Are the board exams becoming stressful? Yes and this stress, affects the performance of the child. Parents make it more difficult with their high expectations but peer pressure also adds to the stress level too.

Some students are so confident that they just follow a certain pattern and could ace an exam. But some get confused –

What to study?

How much to study?

Few suggestive methods to reduce stress are –

  • Remember a table is meant for studying not for keeping books and bed is meant for sleeping only.
  • An uncluttered table without distractions like electronic gadgets helps a child to completely focus on the task in hand.
  • A proper time table with smart planning is required to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Time management is the key to success. Decide the number of hours one should spend per day for extra study. Use this time wisely.
  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Plan the time subject wise and even topic wise. Most of the time the planning is done but implementation is lacking. Don’t make overly restricted schedule. Implementation becomes difficult then. Be flexible. Modify according to the need. Keep a realistic approach.
  • While planning subject wise, understand the pattern of the paper. Note the chapter-wise weightage of respective topics. Make a list of the topics that you find difficult. Then plan your time table accordingly.
  • Do leave some time for revision. Preparatory leave days before the paper should only be used for revision purpose only.
  • Take short breaks in between while studying. Give your mind some time to absorb what you have learnt.
  • Highlight important points while browsing through the book. It helps in quick revision later.
  • Use flowcharts to reflect upon the concepts learnt.
  • Do self-assessment by solving mock papers or previous year papers in the stipulated time only.
  • Have proper 7-8 hour sleep a night before the paper.

Last but not the least; speak to someone if stress is overwhelming. Open up to a family member or a teacher. They can be of a great help.

Top schools like Mount Olympus School, Gurgaon regularly conduct workshops for its students to guide them how to manage this stress.



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