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The Importance of the Right Mentors at Your kid’s Playschool and Preschool

By 29th September 2017best preschool in india

The preschools in Gurgaon are budding the new age leaders inside them. Some of them said that great leaders are born great. Many say that the skills and qualifications needed to be a leader cannot come by birth but have to be grown up with time. Even the playschools in Gurgaon have realized this skill and are working hard to nurture these qualities in them from a young age. These qualities cannot be taught in a classroom via a chalk and blackboard with students sitting there. Even the best of the leaders have realized that these qualities or creating new leaders require patience and time. Thus the best preschool in Gurgaon is planning to handpick those children from an early age and provide them special guidance and care. Though every child is specials or great in some or the other skills  it depends on the child to child. A child may have a creative mindwhich helps him/her to explore the possibilities of creation and destruction and may help him/her to invent new creations.

How can the child be put to evolution from a young age?

The evolution of child’s brain occurs within the first five year’s of age. The brain has evolved to about 90% of its intellect yet we are not able to use even the 10% of the brain cells efficiently. The preschools in Gurgaon have gone through a recent study in which they have found out that for the overall development and full evolution of a human brain, the necessary steps should be taken at a young age. Thus children should be instructed in schools at a young age. Thus playschools in Gurgaon have employed the system of mentors to provide for all round development of the child. These methods are implemented in top level colleges and institutions for children to have a connecting bridge between the teachers and the institutions.

Who are mentors?

The concept of mentoring was build up to provide a role model for the children to see them analyse, observe and learn from them. A mentor can be anyone from our day to day activities. A parent, teacher, school staff or anyone can be a mentor for the child. As it is a learning phase for the child he/she can inculcate these qualities in him/her. The job of the mentor is not only to portrayhimself but to look for the fallacies of the child and bring them up in a positive manner as to encourage him/her to learn them up.

Because doing good feels good.

Mentoring helps the child and the mentor. It is a symbiotic relationship in which the goals of both the participants are mutually connected. Students or even sports athletes who work in close coordination with their mentors, build a strong bond with them. This strong bond can be  stronger than the original blood relationships than other members. The mentors get to know the outlook of the children and start seeing from a new lens where they realize the difficulties faced by them. They get to know the socio economic background of the child and realize they problems which are not so evident. Also mentoring helps them to build up stronger relationships with their child as they become more accustomed to the problems of the children.

Encourage team activities

The first task of a mentor is to build up team activities which will enhance the skills of the mentee and build up the bond between the two of them. The skills like leadership qualities, teamwork and planning cannot be taught in a confined environment. These skills are honed with time when you are present at the ground zero and analyse the skills regularly. Teaching a young child about the brotherhood and fraternity will only help him/her to increase or augment the vocabulary but the real essence and spirit cannot be developed in the classroom. When the child enters the field with a ball and eleven other players with him/her, he sees the world with a new perspective.

Emphasize perseverance

The best leaders are those who embrace failure and success equally. They do not get demotivated or demoralized about their failures neither they get too much moved by their success. Every great leader is touched with humility to such an extent that the greatness behind them emboldens like a moon. These qualities if taught to the young toddlers in their tiny steps then they will be never disheartened after their failure but work hard to change it into their success. Likewise, if they will become over confident on their success and will treat themselves to be the master’s of the field then they will be never able to learn any kind of future lessons from it. Thus it is important for the mentor to teach them about these qualities from an early stage in life.

In some way, today’s mentors can create young, energetic and visionary leaders from the children. The lot prepared will never ever be ambiguous about the future goals and claims which they will lay. They will not only have a clear cut direction but will help to lead others.

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