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Enrolling Kids in A Preschool – Getting Familiar with Indications That Denote the Right Time

Becoming a parent is one of the most heavenly feelings that an individual can experience. However, being a parent also involves shouldering the responsibility of bringing up and nurturing the child in a proper manner. Ensuring the right education and learning of the child is perhaps one of the biggest responsibilities that parents have to bear. With most modern parents being aware of the importance of quality education in the growth and development of their child, it is not surprising that they spend a considerable amount of time and effort in planning for this aspect. The process starts with the parents making their best efforts to ensure best preschool admission in Gurgaon for their kids.

extracurricular activities by students @ mount olympus schoolSignificance of Preschool Education

In the highly competitive modern times, pre-school education helps in laying the right foundation for the kids to excel in their primary and high school education. In addition, it helps in establishing a strong base for social and moral values as well as other important life skills that can prove extremely beneficial for the kids in the later years of life. Most importantly, the kind of preschool education attained by kids can affect their Gurgaon nursery admission process quite significantly. That is why it is not surprising for most would-be-parents to seek out the complete details about the admission process and formalities for best pre-schools in the suburb. However, apart from the quality and goodwill of the preschool, it is also important for the parents to consider whether or not their child is actually ready to be enrolled in a modern school in Gurgaon with best pre-school facilities.

Indications about the Child Being Ready

It is a common trend amongst modern parents to put up the name of their kid for pre-school admission in Gurgaon at a time they consider appropriate. Consequently, there is no set age limit for preschool enrollment, as is mostly the rule for gaining admission in the top-ranked primary schools of Gurgaon. While some parents might consider it appropriate to enrol their kids in the best preschool just at the age of 1.5 years, others might wait a little longer. Sadly most parents tend to ignore the other factors that indicate the most opportune time to get their child enrolled in a pre-school. The most important of these indicators are discussed in brief as follows.

  • Ability to Interact: Enrolling a child in preschool means that the kid needs to spend more than a couple of hours away from the company of his/her parents. As such, it is important for the child to have some basic sense of interaction, even if it is done in a non-verbal This is essential for the children to be able to effectively communicate their needs to the child care staff at the pre-school. Despite the personal interaction carried out by the parents with the teachers and helpers at the time of preschool admission in Gurgaon, it is ultimately the kid, who needs to interact with them on a daily basis. The ability to interact in a child-friendly manner is also essential to help the child attain the specific learning objectives at the pre-school.
  • Level of Curiosity: As babies grow into toddlers, they tend to become increasingly inquisitive about their surroundings. While during the initial stages, parents are able to satisfy the curiosity of their kids with simple answers and explanations, they may not be able to do so for very long. When such a stage is reached where parents find themselves being questioned about almost everything by their toddlers, they can take it as an indication of the right time for enrolling them at good primary schools of Gurgaon also offering the pre-school
  • Increased Independence and Understanding: The best time for pre-school admission in best primary school such as MountOlympus School Gurgaon for any kid is when he/she starts showing signs of independent behaviour and better understanding. As the grasping power and memory of the toddlers improve, they are likely to retain the things being taught to them in a better manner. An improvement in their motor skills helps the children perform the various activities being taught at the school in an independent manner. This can further improve their rate of progress and confidence level.

Enrolling a child in a pre-school is an important step and hence needs to be taken at the most opportune time for getting the best benefits.

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