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‘New Normal’ is an idiomatic word that is being used heavily in the current times, has emerged to be the way we describe our latest way of living since the rise of COVID-19, which seems to not leave us alone any time soon!

With the lockdowns posed by the COVID-19, not only has the health changed, instead a massive lifestyle shift has taken place. Be it the traffic, going out on vacations, businesses, meeting relatives, attending functions and funerals, etc. everything has reduced to the minimal and only as much as is urgently required! The impact of lockdowns has shaken the world all over! Half the world has been standing still ever since the city got shut started and the others, who have continuously been a part of jobs going on like, despite the situation posed by the pandemic, like teachers, doctors, engineers, etc.

Nonetheless, the most awful impact is being faced by the children, who are neither responsible for any of the current scenarios nor should be the one being punished. We always thought mankind was cruel, but to this extent that one day the Universe will decide to show itself as mirror, was not a thought that bothered many!  Any way, with the lockdowns not only have we discovered and have been forced to find our new talents, we also have let go of certain old fashioned patterns of lifestyle, which include not only our hobbies and daily schedules but something as traditional as the education system. Who knew the world would take a 360-degree turn?

What was only meant for entertainment and recreation has now become a very crucial part of our lives. So much that none can escape, starting from the office goers, the tech industries, the teachers, the parliament and even the kids! Remember the times when parents said, “aur kitna dekhoge, aankhein kharaab ho jayengi?” has too had a complete shift. I had never wondered of such a day, when early in the morning the first things offered to young kids, instead of a newspaper and a quick bath to get ready for school, and iPad that replaced the books would be handed to the young minds.

I wonder what this generation would grow up to be?

When I look back to my childhood, I feel sad for my current state and my younger brother who never had as much fun as I did, because of the warmth and close-knit society that I belonged to.

The kids these days are not only deprived but also, only exclusively exposed to machines and gadgets and my only fear that stands here is are we becoming more human or more machine? The food for thought here, could be: are the machines creating us or we creating them?

The childhood that this generation is going through is far from social values and virtues. As it is, since the advent of technology, the man’s greed of comfort has ensured in every possible way for the technology to become an inseparable part of our life, but had the men really thought through? The shift in exposure, the attitude, the individualistic approach and the competitive spirit is so high that it is damaging the core values of being human.

I guess the new normal is not just going to be about wearing masks, eating home food, exercising, working online, and social distancing! There’s a lot more that’s yet to come, only it hasn’t met the eye.

In such a circumstance what we need is a conducive environment to remind ourselves of what it was to be human! The love, the sharing, the basic core values, the patience, and every other human virtue that has been disappearing is worth everything to be revisited to and explored. Let’s take one step closer to possibly ensuring a future generation consisting of more humans and less robots!

So what are you going to do this year?

Well, for me, there’s a lot to think!

May the new normal, be more human, more fulfilling and more understanding than ever before!

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