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Teacher Workshop by ALERT Knowledge Services

Mount Olympus School, Gurgaon successfully completed  Teacher’s Workshop on 28.09.2019 for teachers of grades P.Nur-X, Mount Olympus School, Gurugram  by ALERT Knowledge Servises, Gurgaon with an enriching session on Being a Teacher’ & strategies to ‘Effective Classroom Management’. Th


Mount Olympus School
As parents, we tend to worry about the emotional wellbeing of our children when they are away at school. Questions like, “Are they having a good day at school?” “Were they able to befriend someone?” or “Are they coping well with what’s being taught in class?” keep cropping up in our mi

(B+ve) Guidance & Counselling Initiative-‘Peer Talk’

We at Mount Olympus believe in overall development of our learners and know “Peer Learning” is an important educational practice in which students interact with other students to attain educational goals. A novel step towards strengthening community learning was taken with its all new series of

(B+ve) Guidance & Counselling Initiative-‘Self Love’

  We at Mount Olympus believe in the famous quote ‘if you want to change the world, change yourself.’ Taking it further we understand that if we want to nurture individuals who can spread love and happiness in the world we need to inculcate the value of ‘Self-Love’ in our learners, the

Mother’s Day Celebration

Motherhood undoubtedly has the greatest potential of influencing human life. God created the epitome of love, compassion, warmth and sacrifice to provide human race with necessary respite and solace. To pay special tribute to the unfathomed love of this godly creation, MOTHER’S DAY special assembl

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