French Exchange Program

Mount Olympus School , Gurugram had organized a French Exchange Programme from 2nd December 2019 to 6th  December 2019  whereby a French family named Mr. Sébastien, Ms. Goshia, Ms. Louka, Mr. Ismael and Mr. Jozek from Lyon visited our school. The family had presented a story in French and taught students to make puppets of animals. Students  from Class V- VIII attended this session.


The story was based on animals and vegetables. The story explained that Wolf is considered as a dangerous animal in France so all the animals are afraid of it. Once the  wolf wanted to make a soup of stones and gradually all other animals like Hen, Duck, Dog and Cat helped him in making the vegetable soup.  The moral of the story was that we can do wonders when we work together . The humorous story was loved by all and had students rolling with laughter. Their vibrant performance overwhelmed the audience.


The French family also explored the Indian culture. They visited some Indian families. They learnt the Punjabi dance named “Bhangra”. They also learnt the Worly art and to top it all, they loved the Indian food. They also visited “The Kingdom of Dreams” to explore the Indian Culture. They also asked questions to our students about the Indian Education System. Our students also asked the family some questions about the Education system in France. The little Olympians also danced on the French poem “Mon âne Mon âne” which means “ My donkey, My donkey and Jean petit qui danse. The students of Class VII made a model of the Eifel tower, the famous monuments of France. The attractive and stimulating 3D model had illuminous lighting effects which left spectators aghast. La tour Eiffel was the attraction of the day. A student of Class VIII , Amruta S Menon sang a French song. The family was impressed by the pool of talent of the Olympians and their fluency in the French language.


The School Principal Ms. Neeti C. Kaoshik congratulated the students and also was greatly appreciative of all the efforts of the French family , the school’s French teacher, Ms. Shamma Sethi and the entire staff. It was a pride moment for the school.


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