Class Assembly


Young learners from Grade 3 presented a colorful Assembly based on Jungle animals on 18th September, 2018.This interactive presentation boasted of 100% participation by the entire class. The enactment of little explorers going on a jungle safari enriched us with the unusual facts about wild animals which we claim to know so well. Shining bright in their DIY costumes and props, these young learners brought the entire jungle alive right there on the stage. Be it the tiger telling about  its stripes beneath its fur, or the bat sharing the fact about its ability  to swim, they had the audience spellbound.

The presentation ended with a special message conveyed by the children encouraging everyone to be kinder towards animals, thus making it possible for them to co-exist with humans. The Assembly concluded with a special note of appreciation by our Principal ma’am, Ms. Neeti  C. Kaushik.

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