As a part of Water Saving initiative learners of Grade IV and V of Mount Olympus School, Gurgaon attended WORKSHOP on “RAINWATER HARVESTING” on 17th January 2020 (Friday), conducted by ECOLIVE.

Learners were shown a functional model for rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge fitted on it. This van was flagged off by the JalShakti Minister, Govt of India few days back.

The objective was to make students and teachers aware of the processes. Learners were told about 4 R’s: REDUCE    REUSE     RECYCLE    RECHARGE. They were told about the use of aerators also to reduce the wastage of water while brushing, bathing etc. This system can be installed at the rooftop of the buildings. Details of various measures to save water, harvesting and recharging was also covered in the session. The learners were inquisitive and asked various questions from the experts. The greatest joy was when we received the quick feedback from the parents about the related required measures taken by students at home.

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