Preschool is the age wherein children start forging friendships with their peers. Pivotal to emotional development in children, preschool friendships are instrumental in imparting the lessons of kindness and sharing, along with unconditional bonds. Friendships also help children develop social and interpersonal abilities, and teach them how to take turns while including those around them in group activities. A good preschool in Gurgaon would make sure that the students are able to inculcate the following skills via friendly interactions with their peers:

Patience: Children learn to wait for their turn and share with their friends.
Communication: Enhanced social abilities, improvement in listening.
Empathy: Children are able to respond with kindness and view the world through the eyes of the other.
Consideration: Develops the trait of being helpful and courteous.
Play Skills: Encourages the urge to make suggestions for play roles and ideas.

Social Abilities: Helps children cultivate cooperation, responsibility, and emotional control.

Parents and preschool teachers alike can practise the following to foster friendships between children in preschool:

Be a Positive Role Model
Provide opportunities for children to help them experience every aspect of friendship, as this will be beneficial for their holistic development and learning. it is understandable that making friends at the preschool level can be hard, as young children might find it difficult to share their emotions with others. Parents and educators can try and become a positive role model and guide children in the process of interacting with others. One can also support children by:

  • Organising playdates and providing opportunities for children to meet new people
  • Talking and listening to children attentively
  • Providing constant encouragement
  • Modelling reciprocity, empathy and compassion

Friendship-Fostering Classroom Activities for Preschoolers

Group Activities: Public schools in Gurgaon that emphasise on all-round child development make it a point to organize group activities that foster friendship and camaraderie. During such activities, teachers can ask children to write down their views on friendship and have discussions with their classroom peers regarding the same. This exercise will facilitate an open narrative on the idea of friendship, along with the influx of fresh ideas and perspectives.

Team-Building Activities: Collaboration and team-building can be encouraged by providing children with a variety of building blocks and asking them to construct a tower, castle, or house together. This will provide children with the opportunity to work in sync with one another and take turns while sharing the materials provided.

Artwork Ideas: Children can be provided with multi-coloured construction papers with pre-drawn lines and scissors, using which, they can cut it neatly into strips. Teachers can help them glue the pieces together to create one, long friendship chain. This can be hung inside the classroom as a reminder of the bonds forged during this activity.

Parents can also inculcate the value of friendship by urging children to read books that highlight the same. Books, such as How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends? and Share and Take Turns are perfect for teaching preschoolers about how friends can be generous, kind, thoughtful, and caring.

Here’s hoping that your child will have true and lasting friends throughout the course of his/her existence!

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