It is not surprising that teachers play an important role in shaping and developing a child’s sense of self-worth and dignity. The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon boast of a faculty comprising skilled and charismatic teachers who hold the ability to slip into the shoes of their students and help them accordingly. When students demonstrate self-defeating behaviour, teachers, along with parents, should take it upon themselves to alleviate the feelings of vulnerability, low self-esteem, hopelessness and loneliness experienced by these children. Rather than admonishing children for displaying such behaviour, we must adopt a more positive, effective approach and work towards highlighting upon their individual qualities and strengths.


Nurturing Self Esteem & Resilience at School

The ‘attribution theory’ allows individuals to grasp and comprehend the behaviour of others, by attributing feelings, beliefs, and intentions to them. This can be used to bolster self-esteem and instil an enduring sense of ownership, control, and responsibility for their actions. For instance, if a child feels defeated or sad after making a mistake, teachers can help attribute feelings of hope, and guide him/her towards viewing mistakes as lessons to learn from. The first step should always be to acknowledge the nature of these problems, which will then allow teachers to evaluate the child’s strengths and weaknesses, and work towards bringing the best out of the situation accordingly. As children have varying learning styles, it is important for teachers to personalize learning experiences for each child to be better equipped and succeed amid the school environment.


Making Adjustments to Maximize Success
When parents search ‘best schools near me’ for purposes of enrolling their child in school, they are essentially looking for an environment that is conducive to personalised growth and learning processes. Without making major modifications to a child’s routine, teachers can make minor adjustments to a child’s school routine to help them cope in better ways. During the first week of school, teachers should work towards acquainting themselves with all students in their class, and create a warm, friendly environment for them to thrive. One can make adjustments by providing untimed tests once in a while to help children with learning difficulties and acute anxiety. If a child has difficulties in copying assignments from the blackboard, teachers can provide them with a monthly blueprint of assignments and ask another child to help him/her when they are stuck.


Inculcating Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Skills
Feelings of high self-esteem, confidence and resilience can only be achieved when one is able to exercise control over certain areas in their life. This is connected with a feeling of ownership, which is vital for positive motivation. If we want children to develop this sense of control, it is essential for parents, teachers, and guardians to provide them with opportunities to learn and apply problem-solving and decision-making skills from a formative age. For instance, teachers can give a certain number of math problems for homework and provide students with the choice to solve any four problems out of six, as they deem fit. By offering the choice of ‘doing less’, teachers can help children do their best while instilling a greater sense of ownership in them. Also, we must allow children to contribute to their own wellbeing and that of others around them and encourage them to communicate positively and effectively.

Self-esteem can also be fostered by assigning children with responsibilities. Start small, by asking them to nurture a plant, paint a wall mural or unleash their creativity on a chart paper with the help of their peers. If children exhibit signs of fear due to potential failure, help them develop a more positive attitude by explaining how mistakes are a part of life and it is okay to fail from time to time. When the fear of failure is openly acknowledged, it becomes less potent and feelings of hope and resilience are nurtured. Let us work towards leaving behind a wonderful legacy for our children so that they can blossom into confident, self-assured and well-rounded human beings.

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