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Keeping The Children Engaged To Help Them Learn Even During Holidays

With the holidays just about to start, most parents and teachers find themselves struggling to make their wards focus on following a normal learning routine. As the excitement of the approaching holidays amongst the kids escalate, so does the noise level and the disobedience of the kids and even the most patient parents find their resolve being tested. Worse still, the holidays themselves tend to reduce the academic productivity of the children quite significantly.

In many cases, the children actually end up spending weeks without learning which often results in a rather rough re-entry into academic routine at the end of the holidays. To counter this problem the experts from the best schools in Gurgaon, suggest both teachers and parents to adapt the following measures that will keep the children engaged while also enabling them to learn during the holidays.

Connect Learning with the Holiday Spirit

A major mistake made by parents is to try and suppress the excitement of holidays that the kids feel and force them into academic learning. This method often backfires with the children growing even more resentful towards studies. The better option is to establish some sort of connection that integrates the learning process with the excitement of enjoying a holiday. This could mean organizing theme costume parties for the kids, with each kid required to explain the reason for choosing to dress up like a specific character. It could even mean going out on field trips and asking the kids to write about the landscape, plants, animals or even insects that they spotted.

Turn an Outing into a Learning Opportunity

It is not uncommon for families to go for outings with their children during the holidays. These outings can be turned into a fun learning experience for the kids. Rather than just picking up a random destination for outing, the outing should be planned to a place with some historic, cultural or even social significance. The parents can educate the children about the importance of the destination before setting out on the trip. Alternately they can set them the task of finding interesting information about the place in return for some reward. The parents may also plan a small role play of the characters associated with the destination, upon reaching there to enhance the fun of the trip and make it even more educational.

Set Aside A Regular Family Learning Time

Children often love the idea of their parents learning along with them, which is why family learning time can prove extremely beneficial. Organizing subject based quizzes, mental math session and even playing a family game of scrabble can keep the children engaged while also enabling them to progress academically. In addition, watching educational TV programs together or having a reading session planned for all the members of the family can also help in keeping the learning process going through the holidays. Taking the children for a movie outing or even to museums and other such places is also a great way to plan family learning time, full of great fun and enjoyment.

Let the Kids Help with Household Tasks

In addition to academic learning, teaching the children essential personal and household skills is also an important part of the learning process. Most children feel excited about helping their parents with everyday household tasks and holidays are the best time to teach them these skills. From requesting the kids to help with making grocery lists to allowing them to help with cooking in the kitchen, there are several tasks that the parents can ask the kids to handle. Even tasks like dusting the rooms or making an inventory of the various electronic gadgets can prove quite educating. These small tasks will not only enhance the organizational skills of the children but also provide them with additional knowledge and skills that can help them to live a better life.

Don’t Deprive the Kids of Their Holiday Fun

Finally, holidays are after all a time of fun and enjoyment for the kids and depriving them of the same will definitely not help with their learning process. So, the parents should make sure that they give the children enough time to have fun and relax without thinking too much about their learning being hindered. Just letting the kids be is also an effective way to help the kids learn and grow in a natural manner. The games they play, the activities they indulge in and even the screen time they enjoy, are all a part of the natural learning process. The only things that the parents have to take care of are to direct the energy of the kids in positive activities and educate them about the harmful consequences of indulging in destructive actions.

The above guidelines can help ensure that the learning of the children does not take a backseat during the holidays. Rather it will help them have a truly exciting and unique learning experience for enhanced overall growth.

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