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The first day of school is always met with extreme anticipation by students and teachers alike. An overwhelming experience for some, it can be confusing for teachers as to how they can prepare themselves for their first day at a preschool in Gurgaon. Teachers, whether new or experienced, in a good playschool in Gurgaon, should work towards making children feel at home while organising the first day in a fruitful manner. Here is a guide for all teachers for organising the first day of kindergarten for the tiny tots you will be spending the most time with.

1. Create Welcoming Environment

When your students enter the classroom for the first time, they should feel a sense of warmth and safety.  You can make the children feel included and connected by creating a bulletin board dedicated to them. Start with their names, and add their pictures, if you can. You can also decorate the classroom with vibrant and interesting elements – Tumblr and Pinterest are great websites to find ideas for the same. At the end of the school year, you can transfer the names and pictures to a memory book.

2. Organise New Student Bags

As you set up your classroom, arrange for a couple of large bags, consisting of a name label, classroom folders, and school schedules. Whenever a new student arrives or a child is consistently late for classes, you can hand them the new supplies so that it will be easier for them to go about their day.

3. Organise Classroom Supplies

You can arrange for classroom supplies when the session starts. Designate an area wherein the students can pick and drop off the supply bags, and make sure to label everything clearly. This can be of immense help as it saves your time sorting through all supplies at the end of the day. For items, such as crayons, glue, pencils, and scissors, you can either ask students to share from one table or hand out an individual supply box to every child. You can label each box in accordance with the student’s name or table number for convenience. Store extra supplies in plastic bags, so that you can refill supplies as and when required.

4. Set Up Classroom Routines

One of the most crucial factors in arranging a smooth day is to set up a class routine. Make sure to lay down the foundational rules so that you can build upon the same. Most children might not be able to read clearly in kindergarten, hence you can use pictures, or moving images to help them understand the schedule. The first week of school is when the academic standards and expectations are set for the rest of the year. Resultantly, you should set the tone by teaching students how they should behave inside the classroom, starting from entering and greeting the teacher and classmates to seating arrangement and  and washroom etiquette.

In the initial weeks, you can help the children practise these routines several times and revisit them accordingly. You can also give your students a tour of the classroom, along with the school, and aid them in getting acquainted with their surroundings. Guide them gently towards the behaviour that is expected of them in certain surroundings. A fun way of doing so is to inculcate the same through songs and rhymes.

5. Maximise Love, Minimise Tears

The first day of school can be scary and alienating for most kids. When children have to stay away from their parents for an extended period of time, they might experience separation anxiety. As parents drop off their child at school and leave, you can expect some kids to burst into tears – this is normal, and it is your duty to comfort them. You can talk to them gently, attempt to make them laugh, give them soft toys to hold on to and engage them in fun activities. Most importantly, don’t forget to make them feel loved: a warm hug goes a long way in establishing trust between you and your kindergarteners. Teach all kids the true value of kindness in order to foster an aura of love and warmth.

Although there are multiple ways in which one can get organised for their first day at school, these methods can help teachers establish a sense of trust and loyalty among their students. Here’s wishing all teachers a wonderful, fun-filled journey with the little ones!

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Here Are The Ways Of Helping Children With Reading Fluency

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Our children resemble a piece of clay, the way you mould, they get mould. The children learn reading in the same manner as they learn to speak, i.e. by observing and practicing in the same fashion.

So, do you know what is reading fluency?

Reading fluency is nothing but the ability to read the words in the accurate and rapid manner. The reading should be in such a manner that it appears to be effortless and with all the expressions. Once the reading fluency is built, no amount of time is spent on decoding the words. The children who are not a fluent reader often hesitate and struggle to decode and sound out the words. Thus, most of their energy is spent in the identification of the words and less mental strength is left to focus on the comprehension. Thus, they literally have no idea what they have read a minute back.

Thus, stringing together the bunch of words is not reading, but reading is speaking loud the words with understanding and accurateness.

The prime question that must be hitting your mind now is, how you can help your child develop reading fluency?

We tell you the ways and means you can adopt to effortlessly develop reading fluency in your child. Have a look:

1. Encourage Your Child To Memorize

When setting out the journey towards reading fluency, make your child memorize short stories, chants and poems. The children who tend to memorize the things feel like fluent readers which in turn aids in their continued reading. The memorized phrases being a familiar thing for the child, he/she can easily add expressions to it which makes the reading looks rhythmic and enjoyable.

2. Read Aloud

Children observe more. Thus, reading aloud in front of them with full expressions and rhythm can give them an idea how actually reading is done. This way the child can get an understanding of the intonation and expressions and thus can easily pick up.

3. Echo Reading

Echo reading is one of the techniques of reading fluency followed in the Gurgaon best schools. Under this technique, the teacher first reads aloud a passage and then the children are required to read aloud the same by copying the way in which the teacher read. This way, children already know how they need to read a particular thing and are just required to read.

4. Stopwatch Reading

Speed is one of the major aspects of reading fluency. To set out the speed quotient in your child’s reading, make your child read a given passage in a set time limit. You can set a stopwatch and make your child read for say, a minute with as few errors as possible. While the child reads, notice the breakpoints of your child or the points where he/she committed errors. Then, all you need to do is to focus on these areas of improvement.

5. Repeated Reading

With repeated reading, the children can recognize the high-frequency words which in turn will strengthen the reading fluency. To ensure this, the children should re-read the short passages aloud. To start with choose a small paragraph or a poem and read and reread it. While reading, take a tab of behaviours such as phrasing, the rate of speed and intonation.

6. Develop A Reading Area

To develop reading fluency, it is of great importance to make the kid feel comfortable with reading. To get the comfort area for the child, it is important to make him/her read his/her own set of books. This will not help in technical aspects of reading fluency, but it will help in developing the habit of reading and a sense of appreciation towards reading.

7. Word Recognition Chart

To make reading fluency a fun-filled exercise, create a word recognition chart. For instance, place four rows and put five to six words in it and ask the child to read the row of words in one go one after the other. Provide the assistance to the child when required and make him/her read until the child starts sounding them correct. You can reverse the order of the cards and practice the same in order to ensure that the child is reading the words and not just reciting the order.

8. Marked Reading

Select one passage and ask your little one to read the same and at the same time, you silently observe the child. You will notice that the child has done mistakes in terms of pronunciation or skipping the words. Mark such mistakes and ask the child to practice these mistakes until the time he/she gets it correct. You can do this exercise at the time of stopwatch reading or while the child reads the passage aloud.

The bottom line that emerges is that fluency in reading cannot be developed overnight. It is gradually and substantially that the children adapt themselves to reading fluency. Thus, the parents along with the teachers in the Gurgaon top schools are required to guide the child towards increasing the reading fluency.

Start It Well, Start in Time. Your Ideal Primary School Checklist.

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The one riddle that is keeping you restless these days is choosing the ideal primary school of Gurgaon for your little bundle of joy. Although he/she has still not attained the eligible age to initiate the innings in the Gurgaon top school, still you are anxious about how, where, when and why to go.

We understand your position because as a Parent, you want your child to have best of the things, and the primary school in Gurgaon is topping the chart. It is always better to start it early when it comes to assessing and selecting the Gurgaon top schools, keeping in mind the fact that there are a plethora of such schools in the vicinity.

To keep the worries off you, we give you the ideal primary school checklist. You can rate each of the top schools of Gurgaon on these parameters and then what you will decide upon will surely be the best for the needs and requirements of your kid and will play a great role in designing the future of the kid. Here is the essential checklist:

1. Brand of the school

A few years back, the brand of the school was the only thing which parents used to consider while getting their child admitted to any of the primary school of Gurgaon. But, over the time, many new primary schools brands have emerged who are new to the vicinity, but the quality of education, teaching methodology, safety, student-teacher interaction and infrastructure that they provide can even beat the established brands. Hence, it is better to evaluate the school rather than just going by the brand.

2. Location and distance

These days, mostly both the Parents are working, which makes the factor of location as well as distance an important consideration before selecting any of the top schools of Gurgaon. The distance is an important factor because travelling long distances from home to school can make the child really tired, leaving no energy to pay attention in the school activities.

Since the kid is at a tender age, at any moment, he/she can need his/her Parents, so the distance between your home or workplace and the school should not be more than 6 km. If you remain at a reachable distance, you can easily arrive at the school in case of exigency. So, the location of the school and the distance of the school from your workplace and home is of great importance.

3. Food

Mostly the primary school in Gurgaon provides meals to the kids as per a pre-decided menu for each day with alterations being made in accordance with the festivities that come up. When you visit the school, make sure to have a look at the menu in terms of what meals they are providing and how they are altering between the menus. You can even taste the food in order to check the quality of the food.

4. Teaching methodology

The methodology adopted for making the concepts clear in the minds of the children and the in-depth knowledge of the teacher about the fundamental concepts must be ascertained before selecting the primary schools because this is one of the crucial factors which can determine the future of the kid.

Imbibing Values In Students – Are The Top Schools In Gurgaon Fulfilling Their Responsibility?

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Modern day schooling, even at the level of primary schools in Gurgaon has undergone a major change, especially due to the changing educational needs of the students as well as the growing expectations of the parents. Today schools are not only expected to provide the best academic knowledge and training to the students but also pay attention to their physical, emotional and creative growth and development. Most top schools in Gurgaon use a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that they are able to meet these challenging education needs in the most satisfactory manner. This is evident from the fact that these schools give the same importance to excellence in the fields of creative arts and sports as they give to academic excellence.

MountOlympus : Top Schools in Gurgaon

Something Still A Miss: There is no doubt that the best schools in Gurgaon are making every effort to ensure the most comprehensive overall education of their students. Despite that, the new generations of youngsters emerging from these esteemed educational institutions seem to be lacking one critical aspect that can turn them into responsible grown-ups. This one aspect is the awareness of social and cultural values amongst the students which can help in refining their personality and add greater value to their overall education. Imbibing these values, such as honesty, integrity, patriotism, and compassion for fellow human being is given credible attention by the primary schools in Gurgaon. However, as the academic level of the student rises, the teaching of these values somehow takes a back seat.

Shifting The Blame: When it comes to justifying the lack of attention given to teaching social and cultural values to the students, almost every Gurgaon best school tries to shift the blame on various factors. The most common of these factors are discussed in brief as follows.

Lack Of Time: One of the most common reasons cited by the Gurgaon top schools for their inability to focus of imbibing social and cultural values in children, is the lack of time. Most schools argue that they hardly have enough time to provide quality academic education to the children. This situation is further complicated by the expectation of parents to nurture other skills and talents of their kids. Under such circumstances finding enough time to making the students aware and responsible about the various social and cultural values becomes almost negligible.

Put Greater Stress On Students: The teachers and management in most top schools of Gurgaon feel that teaching social and cultural values to the students would only add to their educational burden. They are of the opinion that the children are already reeling under the pressure of great competition even at school level exams and adding one more subject will only enhance their stress. What the schools fail to realize is that teaching of social and cultural values does not necessarily have to be an independent subject, but rather can be integrated into everyday teaching and existing subjects quite easily.

Students Can Learn Them Even After School Age: This is perhaps the biggest misconception associated with social and cultural value education. A majority of top schools in Gurgaon feel that since these values form an intrinsic part of our everyday life, the students will gradually learn them even after passing out from the educational institution. However, they tend to overlook the fact that it is mostly the things learnt in school that shapes the future and personality of the students. Hence, if the social and cultural values are not a part of their the school education, the students find it quite difficult to not only learn them at a later stage in life but also face difficulties in accepting them as a part of their life.

Parents Are More Responsible: When it comes to teaching social and cultural values, a Gurgaon top schools are most likely to transfer the responsibility to the parents. While it is an accepted truth that parents play an extremely important role in educating the children in this respect, the schools are equally important. This is because the parents can just inculcate specific cultural and social values in the children, while the schools can do so on a global & local level. The latter is, in fact, more important for turning the children into moral citizens of India who can represent the country at an international level.

Things to keep in mind while sending your child to preschool

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Once your ordeal with identifying the right preschool institution for your child is over, you might feel that you have won the battle. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning and you are yet to go a long way in ensuring that your child gets the best education in the best school and a safe environment. In fact, if you think deeply, you will realize that this not just your struggle to gift your kids with a better future, it’s also your struggle to become the best parents and role models for your little ones who always looking up to you for advice and suggestions and this path to becoming the best parent starts with admission to nursery school. Gurgaon has a number of highly recommended and reputed lines of preschools and getting admission in nursery Gurgaon is just the stepping stone to taking your child towards a secure and bright future.

Best Pre School in Gurgaon
Once you have found the best preschool in Gurgaon like Mount Olympus School Gurgaon, You have to be very careful about what your child is learning and with whom they are mixing in school. The learning technique is another essential factor that you need to look out for. Most preschools make a lot of promises during admission but the real picture surfaces once your child gets admission and starts going to school. The best way to stay updated about your child’s progress and assessing the school’s teaching procedures is to be in regular touch with the class teacher who can update you constantly about how your little one is performing in class and whether they can grasp the lessons taught in class.

Things get better if the school authorities allow the parents to be present in some classes to witness the methods in which the kids are being taught and how they respond. This is something only a very transparent school with honest teaching practices will adhere to. If your school doesn’t allow you to be a particular of their teaching procedures, then you might start looking for a fresh preschool admission in Gurgaon for your ward. The modern teaching domain has made such huge advancements that the traditional methods can barely survive but the primary problem lies in the fact that most schools have persistently continued to adhere to the older techniques and they don’t want to change course.

Another very important thing that you must watch out for is the way the preschools are preparing your kids for the primary school admission. Be it primary schools of Gurgaon or anywhere in India, the base of the students have to be prepared by the preschools and in this regard, they have a lot of responsibility to handle. This is where their teaching techniques make all the difference. You also have to see if your child is learning to interact in English properly or not because this is one of the qualities that majority primary schools will invariably test during interviews. So if your child is speaking bad English then you have a reason to look for a new preschool.

Though during admission in top schools of Gurgaon you will surely check out the safety and security arrangements, however, it is equally important to keep track of the behavior of the nannies during the school hours and also during the closing hours when they are handing over the child to you. If they are not careful enough while letting put kids and end up letting out kids whose parents have not yet arrived its enough reason for you to complain and if the school authorities don’t take any action against the nanny then you always have better options to look to.

Teaching good manners and preparing students for primary schools is another important element that every preschool has to fulfill and if your child is not learning them sufficiently then you must look out for the hints and confront the class teacher to know about your child’s poor performance. In most cases, there teacher will try to put the blame on the child especially if they are not trained enough to reach these basics to children but you have to remember that your child is probably just 2 or 3 years old and he or she will learn what they will see.