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Enhanced Safety & Security measures at Mount Olympus

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On account of various unfortunate instances that took place last month in Delhi/NCR especially Gurgaon have undoubtedly shaken the faith of both parent fraternity and educationists. On this note, one of the best schools in Gurgaon, Mount Olympus School, has taken a step forward with a great sense of assurance and responsibility to ensure safety and security of students. The school has also been regarded as one of the school with the highest security standards in Gurgaon.

Keeping this situation in mind, Mount Olympus School has taken steps towards the safety and security of students. Separate washrooms have been built outside the school to be used by Class IV employees and they are strictly banned from entering or using the washrooms inside the school building. Also, both boys’ and girls’ washrooms are being manned by the female attendants till second grade. A permanent male attendant is placed in the senior boys’ washroom and female attendant in the girls’ washroom.

Another important addition towards the safety of the students, that the school has always kept as a priority is that police verification has been made mandatory for the entire class IV employees. Understanding the need of safety and security of students, staff, and visitors, the authorities of the Mount Olympus School have decided that no drivers, bus helpers or cleaners will be permitted inside the school campus. Their entry is restricted to the guard room only. Installation of cameras within the school compound including classrooms, activity rooms, washrooms(entrance area), corridors, playground, driveways and all the vantage points is yet another step that the Mount Olympus School has taken to improvise the measures taken towards the safety of the students.

At, Mount Olympus School, each child is treated with utmost care and adding to this, the school has also appointed lady guards who are posted on the floor so as to monitor the movement of any unto do activities. Regular meeting sessions and discussions with the students and teachers are also being organized so as to ascertain that positive life skills are being imparted to students.

The school understands the concern of each and every parent in regard to their child’s security. It aims to empower students in each and every way it can.The school authorities ensure that in each bus there is a school teacher, a lady attendant, a driver and a helper apart from installing CCTV cameras. Other than this, in each and every classroom till class third, there are two teachers and a nanny who escorts the children each time they leave the classrooms. At no point, the students are left alone. The school staff takes utmost care of the students and helps each child to grow in a safe yet innovative environment.

For outsiders and visitors, Mount Olympus School issues the visitor’s card only after the verification of their identity and guiding them to the respective offices and then escorting them back. Other than ensuring security and cleanliness, the school authorities have an audit team comprising of representatives from students, parents, teachers and administrative staff which meet on monthly basis to discuss the safety & security measures at Mount Olympus School.

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