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As soon as their child attains the age to go to preschool, parents have a burning question in mind – Montessori or Traditional method, which is better? Let us delve into analyzing the key differences, so that you can consider both sides before you decide.

Montessori Method

Founded by Maria Montessori, this method found footing in the early 1900s. As one of Italy’s first female doctors, Montessori had developed a propensity for human development and the psychology behind the same. On the basis of her studies on children of various cultural, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds, she propounded a new approach to education.

The running philosophy behind Montessori schools is that learning programs should be child-directed, with an emphasis on active, self-paced, individualized learning. Montessori schools in Gurgaon encourage children to choose activities based on their interests for a stipulated amount of time. The kids are under the continuous supervision of the teachers, wherein they are guided and mentored throughout the process. Children who have studied under the Montessori Method tend to turn out more confident, self-disciplined, and independent.

Traditional or Play-Based Method

Play-based centers revolve around the belief that children prove to be the best learners when they play. Here, playtime tends to be more open-ended, without any set structure, and the classes are more teacher-directed. Children take part in an array of play-based activities, such as pretend plays, with the integration of music and creativity. Children are also encouraged to develop softer skills, such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, and social skills.

Environment in Both Preschools

Both Montessori and play-based schools can provide kid-centric, supportive environments. Typically, Montessori preschools consist of five curriculum areas – language, math, practical life, sensorial, and culture. While play-based schools do not follow a fixed curriculum, their activities can be centered around pre-established themes. Also, Montessori environments are more inclined to be quieter and less stressful than traditional ones, which some children may find too chaotic or high-stimulus. The best preschool in Gurgaon, Mount Olympus School, has an energetic, yet tranquil environment, which will allow your child to play and learn at the same time.


Children who feel stressed or distracted under conventional settings may flourish under the Montessori Method, if allowed to set their own rhythm of activities. Montessori kids develop the quality of self-regulation, which is often treasured more than intelligence in certain academic contexts. On the other hand, in play-based settings, imagination and creativity assume importance, along with the ability to make friends through play. While both modules draw out different qualities in children, the decision should be influenced by the nature and behavior of your child.

Making The Decision

It is crucial to remember that both Montessori and play-based centers help kids prepare for kindergarten, and instill within them, a love for learning. One cannot really decide which is better, as the focus should be more on the quality of education provided, than the module of your preference. Before making a choice, it is important to look into relationships between the teachers and children, and the quality of the same. For some parents, the decision is hinged on practical factors, such as distance, availability, and cost. No matter what you choose, don’t forget to offer support to your child, while keeping in mind their abilities, interests, and disposition.

Looking for the Best Schools in Gurgaon for your kids- Here are the Nifty Tips!

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Providing the best and practically relevant education to their children is often the primary objective of most parents. That is why they invest a lot of time, energy and resources in finding the exceptionally good schools that will provide their children with a sound foundation for life. However, given the countless number of schools operating in Gurgaon, with most of them claiming to provide the finest education, deciding about the right institution to send the child to, is not that easy. In order to help ease the process of finding the best schools in Gurgaon, discussed below are some important factors that parents should consider.

Best Schools in Gurgaon for your kids
Teacher Student Ratio: 
The average number of students that each teacher is responsible for, within a school, is perhaps the most important factor to consider. This is especially true for parents looking for primary schools in Gurgaon, as their wards will need greater personal attention and care for proper learning and growth. Most top schools have a teacher-student ratio of 1:10-15 in their primary classes while it increases gradually going to a maximum of 1:30-35 in senior wings.

General Attitude And Behavior Of Teachers: The general attitude and behaviour of the teachers towards the students also play an important role in the choice of top schools in Gurgaon. Irrespective of the class in which the students are studying, they should feel safe around the teacher and should be able to share any problems or doubts they might be having with the teacher in a free and friendly manner. At the same time, the teacher should be strong enough to inculcate good manners and discipline in the children without threatening them or inducing fear in them.

Focus On Overall Growth And Development: A good public school in Gurgaon, understands the need to ensure the overall growth and development of the students. That is why they implement a curriculum that not only stresses on academic excellence but also enhances the other inherent skills of the children. These schools regularly organise different competitions and events to bring to fore the hidden talents of their students and help them to develop these skills further. The best schools in Gurgaon even employ professional experts from different fields to provide proper training and guidance to the pupils in these fields.   

Availability Of Well Developed Infrastructure: Provision of good infrastructure is an essential qualification for any institute to be tagged as the Gurgaon best school. From ensuring access to clean and hygienic environments to providing the latest educational tools, along with the well-equipped laboratories and libraries are some of the essential infrastructure related parameters. The medical facilities for the students should also be given top priority. In fact, most top schools in Gurgaon set aside a major part of their budget to provide world class infrastructure facilities to their students. This helps in enhancing the learning process and ensuring better student engagement.

Stress On Learning Rather Than Marks: While many schools claim that education of the students is their primary objective, only a handful of the top ranked schools truly implement this philosophy. A good public school in Gurgaon is one that stresses more on the learning of students than on the marks they have obtained. Understanding the difference between these two concepts is what sets a good school apart from the crowd of hundreds of other educational institutions.

Location Of The School: Finally, the location of the school is also an important factor to be considered while ranking it. The majority of the Gurgaon best schools are strategically located to provide easy access to parents and teachers. In addition, they boast of ample breathing space with large open grounds, activity areas for the younger children, ample parking areas and spacious classrooms and even on campus dormitories in the case of schools offering boarding facilities.

Tips For Preparing Your Child For The Gurgaon Nursery Admission Interview

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For a small child, everything is fun and games. Whether it is about eating his or her meals, messing around the house or even attending a funeral party, everything is fun for a child. Kids only know to play and enjoy themselves. It is this innocence of the kids that makes them so special. As parents we wish that our kids could lead their entire life in the same carefree manner, but unfortunately, the tough competition of today’s world, makes it difficult for this fun to last for even the first five years of the child’s life. By the time the kid turns 2 or 3, parents start hunting for a good nursery or preschool for their child. There are very few good preschools in every city and the number of seats available in these preschools is also limited, making the Gurgaon nursery admission process extremely difficult and competitive. If you want your kid to attend the best preschool, like Mount Olympus, you will have to ensure that not only do you perform exceptionally well in the parents’ interview, but even your kid performs good during his or her personal interview.admission in gurgaon school

Preparing a child for the interview to a preschool can be difficult. Till now the child has been only playing around and has only the learnings that he or she picked up by randomly observing things around them. In order to prepare the child for the interview, the parents need to put in a lot of efforts. Below are a few simple, yet helpful, tips that will assist you in preparing your child for the nursery school admission interview:

Include Learning Activities In Daily Routine

Learning cannot be forced upon. If you think you can force your child to sit down and start reading books and learning things from there, you are in for some serious disappointment. Kids learn most from their environment, and while playing, therefore, instead of forcing this learning on to them and making them hate the very idea of going to school, you should try to make this learning fun and enjoyable for them. You can incorporate a special activity regime for the kids. The activities should be such that along with being fun, they also teach a lot of things to the kids. For example, you can create a game where the kid has to bring you stuff which you would describe to him or her and for every correct item, you can regard them. You can thus teach them about various shapes, colors, sizes, etc. through this fun game.

Start Preparing Ahead Of Time

It is important that the child should not feel burdened by the preparations for the admissions interview. The interview and admission dates for all the top schools, like Mount Olympus, are announced well in advance, and as soon as you know these dates, you should immediately start the learning process, so that the entire process can be paced out and the child does not get overwhelmed by the same. Besides this, you can start teaching your child basic things like colors, shapes, etc., even before you start thinking about getting him or her admitted to a preschool. There is no need to wait for the announcement for admission open in Gurgaon school to happen, before you start teaching your child.

Concentrate On Communication Skills And Confidence

The interviews conducted at preschools, during the admission process, for the kids are not designed to judge the intellectual capacity or capabilities of the child, but they try to decipher the communication skills and the level of confidence present in the child. Therefore, while preparing your child for these interviews, the primary focus of the parents should be on inculcating more confidence in their child, so that he or she is able to respond to and freely interact with the teachers and administrative people, who would be conducting the interview. Secondly, the parents should also try to improve the communication skills of the child, like there should be clarity in the speech of the child, he or she should understand what the other person is saying before responding, the child should focus and concentrate on what the other person is saying, etc. With good communication skills and confidence level, your child will definitely clear the interview session in best pre schools in gurgaon.

Better education – Help your child by selecting the right school

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logo2Education begins at a very early age, school comes much later. Children slowly learn the small things and grow their habits. Parents understand their likings and make important decisions about their future. Some kids are naturally creative, while others love building things. Understanding these small behaviors is important, as future decisions depend on it. School comes after a few years and the kid enters a new phase. New challenges, new faces and an amazing learning experience, everything is special here. Some unforgettable memories happen during this phase. Indian parents always want the best for their beloved children and compromises are not in their agenda.

Think well before selecting an institution

A bad decision in this selection process can haunt your child forever. Proper consultation and critical thinking and easily bring an effective solution. Always focus on the learning aspect, grades are secondary. Good schools not only make your child a better student, but they also encourage them to be a good human being. This is significant because character is everything. Learning never stops, it goes on continuously. The right decisions can make the path smoother for the kid, successful careers begin this way. Kids spent a massive chunk of their childhood in schools, it builds them up. This pressure situation must be handled smartly; everyone else is already doing it.

The Changing Educational Landscape In India

Indian Kids face strong competition very early in their childhood. This mindset creates unnecessary pressure on them, which is not needed. The schools have raised the performance bar very high. Parents prepare their children in a special way, so that they get in these schools. This shouldn’t be the primary focus area. Parents should always find a school that stresses on knowledge and character building. Students can pick out their career path much later, schools are meant for learning. Gurgaon totally revolutionized the educational scenario and made quality education important. The top schools in gurgaon have some mind-blowing facilities. They are on a mission to give every child the best experience.

Teachers really matter

The best schools in gurgaon always appoint talented teachers because they are the ones who shape careers. A teacher’s job is not just imparting education; they influence a young mind in many ways. If teachers are not strict, students will never learn discipline. If they are too strict, the children will start hating the system. The perfect balance is needed and that must be achieved every time. Modern teachers develop a child’s thinking ability, they start thinking more rapidly. Thought processes get improved and they transform into responsible citizens. The society needs thinker, not critics. Modern schools have teachers as well as mentors. Children can get help with anything that is bothering them.

The atmosphere is vital

Every good schools in gurgaon has a wonderful atmosphere, which promotes learning. Students can’t be dragged into doing something. The desire should come from their heart. If the atmosphere is likeable, children will happily spend time here. Negative influences can affect them very badly, children are vulnerable. Mount Olympus School takes pride in becoming an agent of change that improved thousands of lives. They have some strict principles and this guides them all the time. This gurgaon best school understands the inclination of students. They are presented with many options and the journey of self-discovery becomes an important one.

Thinking beyond grades, focusing on all-round development

In Mount Olympus, students are nurtured carefully, their stories are written here. The most important thing is passion, it drives individuals forwards. The primary schools in gurgaon must give this assurance to parents. Grades can vary, but development must be consistent. After a point, grades don’t matter anymore. The student’s innovative thinking capacity becomes the important parameter. Academic progress is definitely in their agenda, but it never replaces growth. Learning is not a boring process here, fun methods are used to help children memorize faster. Overall development not only pleases the parents, but it gives satisfaction to the institution.

Final Words

This public school in gurgaon has made a mark in the educational landscape. The knowledge imparted is priceless, the skills are extremely essential. Students discover new things about them and they become self-motivated. Future leaders are being created here, every journey matters.