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Homework Tips that will Work for You & Your Child

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Children tend to do a lot better in the schools when the parents take an active participation and interest in their homework. It helps in making the kids believe that whatever they are doing is important. Undoubtedly, aiding with the homework should not mean giving a lot of hours hunched on the desk.

If you are a parent, you can support the child by demonstrating organizational and studying skills. Explain them the tricky problems and encourage them to take breaks in between. You never know even you’ll end up learning new things every time you sit with your child. You cannot always play a cop with your children as far as their homework is concerned. Nagging and micromanaging makes them more frustrated and stupid.

The only better solution to this is that you start thinking of yourself as a cheerleader and a coach. Apply smarter strategies. Get along with their teachers and work it out. Share tips with them. This is sure to guarantee bringing harmony in the homework routing, no matter your kid is studying in kindergarten or is a 5th grader. It can help your whiner and a procrastinator child in becoming more active and interested in doing the homework.

Given below are a few homework tips to aid in getting the homework done by the child in a much easier manner:

  1. Early check of what is needed to be done i.e. Responsibility & Accountability – Regardless of the age and the school where the child goes, you must immediately need to fix your kid’s personal accountability for assignments and homework.
  2. Prioritize the work – It is important to teach them prioritization. Kids are gradually given more homework as they progress through the grades and you can intervene and teach them how they can prioritize their assignments.
  3. Teach the child to time the homework – For young children, you may require a homework calendar which you and your child can easily see and access. Children can use the timer to check how long it takes them to complete their homework.
  4. Avoid distractions and create an ideal environment – In order to ensure that your child gets fully involved into the work he is doing, you need to create boundaries. Since the routine of the homework is undoubtedly outlined & consistently enforced, you should at the same time create defined boundaries for your child as well. This may include switching off their cell phones while studying, switching of the TV and the radio etc.
  5. Ensure that the child has all the equipment he/she require – Create a learning environment. For a number of kids, a ‘learning space’ which is specially set aside for homework can let them mentally enter in the school mode when they are studying at home.
  6. Make sure that they have enough time for completing their work – Be a mentor. When a teacher asks you to play a role in homework just do it. In case the homework is supposed to be done alone, keep yourself away. Homework is an amazing way for the kids to develop lifelong learning skills and independence.
  7. Plan Homework at the same time of day on a daily basis – Establishing a routine is the first step in making a positive homework path for the child.
  8. Keep calm – Let them also have freedom when they earn it. If your child is successfully meeting all the outlines, rules and homework expectations, you can let them take some appropriate freedom.
  9. Always be supportive – Be encouraging and supportive – you should most importantly serve your kid as a motivational academic cheerleader.

It is very important that you give your child a well-lit, quiet space, away from the distractions and which has all the right study materials- pens, pencils, paper, desk, dictionary, large table and whatever else he/she may require to be comfortable as well as productive. Just after school, have your child look into his homework to see what materials and textbook he/she will require.

You most certainly cannot do your child’s homework yourself. However, you can make sure that he/she is doing it. Checking in to see if they need help or only to let them know you are around can help in easing their stress.

At last, remember why you are doing all this. You want your child to groom and develop intellect by the time and only studying in town’s best school is not sufficient enough, you have to make your contribution as well. Although it may seem astounding and overpowering at times, other people have come out successful and so can you! Aim on your goals and end date whenever it begins to feel like a lot!

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