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Tips For Deciding On Which Are The Best Schools In Gurgaon

There are many important decisions that we take for ourselves, till the time we become parents. However, once we become parents, all our focus gets directed towards our kids and all the decisions that we make are done with the sole intention of doing what is best for our child. The smallest of decisions taken for our children are done with extreme care. Even the decision to buy a nappy for our baby, is made after a lot of consideration and carefully comparing all the available options in the market, and ensuring that we buy only the best nappy for the kid. Therefore, to think that an important decision like finding the right school for your child can in no way be taken lightly.

Below are some important factors which can help you in identifying the best schools in Gurgaon for your child:

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Student Teacher Ratio And Relationship

If you are searching for primary schools in Gurgaon, one of the most important factors you will have to take into account is the kind of student teacher relationship the offers. This relationship needs to cordial and loving. The child should feel safe when the teacher is around and should be friendly enough so that he or she is able to share its problems with the teacher.

Concentration On Building A Solid Base

There is no point in teaching the students the name of the prime minister of the country in his or her primary class. At this stage and age, the school needs to focus on providing a strong base on which the child can develop and grow in the future. The teaching methods should be practical and interactive rather than offering bookish knowledge to the kids.

Give Maximum Importance To Certain Subjects

While subjects like science, economics, etc., are very important, but these are specialization subjects and not every student requires to learn them. It is subjects like math, English, regional languages, etc., which are very essential for every student to study and understand properly. Therefore, the curriculum of the top schools of Gurgaon, like Mount Olympus, would concentrate more on these essential subjects in the initial years, and eventually allow the kids to make a choice of their preferred specialization stream at an early stage like class 7th or 9th.

Less Importance To Marks

Marks are only an indicator of how well a student was prepared for the test. These marks cannot be considered to be the ultimate reflection on the intellectual level of the student. Schools which pay a lot of attention to the marks and the test scoring system tend to put a lot of pressure on their students, because of which many students who are not able to score high on these tests, end up losing their confidence and sometimes even drop out of schools. Therefore, when searching for a school for your child, you should look for schools which give a lot of attention to the marks of the students and avoid sending your child to those schools.

Enough Playing Time

There is a very popular saying which goes as ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. This is a very important and an absolutely true saying. A school which does not offer any recess period, or does not offer certain fun activities for the kids to participate in, in addition to studies, will never be able to offer your child the complete growth and development you are looking for. Hence, only schools like Mount Olympus should be chosen for your kid’s education, since not only do they offer good quality education, but they also provide a lot of extracurricular activities for their students to participate in and nurture their other talents.

Look For Quality Not Popularity

When searching for a school for your child, find a school which matches the individual needs of your child, rather than simply seeking admission in the most popular school in your city. Popularity does not always guarantee quality. There is a big possibility that the biggest and the most popular school in your town may not be able to offer a loving and caring environment for your child, thereby actually disrupting his or her growth and development. Hence, choose your child’s school wisely.


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