(B+ve) Guidance & Counselling Initiative-‘Peer Talk’

We at Mount Olympus believe in overall development of our learners and know “Peer Learning” is an important educational practice in which students interact with other students to attain educational goals. A novel step towards strengthening community learning was taken with its all new series of ‘Peer Talk’, where the Peer Mentor/Educator addresses school students. It is a series based on their Journey from being a student to a professional. The ‘Peer Talk’ is designed to be a 35 mins interactive session between the Peer Mentor & the Learners. It includes 20 mins of presentation by the peer mentor and 15 mins dedicated to answering innumerable Queries of our inquisitive learners. Our second guest peer educator was Ms. Apoorva Singh, an alumna of Bluebells Model School, Gurgaon batch of 2017. A multitalented young, enthusiastic professional pursuing MBBS from PGIMS, Rohatak shared her journey from being a student to a professional. She spoke about her profession. Re-emphasized on the importance of a discipline, self regulation and

balance in life. Learners were mesmerized seeing although young but confident, composed and absolutely clear with her thoughts senior who had a simple way to do even the toughest jobs. She urged the students to understand and value the importance of family and teachers in life and seek their guidance. She laid emphasis on constructive use of time in school and that schools is the place where best learning happens. She encouraged students to participate in all the activities, at least give it a try without limiting their self.

Ms. Singh motivated students not to keep things, activities pending, rather engage in doing things, learning different things and start learning NOW. She reiterated the benefits of reading by citing exaamples of the benefits she has reaped due to an early habit of reading. Such talks and exposure visits will add on to the knowledge and experience of our students and make them draw effective connections between learning inside and outside classrooms.

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