just picking up a random destination for outing, the outing should be planned to a place with some historic, cultural or even social significance. The parents can educate the children about the importance of the destination before setting out on the trip. Alternately they can set them the task of finding interesting information about the place in return for some reward. The parents may also plan a small role play of the characters associated with the destination, upon reaching there to enhance the fun of the trip and make it even more educational.

Set Aside A Regular Family Learning Time

Children often love the idea of their parents learning along with them, which is why family learning time can prove extremely beneficial. Organizing subject based quizzes, mental math session and even playing a family game of scrabble can keep the children engaged while also enabling them to progress academically. In addition, watching educational TV programs together or having a reading session planned for all the members of the family can also help in keeping the learning process going through the holidays. Taking the children for a movie outing or even to museums and other such places is also a great way to plan family learning time, full of great fun and enjoyment.

Let the Kids Help with Household Tasks

In addition to academic learning, teaching the children essential personal and household skills is also an important part of the learning process. Most children feel excited about helping their parents with everyday household tasks and holidays are the best time to teach them these skills. From requesting the kids to help with making grocery lists to allowing them to help with cooking in the kitchen, there are several tasks that the parents can ask the kids to handle. Even tasks like dusting the rooms or making an inventory of the various electronic gadgets can prove quite educating. These small tasks will not only enhance the organizational skills of the children but also provide them with additional knowledge and skills that can help them to live a better life.

Don’t Deprive the Kids of Their Holiday Fun

Finally, holidays are after all a time of fun and enjoyment for the kids and depriving them of the same will definitely not help with their learning process. So, the parents should make sure that they give the children enough time to have fun and relax without thinking too much about their learning being hindered. Just letting the kids be is also an effective way to help the kids learn and grow in a natural manner. The games they play, the activities they indulge in and even the screen time they enjoy, are all a part of the natural learning process. The only things that the parents have to take care of are to direct the energy of the kids in positive activities and educate them about the harmful consequences of indulging in destructive actions.

The above guidelines can help ensure that the learning of the children does not take a backseat during the holidays. Rather it will help them have a truly exciting and unique learning experience for enhanced overall growth.