Your little one has grown up in no time, and now they are ready for kindergarten. As a parent, you might be worried about whether your child is emotionally ready for the same. Before sending off your little one to the world of classroom learning, here are some important things you must do in order to facilitate a seamless kindergarten experience. These practices will not only grant your child the confidence to embark upon a new module of education but also make him/her self-sufficient.

1. Fill Out The Emergency Contact Form

Generally, schools in Gurgaon send out contact forms to parents during the first week of school. Make sure to fill in the requisite forms and let the school know how your child will be commuting to and from school, etc. As your child’s safety is paramount, it is important to furnish the school with the necessary details that will allow them to ensure the same. Also, inform your child about who will be receiving them after the bell rings.

2. Help Your Child Hone Their Fine Motor Skills

 Help your child carry out basic fine motor gestures, such as holding a pencil the right way or coloring inside the lines. These activities help strengthen muscles and allow children to participate in extracurricular activities seamlessly. Teach your child how to cut with scissors while exercising caution, and assist them in the process of making shapes with playdough. You can also encourage your child to tie their own shoelaces. Remember to be patient, and refrain from pressurizing your child into doing something they do not want to.

3. Assist Them in Germ Management

 Teach your child about the basics of cleanliness and germ management, which includes washing their hands with liquid hand wash and being able to blow their own nose on a handkerchief. Apart from this, you can also teach them how to cough and sneeze in a proper manner. Washroom etiquette centered on cleanliness should also be an important part of your child’s kindergarten preparation.

4. Foster A Positive Attitude Towards Learning

 As per research statistics, children whose parents are actively involved in their education achieve significantly higher grades and have a positive attitude towards growth and learning. Introduce your child to reading early on, as this will allow him/her to distinguish words and connect them with their semantic meanings. You can also teach them the alphabet and assist them in counting from 1 to 10. This will help cultivate curiosity and a love for learning, which will prove to be beneficial for holistic growth in the long run.

5. Keep the Lines of Communication Open


Encourage your child to open up to you whenever they feel upset or inconvenienced. Provide gentle emotional support at all times – you can alleviate your child’s anxiety by narrating your own kindergarten experience and how you were able to make friends in no time. Moreover, the best preschools in Gurgaon always encourage parents to get in touch with them when school-related problems occur. You can always ask questions or share your concerns with the respective class teacher, as he/she will be more than happy to cooperate while kindergarten can be stressful for children and parents alike, a little preparation can make the process easier to deal with. Here’s wishing that your little one gets used to kindergarten in no time!

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