Schools in Gurgaon-Mount Olympus School
Schools in Gurgaon-Mount Olympus School

Schools in Gurgaon-Mount Olympus School

While winter holidays can be filled with fun and frolic for your kids, back to school transitions can prove to be a difficult task. Children starting school for the first time or moving to a new school have greater adjustments to make in terms of academic, social, and emotional prospects. The best schools in Gurgaon make sure that children are able to adjust or re-adjust to their surroundings. However, as parents and guardians, it is our responsibility to make our children feel comfortable during the new school year. Here are some ways in which things can be made easier for parents and children alike:

1. Facilitate familiarity with the school
If your child has to continue going to the same school as last year, there is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is ease your child back into the school routine and talk about how the new year will bring about new opportunities for learning and greater bonding with peers. You can prepare your child for key changes by explaining it to them — for instance, “Now that you are in third grade, you will be assigned homework every day.” This will allow them to foresee changes in the curriculum and adjust accordingly.

On the other hand, if your child is starting at a new school, take them along with you to orientation sessions, and acquaint them with the rules. If a school tour is facilitated, guide your child through it and tell them how exciting it will be for them to visit the playground or sit in the classrooms. This will help them overcome the fear of the unknown, and lessen separation anxiety to an extent. You can also talk to your child’s class teacher and ask them to help your child adjust better in the initial weeks.

2. Allow your child to bond with teachers

Every child needs to feel connected with their teachers in order to feel safe and comfortable in school. For instance, experienced faculty members in a modern school in Gurgaon are likely to know the value of emotional connection with their students, especially at the start of the school year. If you are able to facilitate a meeting between your kid and his/her class teacher before school commences, do so by all means. If your child is unable to forge a bond with their teacher by the initial weeks, feel free to contact them and talk it out. Usually, teachers are extremely understanding and shall be more than happy to cooperate.

3. Urge your child to bond with other kids

When kids make at least one good friend at school, they are immediately able to adjust better to their surroundings. If you have shifted recently to a new neighbourhood, make a special effort to acquaint your child with other kids around them, preferably ones who go to the same school as your child. Parents are generally willing to facilitate friendships between children, which often culminate in family picnics and play dates that help children feel more connected with their peers. Having a friend by their side on the first day of school can be immensely helpful to ease last-minute jitters.

4. Practice saying goodbyes
For most children, the biggest challenge is to say goodbye to their parents at school. You can ease them into this ritual by practicing goodbyes, wherein you can give them a hug and utter reassurances such as, “I love you so much, and I am proud of you.” “Have fun, and see you at 3, okay?” You can also hand them a small note with thoughtful messages or pack them their favorite lunch. This will allow them to let go of you and go about their day easily.

5. Kickstart your child’s learning faculties
Kids tend to forget what they have been taught in school during the holidays. While they are able to hone their cognitive abilities via play, it is important for parents to help their children recall their lessons from time to time. You can introduce them to interesting books, and guide them gently from one topic to the next. Make reading a habit, as this will develop a curiosity for learning and allow your child to escape into beautiful worlds that encourage and inspire.

6. Reach a few minutes earlier while picking up your child during the first week
If your child runs out of the classroom after school is over and does not see you immediately, they might start feeling alone, scared, and anxious. If your child is fussy while you pick them up, it’s okay — he/she is probably overwhelmed and letting their pent-up emotions out. Give them a warm hug and ask them about their day, while complimenting them for their skills and courage.

If you follow these tips, your child will adjust to their school routine in no time, and might even feel excited to go to school after a while. May 2019 be filled with constructive growth and unbridled joy for you and your little one!

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