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Looking for the Best Schools in Gurgaon for your kids- Here are the Nifty Tips!

Providing the best and practically relevant education to their children is often the primary objective of most parents. That is why they invest a lot of time, energy and resources in finding the exceptionally good schools that will provide their children with a sound foundation for life. However, given the countless number of schools operating in Gurgaon, with most of them claiming to provide the finest education, deciding about the right institution to send the child to, is not that easy. In order to help ease the process of finding the best schools in Gurgaon, discussed below are some important factors that parents should consider.

Best Schools in Gurgaon for your kids
Teacher Student Ratio: 
The average number of students that each teacher is responsible for, within a school, is perhaps the most important factor to consider. This is especially true for parents looking for primary schools in Gurgaon, as their wards will need greater personal attention and care for proper learning and growth. Most top schools have a teacher-student ratio of 1:10-15 in their primary classes while it increases gradually going to a maximum of 1:30-35 in senior wings.

General Attitude And Behavior Of Teachers: The general attitude and behaviour of the teachers towards the students also play an important role in the choice of top schools in Gurgaon. Irrespective of the class in which the students are studying, they should feel safe around the teacher and should be able to share any problems or doubts they might be having with the teacher in a free and friendly manner. At the same time, the teacher should be strong enough to inculcate good manners and discipline in the children without threatening them or inducing fear in them.

Focus On Overall Growth And Development: A good public school in Gurgaon, understands the need to ensure the overall growth and development of the students. That is why they implement a curriculum that not only stresses on academic excellence but also enhances the other inherent skills of the children. These schools regularly organise different competitions and events to bring to fore the hidden talents of their students and help them to develop these skills further. The best schools in Gurgaon even employ professional experts from different fields to provide proper training and guidance to the pupils in these fields.   

Availability Of Well Developed Infrastructure: Provision of good infrastructure is an essential qualification for any institute to be tagged as the Gurgaon best school. From ensuring access to clean and hygienic environments to providing the latest educational tools, along with the well-equipped laboratories and libraries are some of the essential infrastructure related parameters. The medical facilities for the students should also be given top priority. In fact, most top schools in Gurgaon set aside a major part of their budget to provide world class infrastructure facilities to their students. This helps in enhancing the learning process and ensuring better student engagement.

Stress On Learning Rather Than Marks: While many schools claim that education of the students is their primary objective, only a handful of the top ranked schools truly implement this philosophy. A good public school in Gurgaon is one that stresses more on the learning of students than on the marks they have obtained. Understanding the difference between these two concepts is what sets a good school apart from the crowd of hundreds of other educational institutions.

Location Of The School: Finally, the location of the school is also an important factor to be considered while ranking it. The majority of the Gurgaon best schools are strategically located to provide easy access to parents and teachers. In addition, they boast of ample breathing space with large open grounds, activity areas for the younger children, ample parking areas and spacious classrooms and even on campus dormitories in the case of schools offering boarding facilities.

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