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By 18th December 2018Gurgaon Top Schools
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The first day of school is always met with extreme anticipation by students and teachers alike. An overwhelming experience for some, it can be confusing for teachers as to how they can prepare themselves for their first day at a preschool in Gurgaon. Teachers, whether new or experienced, in a good playschool in Gurgaon, should work towards making children feel at home while organising the first day in a fruitful manner. Here is a guide for all teachers for organising the first day of kindergarten for the tiny tots you will be spending the most time with.

1. Create Welcoming Environment

When your students enter the classroom for the first time, they should feel a sense of warmth and safety.  You can make the children feel included and connected by creating a bulletin board dedicated to them. Start with their names, and add their pictures, if you can. You can also decorate the classroom with vibrant and interesting elements – Tumblr and Pinterest are great websites to find ideas for the same. At the end of the school year, you can transfer the names and pictures to a memory book.

2. Organise New Student Bags

As you set up your classroom, arrange for a couple of large bags, consisting of a name label, classroom folders, and school schedules. Whenever a new student arrives or a child is consistently late for classes, you can hand them the new supplies so that it will be easier for them to go about their day.

3. Organise Classroom Supplies

You can arrange for classroom supplies when the session starts. Designate an area wherein the students can pick and drop off the supply bags, and make sure to label everything clearly. This can be of immense help as it saves your time sorting through all supplies at the end of the day. For items, such as crayons, glue, pencils, and scissors, you can either ask students to share from one table or hand out an individual supply box to every child. You can label each box in accordance with the student’s name or table number for convenience. Store extra supplies in plastic bags, so that you can refill supplies as and when required.

4. Set Up Classroom Routines

One of the most crucial factors in arranging a smooth day is to set up a class routine. Make sure to lay down the foundational rules so that you can build upon the same. Most children might not be able to read clearly in kindergarten, hence you can use pictures, or moving images to help them understand the schedule. The first week of school is when the academic standards and expectations are set for the rest of the year. Resultantly, you should set the tone by teaching students how they should behave inside the classroom, starting from entering and greeting the teacher and classmates to seating arrangement and  and washroom etiquette.

In the initial weeks, you can help the children practise these routines several times and revisit them accordingly. You can also give your students a tour of the classroom, along with the school, and aid them in getting acquainted with their surroundings. Guide them gently towards the behaviour that is expected of them in certain surroundings. A fun way of doing so is to inculcate the same through songs and rhymes.

5. Maximise Love, Minimise Tears

The first day of school can be scary and alienating for most kids. When children have to stay away from their parents for an extended period of time, they might experience separation anxiety. As parents drop off their child at school and leave, you can expect some kids to burst into tears – this is normal, and it is your duty to comfort them. You can talk to them gently, attempt to make them laugh, give them soft toys to hold on to and engage them in fun activities. Most importantly, don’t forget to make them feel loved: a warm hug goes a long way in establishing trust between you and your kindergarteners. Teach all kids the true value of kindness in order to foster an aura of love and warmth.

Although there are multiple ways in which one can get organised for their first day at school, these methods can help teachers establish a sense of trust and loyalty among their students. Here’s wishing all teachers a wonderful, fun-filled journey with the little ones!

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