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Preparing Your Kid to Take the First Step to School. Expectation Setting and Familiarity is The Key

“This is a small step for a man but a giant leap for the mankind”. These words from Neil Armstrong reminds us of the sheer excellence and brilliance of the humankind which when combined together can do any non-doable task. These lines are also true for your tiny toddlers who are taking their small steps for their schools but in distant reality will be a giant leap for everyone. Education is the spirit require to drive anything. With education, humans beings become easy to govern but impossible to enslave. Thus education is of paramount importance for our kids. The school admission process in Gurgaon has started and being a responsible parent, let us see what are things you have to take care of and get your kid acquainted with.

The preschool admission in Gurgaon is a tedious affair for the parents. It is a one-time investment in the long run but at the initial stage, some of the pains are to be taken by the parents. When initiated properly these steps will help to build up the right level of understanding in the child. These things cannot be infused in any kid in a single day but it takes days of labour and continuous evolution process to nurture the correct moral and human values.

Talk to your child

Once the admission in Gurgaon school is accomplished, your half of the way is up. The next big step is to prepare your child for the first day of school. It is a very nervous feeling where the child easily gets perturbed on seeing the new ambience of the vicinity. The child is accustomed to the environment of the home where the love and affection of the mother and father were always present with him/her. On the first day of school, the child is open to a new atmosphere where he/she will see new faces and meet new children to whom he/she has never seen. These things at a young tender age may make him/her feel vulnerable so, as a parent, it is the duty of yours to prepare him/her. Talking with the about the first day of your school may make his/her nervousness shrink and telling them about the peculiar and comic incidents of your school days will take out the fear from their hearts.

Visit the school premises

The best thing about Gurgaon school admissions is that they inculcate both the guardian and their wards in the process of admission. A visit to the school premises with your child helps both of you(parents) to understand the environment and vicinity of his/her future classroom. He/she will not be petrified on the first day of his/her school when left alone. Also, a visit to the school will boost the parent child relationship and help the child to know about the new faces of the various teachers and the principal. The parent also gets the idea about the school programs and different activities which occur in the school to provide for an all-round development of the child.

First day of the school

When the big day finally arrives. The first day of the school is a memory which is impregnated in the minds of every individual. Be it the grandfather or the father, a top level bureaucrat, a CEO of a multi national company, the memory of the first day of school is very rare and priceless. When the big day for your ward arrives and he/she returns from the school after accomplishing it, appreciate him/her. Ask him/her about the school, his/her class, the teachers, was he/she able to make new friends or does any new person approached him/her. How was his/her experience and what delighted him/her and what not? These questions may seem to be of petty importance with respect to the age of the child but the inner value of these questions will put him/her at ease and build up the necessary confidence required. It is not necessary that the first day of the school will be as easy as the preschool admissions in Gurgaon. There can be many things which the child may not like or is not happy about it but not talking about these things will only make the situation more miserable.

Help them make friends

Apart from family, extended family, relatives, peers the relationship of friendship holds a peculiar type of emotion associated with it. It is the accompany of a friend that first helps the child to acclimatize to the new surroundings.  Friends help them to overcome the feeling of homesickness and quickly absorb the new atmosphere. Apart from making friends what matters the most is the type of friends he/she chooses. It is the accompany of friends that help in moulding the future character and persona of the child for the outer world. Thus, you should look after your child and help them to make friends. A nice outing our a planned visit to their homes may help them to make the bonds stronger.

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