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How Schools in Gurgaon are Gearing up to Unconventional and Experiential Learning Method

By 11th September 2017best schools in gurgaon

The nature of education and the current method to teach our students is considered to be obsolete with time. As change is the only constant in this universe, so is the need in the field of education. The age-old education system of our country has not seen any dynamic change since the Macaulay era, which still continues. Some of the best schools in  Gurgaon are making their way in this field. The schools are gearing up for the new innovations in the methods of teaching and knowledge impartment. Some of the best schools in Gurgaon for nursery students have opted for objective based learning. In this new technique, the young buds are allowed to study in open classrooms with play and learn ideology.

How are the schools changing?

Shifting from the classroom methodology to the open air playrooms where the basic lessons are taught with practical exercises. The best preschool in Gurgaon has inculcated the new way of teaching the moral value to students. The most important lessons of our lives are required to be taught at a young age and building a good character is more important than building good academics. Thus preschool children are made to learn these moral values by practical examination and experimentation than reading those famous anecdotes.

Making the classroom more friendly.

As the digitization is progressing with time and young children are becoming more prone to it, the schools are also exploring the domain. The newly designed classrooms are made more audio and video friendly. The installation of web view portals in the schools has enabled a teacher to directly show the relating images and 3-D models of complicated diagrams for better understanding. The installation of projectors and personal computers in the classroom has made presentation development and deliverance by a student, more close to reality.

These changes are aimed to make the disciples more industry friendly and to develop the practical approach from a young age and not limiting themselves to the theoretical knowledge.

Keeping the traditions young.

The installation of new audio visual equipment and open classrooms has not deviated from the idea of books and learning through lectures. The idea of this new change is to revive the method and mode of education for the children but not by scraping off the old system but by rectifying the fallacies of it. Thus the new system has the books and note book approach with the fusion of the new technology.

Making the parents also a part of it.

The idea of changing the education structure is not a unilateral affair but a bilateral approach is added by making the parents also a part of it. A few days back, the best play school in Gurgaon, organized a car free day to teach the children the effects of pollution. The parents for this activity was asked to be a part of it by presenting a live example for their children and taking up public transport to reach the school. This practical activity added a sense of responsibility in the parents towards their wards and also led to the development of a strong bond between the child and his/her environment.

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