My Learning in the year gone by ….

- By Kashvi Bansal (Grade 8)

My learning in the year gone by i.e. the historic year 2020. This was the most awaited year as it was a leap year. The skills learned are so valuable that I cannot forget them ever in my life ahead. This year we faced many ups and downs like the pandemic. From March 24, 2020 the lockdown started and our schools which we never thought, started ONLINE. Top CBSE schools across the nation and Gurgaon geared up to rise to the challenge and support their students leaving no stone unturned. Schools made great efforts for their students and ensured that studies are not affected at any cost.

I learned many basic values like to be patient, boldness, creativity, unity, encouragement and many more. This year taught us many life lessons. I have learned that nothing in this world is permanent, everything passes away. If happiness does not stay for long then sadness will also not stay. I also learned that God has blessed us with immense knowledge and blessings. Best CBSE schools in Gurgaon focus on instilling values and life skills in children through various interesting modules. Life skills will help us be prepared and be able to deal with any challenges in future.

My next biggest learning is that Life is the biggest blessing. I learned to value it. Death can approach from anywhere and put a full stop to this glorious chapter. We need to enjoy this gift before we lose it. I learned the worth of relationships. It is good to have number of friends on social media, but our dear ones stand by us at the end of the day. Their love and support make life worth living. I learned the value of sharing. Sharing clothes, food, and values with others(needy ones) gives an immeasurable pleasure. It taught me to appreciate every person who plays a role in our life, whether it be a cook, a maid, or a driver. We take them for granted. Without them, life is so tough.

Finally, I thank my parents and my stars for admission in one of the best school in Gurgaon, where I not only learn academics but I am encouraged to learn skills that are for a lifetime. I want to be grateful and happy in every moment, and happiness comes with contentment.

Let us learn to be satisfied and grateful for all that we have. We need to be happy and live life to the fullest. This year I learned a lot and hope the new year is happy and prosperous for everyone.

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