My School My Dream

Motivation Students to discover their Strength

This is the Motto on which my dream school functions.

There was a time when getting up in the morning was a herculean task for. I didn’t want to get ready and face things that awaits me in my old school but that was one and half years back.

Things changed ever since I joined school of my dream “MOUNT OLYMPUS”. I joined midterm in grade III. Definition of an ideal school is where every day you experience and learn something new and where every child wants to go every day. I look forward to go to my school every day as each day starts with fulfilled activities and ends with learning.

Building: First impression is the last impression, as you enter you see the tall building and green ground. The school has five floor including basement, my class is on 3rd floor.Our library is in the basement where all my favorites books are sacked and the dance room is one of my favorites place in school. Gymnastic and shooting range is also in the basement, Archery area is in ground floor. All classes have one period in a week.

Teachers: Our Teachers is best in the whole world as they look for ways to make learning fun and deal with patience with all the kids .The motivational force behind all our teachers is our Principal madam Ms. Neeti Kaushik . Along with Mam, our whole school functions like a big close knit happy family, older kids take care of little one and lead by the example other than the sports and extracurricular activities. We have several workshops, movies, temple visits picnic etc. Last year we had activities like tickling comp etc. Our school involves our families also and organize picnics and workshops for us. They organize one special picnic called family picnic.

I found my dream school and I wish every child gets its dream school.

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