A clean and beautiful school is very important. Schools can determine children’s health and well-being by their exposure to a healthy school environment.

 School ensures safety of the children

All the classes are monitored by teachers at all times. During the break or free time, teachers monitor the campus according to a pre-decided schedule. All disciplinary issues are addressed and an environment of integrity is encouraged. Students are encouraged to follow school rules and conduct themselves appropriately. There is round the clock guarding of the campus.

Identity cards are issued to students and staff and must be carried at all times. In the case of a field trip, outstation trip or an event outside the campus, children are accompanied by teachers. There is round the clock guarding on the campus.

School takes to ensure proper hygiene

The schools has trained housekeeping staff under an effective supervisor. Frequent inspection by the administrator and the supervisor ensures a clean environment. The campuses have RO systems with water coolers to provide safe and clean drinking water. We encourage everyone to keep the school clean and beautiful.