Career Guidance Webinar

(B+ve) -‘Be Positive’ – The Department of Guidance and Counselling of Mount Olympus School conducted a Career Guidance Webinar for both the parents and students of grade VIII-XI on 06.06.2020 (Saturday), 11:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. MOS always strives to bring the best for its students. To provide the finest experience and enrich our students with the best career orientation and advice we had well renowned career counsellor of both national and international fame Mr. Jitin Chawla, founder director of Center for Career Development, New Delhi and team on board. With the aim to reach out to as many students as possible the webinar was open to students of grade VIII-XI of both Mount Olympus school and outside. It was encouraging to see both parents and students attend the webinar in large numbers. The webinar was attended by our respected principal ma’am Dr. Neeti C Kaushik, Vice-principal ma’am Ms. Manisha Khanna, senior school teachers and counsellor. The webinar was kick started with Principal mam’s address. Ma’am shared her vision with the audience, motivated and empowered each one to take informed decisions. The session began with a pertinent question i.e. is happiness and career directly related? The students and parents were urged to understand the significance of the opportune time i.e. NOW. Also to make correct choices now to ensure happiness in future. This basically comes from the understanding that on an average human spends 90,000 hrs, almost 1/3rd of a human life at work. That proves how prominently work impacts overall wellbeing of an individual. Mr. Jitin Chawla, mesmerized the audience with his depth of information and knowledge coupled with his wit and humor. Sir, emphasized on our unique genetic makeup and individual differences and how career should be a choice of individual aptitude, ability, interest, skill and personality rather than society and trends. The audience was explained the significance of planning early and being observant about one’’s behavior, preferences, interests, strengths and areas of improvement. Both students and parents were explained the significance of aptitude while making choices.

The workshop explained the significance of ‘aptitude’ in making informed decisions and also cleared the subtle differences between intelligence, aptitude, knowledge, interest, ability, values, motivators etc. The 1hr 45 mins webinar apprised the audience with factors contributing to career planning like aptitude, personality, interest values etc; How to select stream after grade X; Career options after Science, Commerce, Arts; Emerging careers and essentials of the application Process for Indian and foreign universities.
Students and parents asked several questions and were happy to get answers and clarify their doubts and confusions related to career planning straight from the expert. Principal ma’am urged the parents to focus on instilling essential life skills in their children with the aim to equip and prepare them for future.

The workshop was successfully concluded with a clear path for future Career Guidance workshops keeping in mind student’s well-being and responsibility of parent and school towards timely and able guidance for our students to make them ‘future fit.’

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