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- By Kashvi Bansal (Grade 8)

Christmas Celebration 2020

As the bells and Bob tails ring..Christmas comes yet again to enthuse happiness and joy. Amidst the pandemic it rings the never say die spirit and resilience amidst humanity. As the people across the world come together to celebrate positivity, hope and aspirations, little stars of Mount Olympus bri

Hobby as a Saviour

Hello there! Do you have a hobby ? Oof, why am I asking a silly question ? Of course you do. Everyone has a hobby. Without knowing it’s a saviour. Well, why do you ask ? Let’s take my hobby for example. I have hobbies for playing piano, sketching, skating and many more things. But […]

Independence Day Celebration

The learners of grade VI – VIII of the Mount Olympus School had an intra- class competition on the Theme ‘FREEDOM WITHIN’ on Saturday, 8th August 2020. The competition was to make tri-color bookmark, candle & tri color theme party. The purpose of conducting the enrichment activity was to

The new National Education Policy (NEP)

Schools in Gurgaon-Mount Olympus School
‘Education is not the answer to the question, education is the means to the answer to all the questions.’– said William Allin. The NEP is a monumental step to instill the true value of education i.e. the ability and the freedom to ‘think’-a skill unique to the human species. It is a welcom

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