Hobby as a Saviour

- By Misri Dave (Grade 7)

Hello there! Do you have a hobby ? Oof, why am I asking a silly question ?

Of course you do. Everyone has a hobby. Without knowing it’s a saviour. Well, why do you ask ? Let’s take my hobby for example. I have hobbies for playing piano, sketching, skating and many more things. But out of these, I learn my piano with full concentration and seriousness.

Now, onto the main point. How ? It’s a saviour as it can be useful when you grow up. If you don’t want to do a job, instead you can use your hobby as a career. Top CBSE schools in Gurgaon today focus on nurturing creativity and freedom of expression in their students. Our schools have achieved a stupendous feat of beautifully incorporating activity classes even through online mode. Also, during times like pandemic, any hobby has proved to be a saviour from boredom.

When you are just tired of studying and need a productive break, you can pursue your hobby. Your mind will get refreshed and also you will enjoy your time. It is a saviour from depression, tension and mind clutter. Imagine, you come home after a long day at school and you have got less grades in a test and the next test you are going to have will be really difficult. You start getting nervous.

You need a break from this. You start doing your hobby and you feel calm in your mind. Now you know what to do. What else ? Ohh, hobbies are great mind diverters. Well, if you are stuck in an emotional situation then hobbies are right on your side. Well, till now it has to be clear that hobbies are kinda like your best friend or should I say BFF. I don’t want to be an old person and not knowing the trends and you are getting off topic. Where was I ? Ohh, yeah, right! So hobbies should never leave your side and neither should you. Best CBSE schools in Gurgaon are today making the optimum use of new age technology to bring the best for their students and encouraging them to focus and practice their hobbies with sincerity. The pandemic is a time where social media is getting more and more popular day by day. Apps like facebook, youtube, Instagram etc can also help the saviour of yours. Posting videos and pictures of your hobbies can possibly also make you famous and once again proven hobbies are useful. You can also make money at an early age. Posting videos on YouTube channels and getting subscribers can make you earn money. Your hobby is not linked to your age. You should concentrate and focus on it as it is included in your school subject. They are also our saviours from the real world. What I mean by real world is that it takes you to your own wonderland and makes you forget all the worries of yours. So….my conclusion is that, no matter what your friends say about your hobby, just remember that “Success is not the key to happiness, it’s happiness that is the key to success”. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. -Albert Schwetizer. Now I understand why my parents were so focused towards avenues for extra curricular activities for overall development while on a lookout for admissions in Gurgaon schools.

So, get off your sofa and start doing what you love. Maybe one day the world would know you by the hobby that you pursued. And again…we are getting off topic. Maybe I should stop here and let you go. Ok! Peace out!

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