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‘It is said, ‘need is the mother of all inventions.’ True it is. Sometime ago we didn’t even realize the challenge that was upcoming. We had no idea that we will have to completely go online for our classes. Now, it’s almost a month that we have been successfully running online classes for our students of grade X. It has been almost two weeks now that the classes are on for the rest of the school.
It is said- ‘a person’s true test of character is in times of crisis.’ Same goes for institutions. Yet again Team Mount Olympus together emerged gracefully with flying colours by successfully launching its regular online classes not only for senior grades but for grade III onwards, only to be joined by our tiny tots from Pre-primary to grade II who now have a customized online curriculum that they can learn and enjoy at their convenience.
‘Learning to learn’ is one of the primary 21st C skill, which our team is committed to master and inculcate the same zest for learning in our enthusiastic learners too. We are happy and proud to welcome our first batch of senior school students. 10th April 2020 we introduce Online Classes for grade XI. With a resolve to leave no stone unturned, we at Mount Olympus are offering introductory demo classes for each optional subject of each stream so that our students can choose wisely and can make informed decision regarding their stream and subject choices.
We are offering a gamut of subjects, unique combinations in all three streams i.e. Science, Humanities and Commerce including subjects ranging from English, Physics, Accountancy, History, Chemistry, Business Studies, Political Science, Mathematics, Geography, Legal Studies, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Computer Science, Library and info Science, Hindustani Vocal Music, Biology, Physical Education, Sculpture, Hindustani vocals, Psychology and painting.

With vision and mentorship of our dynamic Principal Ma’am Dr. Neeti C Kaushik we are confident of a smooth sail. Under her strong leadership and handholding each member of the ‘Mount Olympus Family’ including teachers, students and parents feel connected and motivated to bring in their best despite the forced quarantine. All our classes are closely held under mam’s supervision and adorned by her surprise online visits into the classes that is both exciting and enriching for our learners.

Experienced faculty, personal attention, discipline are the hallmarks of online classes at Mount Olympus. It is closely monitored through online attendance, specially appointed faculties just to monitor each class, specialized IT support that reaches out to one and all who need assistance in befriending the technology. Teachers keep a close watch on each child’s progress through MCQ’s, Kahoot online quizzes, everyday assignments and homework on ERP, typed notes and explanations, open book tests and class participation etc. Each class is well prepared and beautifully crafted where the teacher is ready with PPT’s, Videos, and live explanations. Teachers go an extra mile to check each student’s HW that they are requested to submit online and then receive detailed reply from the teacher with corrections to be made and not to forget the appreciation from the teacher to boost a child’s morale and motivate him/her to strive for excellence in learning.
While we thought only academics can be taken care through online mode, super motivated Co-Scholastic team members came up with beautiful videos explaining and demonstrating nuances of Physical Education, Yoga, Dance, Music, Painting and Art and Craft. While we thought now this should be enough, our online presence was further enriched by Guidance and Counselling for our parents and students, life skill classes and ‘Sewa’ programs. Overall an extremely satisfying and gratifying experience as a team.

It is rightly said, ‘when life gives you lemons……’ choose what all you can do with them. We as team MOS decided to go creative and made best of all that was available to us only to realize the hidden qualities in each one of us and our super learners our enthusiastic students.

Our online classes saw Full attendance, 100% participation by students, 100% parent support and appreciation, timely submission of HW, motivated performances in tests and MCQ’s.
Overall we can say we are ready to support and do service to our nation and the world by staying home, staying safe and face the uncertain times with dignity. Not to forget, we are ready to turn this challenge of ‘lockdown’ into an opportunity to greater learning.

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