MOUNT OLYMPUS : A Happy Campus


Spread over an area of over two acres, there is ample room for outdoor activities and our play area includes slides, climbers, balance beans and swings. All the classrooms are air conditioned with additional provision for technology enabled smart classrooms. Other facilities and infrastructure include:

  •  Indoor play area with student fitness gym.
  • First Aid and Medical Infirmary.
  • Amphi Theatre, Audio Visual Rooms & Multi-Purpose Hall.
  • A fleet of comfortable air conditioned buses.
  • Hygienic and nutritious meals from our in-house kitchen.
  • CCTV surveillance for monitoring.
  • Well-equipped labs for General Sciences, ICT, Math & Language.
  • State- of-the Art Studios for music/dance/art/aerobics.
  • Incubation Center.
  • Massive 1500 Sq Ft Gymnastics Room.
  • Professionally Designed Recording Studio.
  • Indoor Shooting Range.

Spread over 2 acres.

The school campus is intelligently demarcated into one acre of educational and one acre of sporting and recreational zones.

It’s been designed keeping in mind aspects of spaciousness, natural light and ventilation.

Large amount of green cover contributes to a healthy environment.

School in Gurgaon-Mount Olympus School

We understand the importance of a classroom in a student’s life.

Our classrooms are designed to stimulate the mind and promote learning experiences.

Classes are designed age appropriate with perfect blend of colors and furniture.

Equipped with Technology enabled smart classrooms.

Well-lit and Air-conditioned classes for students’ comfort.

Printed books still play an important role in supporting the learners.

Digital technologies offer additional pathways to learning and content acquisition. Our library encourages participatory learning.

We have a reading corner, IT enabled corner, storytelling corner, resource section, magazine and newspaper section and a self-directed learning Centre.

Teaching with technology is highly engaging and a great way to keep kids excited about the curriculum.

Our computer lab is a properly ventilated, fully equipped arena for learning that includes standard furniture, informative illustrated interiors that spread awareness regarding judicious use of technology and 30 advanced computers.

We have qualified teachers for assisting students to search for information, create multimedia presentations, execute project work and creatively present the content that they have gathered after comprehensive search from multiple sources.

The mathematics laboratory is a place where students experiment and explore patterns and ideas.

Collection of activities, puzzles, games, resources for teaching and learning are the basis of math lab.

It not only creates the interest of the student in understanding difficult mathematical concepts but also helps in inculcation of scientific and problem-solving attitude amongst students.

Maths lab-Mount Olympus School

Learning by doing needs a special area for the young learners to lay their hands on practical activities.

 The EVS lab gives ample opportunity to understand concepts by practically engaging in the activities.

Daily Life applications are explained so practically here which gives an extra edge to their understanding.

 The young and inquisitive minds become stakeholders of their studies and set to explore more and more.

Our well-equipped science lab for physics, chemistry and biology plays a significant role in facilitating learning for our learners.

Our labs aid to combine classroom and textbook teaching with laboratory experiments and derive best results for our students.

It gives opportunity for hands-on experience, lab equipment teaches students to conduct experiments, how to make  and review them closely  developing a logical, reasoning, analytical and other valuable skills that help in preparing the next generation of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals.

Science-Lab at Mount Olympus School

Indoor games and sports help our students to practice essential cognitive skills and enhance the parts of brain responsible for complex thought and memory formation.  Also a variety of structured forms of play and competitive physical activity.

The School Sports Centre under the guidance of well-trained coaches comprises of fully-equipped hall, catering to many indoor sports. We offer chess, carom, table-tennis, snooker, taekwondo, skating, aerobics and shooting.

Indoor Sports Activities at Mount Olympus School

Outdoor play keeps kids active and provides a means to increase their physical stamina and fitness, strengthen their muscles and bones, build immunity, and lower the risk of many diseases.

The school is proud to have one acre of play field earmarked specifically for outdoor sportsactivity.

 We hold outdoor sports like cricket, basketball, soccer, archery, volley ball, basketball, andtrack and field events.

Mount Olympus has a 1200 square feet, six lane indoor shooting range which is very rarely found in any schools.

Shooting as a game comes with several benefits, far more than just hand-eye coordination, a long-held assumption etc.

Shooters often fare better in tests of abilities such as spatial reasoning, spatial focus, visual acuity and decision-making.

This increase the concentration power and focus of children which is the core of growth.

Professional coaches train the students to achieve laurels at national and internal levels.

Massive area of 1500 square ft at Mount Olympus enables students to learn floor exercises, uneven bars, horizontal bars, vaulting, and balancing beam exercises.

Just like any other sport gymnastics help our students in more than one ways. As they engage in gymnastics, they condition their muscles to be more flexible, improve bone health, burn Calories, prevent diseases, build personal discipline, geta and gain greater coordination. This further accelerates their learning.

A fully equipped gymnastics studio under national level coaches enables our students to learn and practice the sport to perfection. Our students have made a mark in several district level championships.

The school has a professionally designed recording studio where students are taught thenuances of recording, editing, and creating their own videos.

This is instrumental in giving them a professional exposure that is equally exciting.

It enhances their sense of music, skill of putting their thoughts together, their creativity and imagination.

It also gives them hands on experience of working in a professional set up with equipment’s and instruments.

It is gratifying both for us, our students and their parents to see their work of creativity.

Recording Studio at Mount Olympus School

The school has modern medical facilities supported by qualified medical staff.

The facilities for nursing of common routine ailments and accidents are available 24×7.

The school has also tied up with Park Hospital and Cloud nine Hospital for emergencies.

A medical camp is conducted every year in school.

Medical Room of Mount Olympus School

The Safety of Your Child Is Our Utmost Priority.

Every part of the school is covered with high-quality CCTV cameras.

Every washroom has a nanny for child assistance.

Washroom area is also covered with CCTV, except cubicles.

Each floor has designated housekeeping staff for avoiding unnecessary movement of staff.

Badges and duties are defined with housekeeping staff’s name and area of work.

No one can enter the school premises without security screening at the main gate.

Teacher and nanny present in every school bus from the first stop to the last.

24 Hours surveillance & monitoring.

The benefit of knowing each other leads to the best form of safety for each child.