Craft Mela

The Enterprise club is the new student’s initiative at Mount Olympus School. Students from grade I to grade IX participated in creating products relevant to the festive season. Students from grades VI & VII took the lead in organizing the ‘Craft Mela’ in school. The mela saw representatives from each grade taking care of their stalls and trying to convince the customers (School management, Principal ma’am, administrative staff and teachers). The enthusiasm, effort and eagerness of each representative was credible. Seeing their stocks go off the shelf brought smiles on their faces and a sense of accomplishment. The students had successfully recreated a small market place with minutest of the details. Teachers acted as facilitators and the students were given the opportunity to take the lead in decision making.

The students were given the chance to experience lots of areas of the business beyond production, such as marketing, sales and accounting. The team together successfully organized an exhibition cum sale for the members of the school on 12.10.2018. Our confident, soft spoken ever smiling team managed a sale of Rs. 4040/- and earned profit too. The students got an encouraging response from all for the same and were motivated to do it again the following year by incorporating all the learnings from this experience. The most awaited moment was when our revered Principal ma’am and Director sir visited the mela and shopped from each stall. They were elated to see the creativity and efforts put in by the students and encouraged them to prepare better products with improved quality and strength. The funds helped the students to generate extra income for their upcoming social initiative- community lunch.

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