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Useful Tips To Help Teachers Ensure Enhanced Parent Engagement In Their Child’s Education

One of the key aspects for teachers seeking to prove a great learning experience for kids at school is to ensure positive engagement of their parents in the learning process. However, this can be a major challenge mainly due to the ever increasing gap between the parents’ own educational experiences as compared to that of their kids. That is why it has become even more imperative for the teachers to educate the parents about their role as the natural partners in the children’s education, besides informing them about the current learning process.

Discussed below are some useful tips that can help the teachers from primary schools of Gurgaon to ensure enhanced parent engagement in their child’s learning.

Be More Communicative

Teachers should take the initiative of communicating to the parents about exactly how they can help the child learn at home. Helping the parents understand the learning needs of their child and the role they can play in fulfilling the same can help build a strong partnership between the parents and the teachers which will prove significantly beneficial to the child. Moreover, since the parents tend to see thing in a different perspective as compared to the educators, they might actually be able to help the children learn concepts in a more effective manner. Therefore by keeping the channels of communication open, the teachers can improve the overall learning of their wards.

Listen To The Parents

While sharing the learning needs of the child with the parents is extremely essential, it is also important for the teachers at Gurgaon top schools to listen to parents of the learners . The teachers are mostly trained to help them remain updated about the changes in the modern learning process. However, most parents’ lack this advantage and this can lead them to feel incapable of participating in their child’s learning process. By actually allowing the parents to talk about these concerns the teachers can not only assuage their fears and also provide them the right guidance about the best ways to overcome the same. In fact, the simple act of listening to the parents can be the first step in the direction of making them positively involved in the education of their child.

Invest Time in Social Media Interactions

The large scale use of technology can prove extremely advantageous in forging a strong parent–teacher partnership to create an enhanced learning experience for the child. Teachers should make use of various social media sites to interact with parents about multiple issues related to the learning of their children. The interactions do not necessarily have to focus only on the academic progress of the child but also on other aspects of their development.  This use of technology helps in keeping the parents updated about their child’s development while also eliminating the need for them to specially visit the child’s school to get a detailed report. Moreover, these interactions can be conducted in groups to brainstorm ideas and learning strategies.

Organize Learning Workshops for Parents

Organizing learning workshops for parents’ is known to provide effective results in terms of ensuring better parent engagement. These workshops should be conducted within a free and frank environment so that the parents do not feel hindered to raise queries or get solutions to the problems they might be facing. In case, some parents are not able to attend the workshop, they should be sent a recording of the event, with the teachers doing a follow up on any queries concerns that they might be having. While the workshops can be presided over by leading education counsellors, it is advisable to let the teachers themselves handle the workshops for better results.

Invite Parents to Classroom Sessions

Enabling the parents to actually see how their wards perform in class can prove extremely motivating for ensuring their positive engagement. It is only natural for parents to want their child to excel in whatever they do and attending the classroom sessions of the child provides them a clear idea of how lacking the kid is.  This in turn helps in making them aware of the need to take positive action in the direction of supporting their child to move ahead in the class and improve their performance. As the parents see their child progress they are likely to feel more interested in participating in their learning process to a greater extent.

Seek and Provide Feedback

The various efforts made by teachers to ensure increased parent engagement will amount to nothing if they do not provide authentic and timely feedback to the parents. On their part, parents also need to be more forthcoming about letting the teachers know how better they can help and guide them with the learning process. This mutual seeking and providing of feedback will help overcome various hindrances in the way of establishing a strong parent-teacher partnership. This in turn will prove beneficial in ensuring that the child is provided with the right learning environment both within the school and at home.

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