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How to Help your kid to have a Successful year at School?

The best schools not only provide a high-quality curriculum but also look out for the overall development of the child.  Top Schools in Gurgaon like Mount Olympus believes that a child can grow in all fields with the combined effort of the school and parents. Parent involvement adds an extra support pillar for the child. Studies have shown that parental involvement leads to a positive attitude, higher self-esteem, discipline and improved behaviour in a child. About two third of teachers are supportive of parents’ participation in education for that has always lead to better grades and better overall performance. As parents, you can work for a successful year at school for your child.

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Here are some ways to ensure that:

  • Homework + Free Time: As adults, most people create a schedule for their days in order to balance the scales between work, friends, home, exercise, etc. Children, however, can’t do this by themselves. The balance between work and play is one of the most crucial things a parent can take care of. Over-programming a child with work only dulls a happy brain. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, remember? A healthy mind requires a change of environment and diversity in activities. Keep a check on your child and give advice about when which of the two should be prioritised.
  • Communication: Communicate with your child’s teacher. The school should be aware of your concerns regarding your child. Getting involved with the school gives you an insight into how your child is performing and what he might be going through. Communicate to the teachers, your expectations for your child. The best schools in Gurgaon like Mount Olympus want the parents to remain in a loop and they are appreciative of valuable input from them because, eventually, the objective is to provide for a successful school year at school.
  • Consistent Routine: A proper routine is essential because it instils a sense of responsibility and discipline in your child. Children might not be able to handle spontaneity. Thus, if they know what to expect, they will deliver better results. Ultimately, progress at school will be steady contributing to a successful year at large.
  • Safety: Schools in Gurgaon ensure the safety of your child by committing to a safe environment. As a parent, ask your child to report to teachers and counsellors anything that might stress them. A mentally healthy child will easily get through the school year, thus, it is a top priority. Inform your child about bullying and explain to them that such behaviour is unacceptable. No child should be a bully or be bullied.
  • Talk: This is the most important point of all. Talk to your child. Not just about the day at school, but about anything that they might have a problem with. Encourage them to speak about what they are thinking and feeling. This will improve your bond with them and also renew their confidence in you and themselves. Listen carefully and respond honestly, a child will value that forever. A successful year at school is possible when a child can get their mind off anything that might be a hurdle in their academic and extracurricular development.

Parenting is a tough task, we all agree. But at the end of the day, all parents want is their child to be healthy, happy and successful. Keep these points in check and you will succeed too.

Choose the Best School in Gurgaon to ease your process. Schools like Mount Olympus are very particular about providing your child with an environment where he/she can grow to his/her full potential. Thus, there is no stopping them from having successful years at school and becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

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