Parent-Teacher Webinar

We at Mount Olympus believe that Guidance and Care should never stop hence a series of developmental workshops have been planned by the Department of Guidance and Counselling for all the stakeholders including teachers, students and parents. Parent-Teacher webinar series – ‘Together We Can’, was successfully conducted on 18.07.2020 for parents and teachers of grades Pre Nursery-XI. The webinar was on the topic –‘Preparing children for the 21st C’. It focused on greater responsibility on both parents and teachers i.e. of ably nurturing and mentoring our children for being equipped with the 21st C skills and be ‘Future Fit’.

The audience comprising of parents and teachers were surprised to get a glimpse of the changed world in the coming times. Ms. Kanchi Khanna, Director, Krea University precisely presented the real role of both parents and teachers in nurturing children and equipping them with the 21st C skills. She oriented the audience towards the importance of liberal arts, the skill to unlearn and learn, the ability to be ready to adapt and reskill and upskill oneself. She emphasized on soft skills, empathy and good interpersonal communication as this is one thing that can not replaced by AI. Overall, the audience felt enriched with the new knowledge and easy ways to incorporate learning at the right time within us and our children to be future ready.

The webinar saw a good response of 73 parents and teachers. The parents and teachers recognized and acknowledged the valuable guidance provided by Ms. Kanchi Khanna. They appreciated the commitment of the principal Dr. Neeti C Kaushik and the school towards absolute wellbeing of each and every Mount Olympian, consistent efforts put in towards creating a positive school climate and exclusive handholding by the school towards strengthening the parent – child – school connect.

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