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Start It Well, Start in Time. Your Ideal Primary School Checklist.

By 18th September 2017Gurgaon Top Schools

The one riddle that is keeping you restless these days is choosing the ideal primary school of Gurgaon for your little bundle of joy. Although he/she has still not attained the eligible age to initiate the innings in the Gurgaon top school, still you are anxious about how, where, when and why to go.

We understand your position because as a Parent, you want your child to have best of the things, and the primary school in Gurgaon is topping the chart. It is always better to start it early when it comes to assessing and selecting the Gurgaon top schools, keeping in mind the fact that there are a plethora of such schools in the vicinity.

To keep the worries off you, we give you the ideal primary school checklist. You can rate each of the top schools of Gurgaon on these parameters and then what you will decide upon will surely be the best for the needs and requirements of your kid and will play a great role in designing the future of the kid. Here is the essential checklist:

1. Brand of the school

A few years back, the brand of the school was the only thing which parents used to consider while getting their child admitted to any of the primary school of Gurgaon. But, over the time, many new primary schools brands have emerged who are new to the vicinity, but the quality of education, teaching methodology, safety, student-teacher interaction and infrastructure that they provide can even beat the established brands. Hence, it is better to evaluate the school rather than just going by the brand.

2. Location and distance

These days, mostly both the Parents are working, which makes the factor of location as well as distance an important consideration before selecting any of the top schools of Gurgaon. The distance is an important factor because travelling long distances from home to school can make the child really tired, leaving no energy to pay attention in the school activities.

Since the kid is at a tender age, at any moment, he/she can need his/her Parents, so the distance between your home or workplace and the school should not be more than 6 km. If you remain at a reachable distance, you can easily arrive at the school in case of exigency. So, the location of the school and the distance of the school from your workplace and home is of great importance.

3. Food

Mostly the primary school in Gurgaon provides meals to the kids as per a pre-decided menu for each day with alterations being made in accordance with the festivities that come up. When you visit the school, make sure to have a look at the menu in terms of what meals they are providing and how they are altering between the menus. You can even taste the food in order to check the quality of the food.

4. Teaching methodology

The methodology adopted for making the concepts clear in the minds of the children and the in-depth knowledge of the teacher about the fundamental concepts must be ascertained before selecting the primary schools because this is one of the crucial factors which can determine the future of the kid.

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