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PARENTS – whenever we hear or speak this word, two smiling figures came to our mind, our Mom and Dad. Moreover, this is not a word, there is a whole lot of responsibilities, sacrifices, rules, and immense love. In return what they want, absolutely nothing, except love. And that is all hidden in this one word.


Parents, they are not only our best friends, the moment a child is born, their life starts revolving around the newborn. At each step of life, they become mentor, instructor, counsellor, supporter, travel buddies, chef, and many more figures.


A child has many friends in his life “like many”. However, Parents “remain the two best friends, that God has chosen to give to the child”. No matter what, they always protect the kid at every point of life. Your friends, whether they are from school, college, tuition, neighbourhood, or any other place, they might leave you in tough needy situations but Parents, they never abandon their children. They never break your trust and would never leave you regardless of any circumstances. Good CBSE schools prioritise and focus on creating a positive school climate as they understand that ‘values are not taught rather caught’, top schools today play an important role and partner with parents towards the crucial growing up years of a child.




A friend is one whom you think can advise you, guide you, support you. Although the friends we have made in the journey of life cannot lead you in the true sense. On the other hand, Parent’s selfless nature and lots of experience which they have gained in their life, helps the children in every phase of their life. They know you from the beginning. They love you for who you are. A magical connection was made when the Parents hold the child in their arms, the very first time and at that very moment, an inner promise they made to themselves from that day:

NO MATTER WHAT, I WILL ALWAYS CHEER YOU, SUPPORT YOU, STAND BY YOUR SIDE TO HOLD YOU AND YES NEVER MAKE YOU WALK ALONE IN YOUR LIFE. Trending schools of Gurgaon today leave no stone unturned to strengthen this unique bond between a parent and a child through bringing in more awareness, reinforcing positive parenting approaches, up-skilling parents as per the requisites of the 21st century and working together in nurturing our children to be ‘Future Fit’


There is no friendship, no love, like that of the Parent for the Child.

~Henry Ward Beecher


Written By: Khushboo Gupta M/o AMAY GUPTA

Grade: II-Genius, Mount Olympus School

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