All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them

Don’t we know about the miracles hidden in the lap of belief? Yes, we do. We have all heard endless stories about how belief has changed and continues to change lives. Unconditional positive regard, discipline and a state of happiness should be the underlying principles followed in best schools of Gurgaon.

Believing in students is not simply telling them that we believe in them. These words matter only if they are true and if good schools demonstrate them with their actions .Not every child can meet the unrealistic goals of a test focused curriculum but every child can try to do his or her best.

These days good cbse schools encourage ‘Effort’ more than ‘Achievement’. For them it’s each child’s uniqueness that becomes the guiding light in their individual journey. Students should be encouraged to try and be better than their previous selves. Lately in many balanced schools in Gurgaon students are made to reflect after each assessment over what they did right, where did they falter, assess their own areas of strength and that of improvement and commit to outperform themselves.  They don’t give up and its their duty as mentors not to cease believing and strive by giving second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh………chances. This is because they accept the way their students are, appreciate differences, strive and believe in possibilities that can strike at any time in our lives.

School is for all children and mistakes are part of the learning process, not just for academics, but also for behavior. Rather than striking them out, good schools should teach them the skills they need to overcome their deficiencies.

Don’t Say “You Failed” – Say “You Haven’t Done It Yet”, School should encourage hope by letting students know that, no matter what they do, they can still do better.

This approach based on belief in individual potential to will help all excelling schools to initiate change in many lines.  As parents and mentors we can believe in our children and unleash their hidden potential.

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