Life at Mount Olympus School

Life at  : Mount Olympus

Experiential learning

We, at Mount Olympus School, try to keep our learners busy in constructive and worthwhile activities while maintaining a healthy balance between curricular and co-curricular activities. Each day at our school is an amalgamation of experiential learning, knowledge, application of concepts, indulgence in creative activities, sports, singing, dancing and others.

Morning assemblies pave a way for instilling values in kids. We begin each day by conducting value-based assemblies which is followed by learning sessions inside and outside the classrooms.

Keeping up with the essence of holistic development of the learners, the time table for primary and senior sections is divided equally between academics and recreational activities such as games, art and craft, music, dance, life skills and others.

A typical day at Mount Olympus School for pre- primary children

starts with Happy Smiles – meeting and greeting friends, educators, nannies on their way to the classroom. Class teachers welcome each and every child with love and happiness in their eyes, making the beginning of a great day together. 

Circle time starts with ‘Om’ chanting, followed by 1 min of silence. Discussion starts with the date, day and weather report of that particular day. Attendance is marked with the help of children. One common question based on basic life skills is asked to each child and they share their views or incidents with their fellow friends.

Concept-building periods provide a thorough foundation for early literacy, numeracy, and scientific concepts, and focus on building emotional awareness and resilience, investigating and exploring the natural world.

Assembly, the most beautifully and scientifically designed program (based on multiple intelligence), is the time when everyone is praying, smiling, dancing, singing and performing together. Children love to see their parents performing for them during the Parent Educator assembly.

Food Break or Meal Time starts with a Gratitude prayer, and children love to speak about their favourite food and also enjoy sharing it with their friends.

Activity period 1 is for initiating a unique physical development program.

Activity period 2 is for art, music, and movement to encourage communication, confidence and creativity.

Winding up is a time to revisit new learning and exciting adventures, along with the familiar experiences that children encounter on that day. They wish goodbye to friends, educators, nannies with a smile on their face.


A Wide Range of Extra – Curricular Activities Are Conducted Round the Year:

  • Vocal and Instrumental Music
  • Cooking
  • Shooting and Archery
  • Badminton, Basketball, and Cricket
  • Story Narration
  • Clay Modeling
  • Gardening
  • Yoga, Gymnastics, and Aerobics
  • Skating
  • Carrom, Chess, and Table Tennis
  • Theater
  • Art & Sculpture
  • Dance

High Quality Teaching and Learning

Mount Olympus School integrates ICT into the academic curriculum. Apart from creating a stimulating learning environment, teachers craft customized modules with the help of individual child pictures and videos for a holistic learning experience. Self-learning is also encouraged with the help of Science Expos that are initiated by students under faculty guidance. Fostering a 360 degree understanding of myriad concepts through incubation centres, along with a pragmatic, out-of-the-box implementation of knowledge, Mount Olympus includes parents in the regular schooling process in various ways. These methods include weekly updates regarding the curriculum, notebooks, snapshots, videos, and virtual presentations via school application and mobile updates.

Life Skills Practices

For Mount Olympus, life skills are of utmost significance by the virtue of being non-negotiable. One full period on life skills are held on a weekly basis, wherein children are taught about the healing effects of ‘being heard’, with individual guidance and handholding by the school counselor. The importance of learning skills through tales is imparted via story-telling workshops, group games, and team-building activities that foster social skills. Apart from this, webinars are held on pertinent topics, such as digital detoxification, study and examination skills, and ‘bully to buddy’. Life skill quizzes are also held during weekly assemblies. Most importantly, Club ‘Samvedna’ grants children with a platform to bring the qualities of empathy, compassion, responsibility, creativity, and initiative into fruitful practice.

Safe Campus

The safety of your child is our utmost priority. Resultantly, every part of the school is covered with high-quality CCTV cameras that facilitate 24-hours surveillance & monitoring. Every washroom has a nanny for child assistance, and the washroom area is also covered with CCTV, except cubicles. Also, each floor has designated housekeeping staff for avoiding unnecessary movement of children and staff. In order to ensure order and safety, badges and duties are defined with housekeeping staff’s name and area of work. Moreover, no one can enter the school premises without security screening at the main gate. We also make sure that your child reaches home safe: at least one teacher and a nanny is present in every school bus from the first stop to the last. Lastly, it is crucial to remember that the benefit of knowing one another acts as the best form of safety for each child!

Beyond the Classroom

At Mount Olympus School, we provide students with opportunities to travel in order to broaden their horizons and experience new cultures. Exchange programs provide a wide range of learning opportunities to students. These help students to become acceptant of alternative ways to learn and to analyze the things around them in a constructive manner and learn how to solve problems on their own.

Personal Benefits: Exchange programs provide an opportunity to the students to discover themselves in a place that is unfamiliar to them; they develop self-awareness and self-esteem in a manner that cannot be duplicated.

Educational Exchange Program-Mount Olympus School

Parent Educator assembly is just one amongst several ways to strengthen our partnership by encouraging parents to volunteer.

To make value education and life skills more interesting, effective and impactful, assemblies are conducted wherein parents along with the class teachers perform on different topics every week.

They involve them in assemblies and other occasions, wherein they share their knowledge and expertise.

Children feel overwhelmed seeing their parents perform.

Parent Assembly Pic-Mount Olympus School

Another endeavour at Mount Olympus to fuel creativity, imagination, learning beyond classroom and make experiential learning a reality for our students is through Science exhibition.

Science exhibition is a tool to help children put their knowledge to practice. It gives an opportunity to enhance skills such as – planning, organizing, learning, memorizing, understanding, testing, experimenting, executing, presenting, etc.

It is so important to motivate students with science. Because they can share their projects, ideas with their friends, parents and people who visit the fair.

This leads to clearer concepts, an experience of the magic of science and increased confidence.

Science Expo Image-Mount Olympus School

We believe each child is born with a unique genetic blueprint. Finding talent is a task of responsibility and cannot be done only on rare occasions or through competitions. Hence, at Mount Olympus, we have dedicated days in assembly, where children get an opportunity to showcase their inherent talent that is beyond boundaries and categories. This helps in nurturing hidden talents and also enhances confidence.

The school assembly is meant to fulfill the purpose of conventional gathering. School being the foundation of a student’s life, assemblies only helps them gather a lot of energy to do well and be good in their day. The program of the assemblies has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive, healthy school culture which binds everyone together.

At Mount Olympus we believe, Olympiads not only improves the logical thinking and brains faster working but also give a career path to young ones. Olympiads provide students with a unique competitive platform and help identify the young geniuses and rewards them.

Olympiads not only motivate students to strive better but also help parents in identifying the talents of their child. Exposure is given to100% students for National & International Olympiads in English, Science, Mathematics, and IT.

Mandatory participation in Olympiad gives no choice to students to skip but to learn from the exposure and enhance their knowledge and skill set.

We focus on creating a ‘positive school climate’ for our learners and this is made possible through our solid partnership with our parents.

Coffee Mornings are occasions to celebrate the unique and ever-evolving parent-school connect. At Mount Olympus, we are proud to receive constant support from parents, as they make it convenient to find time amidst their busy schedules for our super informative, useful and fun workshops, specially designed to suit the needs of our parents.

This unique way of parent interaction further facilitates parent involvement in several other activities of the school. Such handholding for sure paves the way to careful nurturing of our learners, making Mount Olympus a happy school with its happy parents, happy children and happy teachers.

The great aim of education is not only knowledge but action. At Mount Olympus School, we believe in learning by doing. An impetus is provided to skill games, debates, dramatics, elocution, Shloka Chanting etc. through the enrichment classes.

Enrichment: as the name suggests, the weekly enrichment activity is focused at spreading awareness, connecting students with the developments in the world, bringing in the practical side of their knowledge etc. The activity is well-planned, and introduces children to a host of themes, and helps them to discover various dimensions through art, competitions, workshops etc.

Keeping up with our Motto of LEARNING BY PLAYING, we offer Brain Teasers as a part of our everyday teaching. Brainteasers add novelty, variety, and challenge to the teaching-learning process, and inculcate a healthy, competitive spirit amongst students.

At Mount Olympus children do fun puzzles in the classrooms which is mental exercise to encourage problem-solving, creative thinking, and teamwork.

In our endeavor to build confident, disciplined and determined youngsters, Mount Olympus School organizes Leadership Camps in the school campus for the learners of Pre Nursery to Grade IX on regular intervals. The camp involves activities like Zipline, Tug-of-war, Sport Climbing, Magical Maze, Tyre Net, Commando Crawl, Dragon Move and Hopscotch among others. Such camps indeed a great way of encouraging companionship, and fostering qualities like leadership and tolerance among the learners.

This also teaches students how to develop organizational skills and teach them to work with others.

We firmly believes that real education happens when children are given freedom to explore, question , observe and infer from their surroundings along with classroom teaching.

We encourage educational excursions and considers them vital for effective teaching and learning.

Keeping with our tradition of learning by exploring, many adventure camps are organized during the summer vacation and the Autumn break.

Younger lot experiences the sight of beautiful gardens, flowers, rabbits, birds and butterflies during their visit to the Butterfly Park and Leisure valley parks.

Beautiful animated movies are excellent for breaking up the class routine. The children from classes Pre- Nursery to class IX are taken for various movies round the year.

School in Gurgaon-Trip Image

Our Guidance and Counseling initiative is based on two strong foundations firstly

Prevention is better than cure’, and secondly on our belief in individual uniqueness and that each student should be directed to their own level of self-actualization.

The guidance and counseling cell anticipates the challenges in the students’ lives and assists them in gaining maturity. The underlying force of the program is to help students develop the essential skills, attitude, values and behavior also self-control, self-reliance, self-regulation, ability to respond positively to others and self as well as knowledge relevant to the world.

Guidance and Counseling