Excelling in board exams – Effective Tips

Excelling in board exam-Effective Tips

• Attitude (Positive & Confident Attitude)
• Believe You Can
• Focus (Avoid distraction)
• Takes Short breaks, don’t study for long hours
• Avoid last-minute cramming
• Follow a Revision Schedule
• Eat well-Sleep well and exercise
• Organize & Plan(keep your uniform, id card, Admit Card, Stationary, watch ready)
• Wear Comfortable Clothing & Shoes
• Abide by CBSE Guidelines
• Solve previous year questions
• Focus on what you know(Don’t worry about what you don’t know)
• Read the instructions and Questions carefully, Don’t hurry!
• Time Management(prioritize- strategize)
• Impress your examiner: -a)Neat & Organized answer sheet
• Be mindful of marks & word limit

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