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Imbibing Values In Students – Are The Top Schools In Gurgaon Fulfilling Their Responsibility?

Modern day schooling, even at the level of primary schools in Gurgaon has undergone a major change, especially due to the changing educational needs of the students as well as the growing expectations of the parents. Today schools are not only expected to provide the best academic knowledge and training to the students but also pay attention to their physical, emotional and creative growth and development. Most top schools in Gurgaon use a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that they are able to meet these challenging education needs in the most satisfactory manner. This is evident from the fact that these schools give the same importance to excellence in the fields of creative arts and sports as they give to academic excellence.

MountOlympus : Top Schools in Gurgaon

Something Still A Miss: There is no doubt that the best schools in Gurgaon are making every effort to ensure the most comprehensive overall education of their students. Despite that, the new generations of youngsters emerging from these esteemed educational institutions seem to be lacking one critical aspect that can turn them into responsible grown-ups. This one aspect is the awareness of social and cultural values amongst the students which can help in refining their personality and add greater value to their overall education. Imbibing these values, such as honesty, integrity, patriotism, and compassion for fellow human being is given credible attention by the primary schools in Gurgaon. However, as the academic level of the student rises, the teaching of these values somehow takes a back seat.

Shifting The Blame: When it comes to justifying the lack of attention given to teaching social and cultural values to the students, almost every Gurgaon best school tries to shift the blame on various factors. The most common of these factors are discussed in brief as follows.

Lack Of Time: One of the most common reasons cited by the Gurgaon top schools for their inability to focus of imbibing social and cultural values in children, is the lack of time. Most schools argue that they hardly have enough time to provide quality academic education to the children. This situation is further complicated by the expectation of parents to nurture other skills and talents of their kids. Under such circumstances finding enough time to making the students aware and responsible about the various social and cultural values becomes almost negligible.

Put Greater Stress On Students: The teachers and management in most top schools of Gurgaon feel that teaching social and cultural values to the students would only add to their educational burden. They are of the opinion that the children are already reeling under the pressure of great competition even at school level exams and adding one more subject will only enhance their stress. What the schools fail to realize is that teaching of social and cultural values does not necessarily have to be an independent subject, but rather can be integrated into everyday teaching and existing subjects quite easily.

Students Can Learn Them Even After School Age: This is perhaps the biggest misconception associated with social and cultural value education. A majority of top schools in Gurgaon feel that since these values form an intrinsic part of our everyday life, the students will gradually learn them even after passing out from the educational institution. However, they tend to overlook the fact that it is mostly the things learnt in school that shapes the future and personality of the students. Hence, if the social and cultural values are not a part of their the school education, the students find it quite difficult to not only learn them at a later stage in life but also face difficulties in accepting them as a part of their life.

Parents Are More Responsible: When it comes to teaching social and cultural values, a Gurgaon top schools are most likely to transfer the responsibility to the parents. While it is an accepted truth that parents play an extremely important role in educating the children in this respect, the schools are equally important. This is because the parents can just inculcate specific cultural and social values in the children, while the schools can do so on a global & local level. The latter is, in fact, more important for turning the children into moral citizens of India who can represent the country at an international level.

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