(B+ve) Guidance & Counselling Initiative-‘Self Love’


We at Mount Olympus believe in the famous quote ‘if you want to change the world, change yourself.’ Taking it further we understand that if we want to nurture individuals who can spread love and happiness in the world we need to inculcate the value of ‘Self-Love’ in our learners, the future of tomorrow.

An interesting and unique workshop was conducted by life skills trainer and healer Ms. Divvya Singh for the learners of grade IV & V on the topic-‘Self-Love’, on 01.10.2019. The students enthusiastically participated in the ‘Rapid 5’ question round to answer some fundamental questions related to ‘Self’. Learners were surprised to unravel the lesser known concept of loving oneself.  We believe that ‘Self-Love’ is the key to happiness and a way to express our deepest regards to the unconditional self. In an attempt to teach our children the value of ‘Self-Love’,learners enjoyed the intriguing activity – ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful in the hall?’ We are sure this would help our students in being self-loving and self-assured individuals with a positive self-image and esteem.  Learners learned that in order to be kind to others, love the other, respect the other we first need to be kind to ourselves, respect and love ourselves.

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